Hey Sticky, play lazy Hayne at lock

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    Parramatta's Jarryd Hayne (AAP Image/Action Photographics, Grant Trouville)

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    Apparently Jarryd Hayne is lazy. People believe his work rate is below average and he refuses to interject himself into matches despite being far and away the best player in a horrible Parramatta Eels side.

    You cannot argue with any of that.

    So what the hell does coach Ricky Stuart do with his most prized possession?

    Despite a sensational 2009 season that saw him capture the Dally M Medal, and a handful of impressive appearances in State of Origin, Hayne has floundered just when his team has needed him most.

    The erosion of the Eels in recent years has added to the pressure on Hayne.

    Former coaches have tried throwing him into five-eighth and force him to create the plays. But even with Hayne in a playmaking role, Parramatta struggled.

    If Hayne could pass to Hayne, maybe the Eels would be okay.

    Unfortunately, as good as he could be, Hayne can’t be the playmaker in this Eels side.

    But he also can’t sit at fullback and watch from a distance as his side gets annihilated week after week.

    Where do you play him?

    What could you possibly do to keep him involved in the game and get every last drop of energy out of their captain?

    This might be from left field, but why not throw him into the forward pack at lock?

    Everyone forgets that 2009 was four long years ago. Maybe he isn’t the player he once was.

    At 6 foot 2 and 100 kilograms, he is definitely big enough. Nobody is saying he has to take the first run every set, but by playing him in the pack you force him to be a part of the game.

    Whether it be in attack or defence, Hayne would always be around the ruck, and allowing him to roam the paddock without having to return the ball from fullback would conserve some energy.

    At the end of the day Hayne needs to be a ball runner in this Parramatta side. At lock he can still play his natural game, but at least you are throwing the game back in his face.

    And you never know, he might even enjoy the rough stuff. Its not like he doesn’t enjoy a confrontation, and if Hayne stands up, his team will follow. It would also be a chance for Hayne to show Eels fans how much he truly wants to lead this club.

    Don’t forget that former Canberra Raiders fullback Josh Dugan is still a free agent.

    If the Eels could somehow get Dugan before St George Illawarra Dragons or others can, Hayne could be shifted away from the number one jersey.

    Playing Hayne at lock isn’t such an unreasonable idea if Dugan showed up at Parramatta Stadium.

    The Eels currently have around 20 off-contract players on their books, and despite Corey Norman and Will Hopoate headed to the club, have another ten players looking for renewals in 2014.

    There is still time for the Eels to nab Dugan.

    But Hayne could still be a success at lock without Dugan.

    Where is the harm in throwing him in there and seeing how he reacts when he is knocked around a little?

    Lets see how much ticker he really has.

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    The Crowd Says (34)

    • April 4th 2013 @ 2:56am
      Johnno said | April 4th 2013 @ 2:56am | ! Report

      Na go further, chuck him in at prop. Luke ricketson and ruben wiki moved to the front row, as did Petro Civoneciva.

      Would get him stuck in, and be allowed to off load more and increase work rate, as a front row.

      He is a natural lock too, so I have no problem with the move if it happens. Hayne is big and strong, he is bigger than Micheal Weyman, I think.

      • April 4th 2013 @ 9:32am
        thomascrown said | April 4th 2013 @ 9:32am | ! Report

        “he is bigger than Weyman” bwhahahaha thats funny. Can everyone stop talking about Hayne already? the problem with the Eels is the forwards, they r way underpowered and cant match other teams and the amount of metres teams have been making against them is unbelievable. The other problem is there outside backs, no matter how much Hayne injects himself into the game, if the outside backs cant catch a ball consistantly, its a waste of time. If Kearney didnt fill this team with duds, maybe Sticky could of had enough cash for Falou and combined with Hoppa would of solved alot of issues.

    • April 4th 2013 @ 8:25am
      eagleJack said | April 4th 2013 @ 8:25am | ! Report

      “Let’s see how much ticker he has”

      Stupid statement. Billy Slater is probably the greatest fullback to ever play the game. Even he would look ordinary in the number 1 jersey at the Eels. There is only so much one player can do when you are surrounded by park footballers. At present there are around 10 players in the Eels 17 who would not be playing first grade if they were at any other club.

      On Monday night Hayne actually played quite well. He injected himself on the right edge a number of times, creating opportunities for his outside men. Only for them to drop his pass.

      In defence he was well positioned on all but one play. Yes at times he dawdles in the background but when required he is always in the right spot.

      What Hayne needs is for him to stay at fullback and for the Eels to recruit Cam Smith and Cooper Cronk. Then we would witness a superstar.

      • April 4th 2013 @ 9:56am
        turbodewd said | April 4th 2013 @ 9:56am | ! Report


        I thought Hayne’s game on monday night (which I also watched) was a 7/10. He saved one try, but also made one blind pass which went to ground and ended up as an Easts try. He made one good offload and all of his kickoffs were good. But do u now see what Im saying about him walking around all the time when Parra has the ball? He walks around behind the ruck and doesnt involve himself much at all. Its quite a bizzare sight!

        • April 4th 2013 @ 2:27pm
          Haz said | April 4th 2013 @ 2:27pm | ! Report

          Really? He’s not doing much when it counts. Watch the highlight ( from 0:29.

          1) why doesn’t he take the kick? He’s the vet, his winger is a rookie, he should have taken the pressure off him.
          2) why isn’t he shielding his winger from catching the kick? unless
          3) he misreads the kick anyway, which is why he steps to his right instead of the left.

          1:00. 4th tackle, kick to come, why is Hayne in the defensive line?
          1:20. Play shifts to the left, and the kick goes up. Hayne is trotting to follow the ball… why the hell isn’t he sprinting?
          1:42. See 1:20. Why the hell doesn’t he sprint to cover the ball coming through?
          2:09. As above. Where’s the urgency? (By comparison, watch Sandow sprint, even though he’s been beaten by his man.)

          Just picture what Slater or Stewart would be doing in the same scenario, and that marks the gulf between the top fullbacks and Hayne.

          • April 4th 2013 @ 3:34pm
            turbodewd said | April 4th 2013 @ 3:34pm | ! Report

            Mate, you are preaching to the converted. I already know Hayne is a hold/cold player. Im just not trying to sound like a broken record. I agree that Hayne usually lacks urgency in defence or when supporting his wingers. Ricky Stuart needs to sit in front of a TV with him to discuss where he can improve his game.

            Hayne can be so much better…MORE OFTEN :^)

            • April 4th 2013 @ 4:03pm
              Haz said | April 4th 2013 @ 4:03pm | ! Report

              Sorry, nothing personal, I just thought 7/10 was quite generous. I would have rated him a 5. Maybe 4 if you take into account his poor form as captain.

          • April 4th 2013 @ 4:17pm
            B.A Sports said | April 4th 2013 @ 4:17pm | ! Report

            1) His winger is moving toward the ball, the ball is goign away from HAyne, it is always the wingers kick
            2/3) he probably does mis-read the kick, but he has also probably i’d that his winger’s biggest threat is the big winger from the other team, and he is trying to block him without getting done for blocking.

            1:00: take Hayne out of the line, and what do you have a giant gap 10 out from your own line. He fills the gap and defuses the kick – he put in a double effort – you are not seriously blaming him for that!

            1:20: you are kidding right? he is watching Aubusson in 12 who is running like the kick will go closer for him. he has to cover that.

            1:42 maybe he could have shown a littl emore urgency, but he is pauing at every player incae the player cuts back through the gap, there was a few

            2:09 – he gets over to help. He cant drive with his body because his teammates bod is in the way, the tackle becomes ineffective.

            Seriously that is it?

    • April 4th 2013 @ 9:15am
      Cicero said | April 4th 2013 @ 9:15am | ! Report

      Parramatta does not need Josh Dugan. They’ve got enough problems as it is.

    • April 4th 2013 @ 9:49am
      turbodewd said | April 4th 2013 @ 9:49am | ! Report

      The problem with Parra is mainly Sandow and their edge defence. He is very poor in defense and conceded 2 tries himself vs the Tiges and another 1 or 2 vs Easts.

      I also think Ricky Stuart has rocks in his head, he has just continued to use Kearney’s recipe. Hayne must be lock or 5/8th.

      Hayne is only an above average player, but could be better! He goes missing in defence at times, injects himself in attack once per half.

      • Roar Guru

        April 4th 2013 @ 11:37am
        Curtis Woodward said | April 4th 2013 @ 11:37am | ! Report

        Heard a Parra fan say Sandow should play fullback. Laugh out loud.

    • April 4th 2013 @ 10:09am
      thomascrown said | April 4th 2013 @ 10:09am | ! Report

      How can everyone blame Hayne when you have Ben Roberts, Ben Smith and Matt Keating out there? its bizzare.

      • Roar Guru

        April 4th 2013 @ 11:38am
        Curtis Woodward said | April 4th 2013 @ 11:38am | ! Report

        They cant save the Eels. Hayne can definitely help.

      • Roar Rookie

        April 5th 2013 @ 11:40am
        Damn Straight said | April 5th 2013 @ 11:40am | ! Report

        Ben Roberts will cost you 1-2 tries per game with all his knock ons, forward passes and stupid, unforgivable penalties often on the fifth tackle. Matt Keating…would he even cut it in NSW Cup? I doubt it. Ben Smith should hang up the boots.

        • April 5th 2013 @ 12:08pm
          planko said | April 5th 2013 @ 12:08pm | ! Report

          Damn straight I agree the opportunity cost of at least 2 dummy half drops in good position cannot be underestimated. I thought I saw 2 drops from dummy half in prime real estate and one shocking almost uncatchable pass in good position. Did not watch the whole game but the hurt maybe not have been to the extent of 50 nil but an early try or a try when you are still in it eg 12 nil down can change everything. Look at the warriors game they were 12 nil down and made a comeback. NQ is the interesting dissapointment so far for me I had them very high. Yeah I know it is early ….

    • April 4th 2013 @ 10:23am
      Pot Stirrer said | April 4th 2013 @ 10:23am | ! Report

      Hayne is not the player he was and never will be again. He’s bulked up tp much imo and i agree that putting him in lock would be a good idea. However i doubt Hayne will allow that t happen. The Eels have a shocking roster but things might start to turn aroun when Hopate comes on board but then it may take him a season to settle.

      • Roar Pro

        April 4th 2013 @ 2:19pm
        damoinaus said | April 4th 2013 @ 2:19pm | ! Report

        I reckon he should drop some of that bulk and play hooker. That’s right. Hooker.

        He has a passing, kicking and a running game. Playing at hooker would force him to step outside of his comfort zone…which is what I think he needs.

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