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    Manchester United's Ryan Giggs celebrates after scoring a late equaliser against Celtic. AP Photo/Jon Super

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    Man. Utd V A-L All Stars


    Man. Utd Match Completed A-L All Stars
    22 SHOTS 8
    13 SHOTS ON GOAL 5
    5 FOULS 10
    16 CORNERS 2
    1 OFFSIDES 0
    62 POSSESSION 38

    After a jam-packed month, Sydney’s ANZ Stadium will play host to one of the biggest football matches Australia has ever seen as Manchester United face the A-League All-Stars. Join us for live scores and commentary from 7.30pm AEST.

    Since the confirmed announcement on May 31st, Australian football fans have eagerly awaited the arrival of the Red Devils since their last visit 14 years ago, which coincided with a two-match tour against the Australian national team.

    The A-League All-Stars side, coached by Ange Postecoglou, had aimed to represent the best of the A-League with the team being preselected by the fans.

    However due to the EAFF East Asia Cup, club commitments and off-season fitness the vast majority of the original 35 selected have become unavailable.

    Despite the loss of big name players such as Alessandro Del Piero, Shinji Ono, Archie Thompson and Mark Milligan, the A-League All-Stars side has still been represented very well.

    The A-League All Stars are not alone in having lost some of their best players either.

    Manchester’s Wayne Rooney had to venture back home after injuring himself in training – this may have to do with the circling rumours of his departure from Old Trafford, despite David Moyes’ wishes to keep England international.

    Moyes’ side will welcome the return of stars Robin van Persie and David de Gea to the fold, the two having missed United’s 1-0 loss to Singha All-Stars last weekend.

    All Stars inaugural captain Brett Emerton says the team isn’t nervous despite facing one of the most recognisable footballing teams in the world. He believes the pressure is on Manchester United as the post Sir Alex Ferguson era begins.

    David Moyes, on the other hand, does not feel the pressure and is keen to give every player some game time with van Persie most likely to come on in the second half.

    With a sold out stadium and a world class football team on Australian shores, this match is set-up to be a cracker. It’ll be a highly entertaining contest with a key focus to produce quality football.

    While Manchester United are preparing for another English Premier League season and looking to expose their brand throughout Asia, the A-League All-Stars will be keen to show Australian football followers how far the development of the A-League has come in eight seasons.

    Prediction: Manchester United 2-1 A-League All-Stars

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    11' GOAL - Jesse Lingard (Man. Utd)

    34' GOAL - Danny Welbeck (Man. Utd)

    52' GOAL - Besart Berisha (A-L All Stars)

    55' GOAL - Jesse Lingard (Man. Utd)

    70' GOAL - Danny Welbeck (Man. Utd)

    87' GOAL - Robin van Persie (Man. Utd)

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    • 12:09am
      Titus said | 12:09am | ! Report

      All-stars played some really good possession, passing football and were right in the game up until the last half hour when the teams were completely changed……clearly we don’t have the same amount of quality in the final third but I thought it was an entertaining game and that our boys played well.

    • 12:07am
      AZ_RBB said | 12:07am | ! Report

      Scott Chipperfield tonight

      “I guess that will keep quiet the people that think the A League is on par with Europe

      • 12:10am
        Titus said | 12:10am | ! Report

        Yes but will Europe ever be as good as Thailand?

        • 12:19am
          AZ_RBB said | 12:19am | ! Report

          hahah good call mate 😀

      • 12:54am
        bryan said | 12:54am | ! Report

        And every European club is as good as Man United??

        • 2:48pm
          pup said | 2:48pm | ! Report

          not even mate keep dreaming ^

    • 11:39pm
      Stevo said | 11:39pm | ! Report

      Didn’t see the game but who were the better A-league players?

      • 12:00am
        AZ_RBB said | 12:00am | ! Report

        Beauchamp put in some incredible goal saving tackles. Broich was great on the ball. Emerton+ Bojic combined well a few times. Berisha did well to score.

    • 11:29pm
      AZ_RBB said | 11:29pm | ! Report

      i found tonight mildly entertaining. for a million reasons i won’t bore you with. but above all i have a big problem with this All Stars concept. i think the A League went 5 steps back today. All Stars gives the impression of individual stars. which is the furthest thing from what the A League actually is. we know our players aren’t the greatest in the world. we go to see matches because we love our clubs. none of that passion was on show tonight.

    • Roar Guru

      Kane Cassidy said | 11:22pm | ! Report

      And Channel 7 butchered it.
      Why was I hoping for more?

    • 10:31pm
      jamesb said | 10:31pm | ! Report

      Thanks for the updates on the Socceroos match, Kellett.

      At least one national team is doing well tonight.

      The A-League all stars concept is not a bad one provided that the best players are on the park like ADP, ONO etc, and also it doesn’t clash with a Socceroos game.

    • Roar Guru

      Cameron Kellett said | 10:03pm | ! Report

      East Asia Cup Update: FULL TIME – Korea Republic 0 – 0 Australia

      From what I hear that is a good result for Australia considering how they played. Haven’t watched but I hope it wasn’t too bad and hopefully the Socceroos can do much better in their next match.

      Once again cheers for the follow guys. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @kellett18

      • 11:18pm
        dasilva said | 11:18pm | ! Report

        Socceroos were pretty shocking. I decided to watch them instead of Manchester United

        This the most I’ve seen Australia getting outplayed but still somehow not losing the match

        Galekovic was easily the man of the match and the only Australian player to exit the match with credit

        South Korea had about 60% of the possession and completely created numerous chances to score and only Galekovic keeping saved the day for Australia with numerous saves as well as a shot that hit the post. South Korean finishing were pretty poor

        Australia did not create a single good chance in the entire 90 minutes. We were completely impotent in attack and I can only think of a few times where even delivered a ball into the Korean penalty box.

        Honestly the way we played made it look like Korea were Barcalona.

    • Roar Guru

      Cameron Kellett said | 9:41pm | ! Report

      East Asia Cup Update:80′ Korea Republic 0 – 0 Australia

    • Roar Guru

      Cameron Kellett said | 9:33pm | ! Report

      FULL TIME: A-League All Stars 1 – 5 Manchester United

      Regardless of how the All Stars concept panned out over the past few months I feel as though it is a concept that deserves to stay albeit with our “All Stars” such as ADP, ONO and Co in participation.

      A good show was put on for A-League, Manchester United and football fans and it will be an experience to remember.

      Thank you for joining myself and TheRoar for tonight’s coverage.

      • 9:40pm
        Ian said | 9:40pm | ! Report

        Yes its a good concept and I hope it continues in the future. They need to get the timing right and hopefully not clash with too many other fixtures and do it at the right time in the offseason. Thought a spark went when Broich came off and there was a good combination with Bes. Glad we got a goal. Can’t believe it went from 1-2 to 1-5, but they are Man U. Glad the CH7 commentary is over.

        With the socceroos game on fox at the same time I’m not surprised there weren’t a lot of blogsters on here Kellett –
        You did the Roar proud.

        • Roar Guru

          Cameron Kellett said | 9:43pm | ! Report

          Cheers Ian, I would have loved to watch the East Asia Cup match as well but unfortunately I didn’t have Fox at my finger tips tonight. I hear that Australia aren’t doing too well though.

          • 9:48pm
            Johnno said | 9:48pm | ! Report

            kellet_1992 excellent blooging as usual. But to me this is an embarresment and a reality check for Australian football. All the hype about A-league, and west sydney wanderers etc, to get beaten 5-1 by Manchester United, shows where we are really at. A-league clubs are no better than championship sides. In fact the top championship sides i would back any day of the week to beat an A-league side. The Leeds etc, wolverhampton, and teams like middlesbrough , and hull, and sunderland that go in and out of teams. A-league need to start buying some real marquees your wayne rooney types, or Kaka’s if we want to compete at the highest levels of football. Del Piero in his late 30’s a great player but hardly in his prime. He didn’t play tonight , but the point is after tonights result it’s clear we are years away from matching the man united’s of this world. The result was disappointing, and i think the gap is widening not closing with scorelines like this. a sad day if you ask me. I expected better from the lads.

            • 9:53pm
              Ian said | 9:53pm | ! Report

              the team had 10 days together, and its Man U. if we were at the level of a championship side I’d rate that as good. I don’t think anyone thinks we are anywhere near one of the best teams in the world. I don’t necessarily like the scoreline but they created chances but Man U’s attack was too good and we don’t hold possession like they can.

              • Roar Guru

                Cameron Kellett said | 9:58pm | ! Report

                Cheers for the kind words Johnno and you raise some points that would lead to the scrapping of a game like this but ultimately as Ian has pointed out there are many factors that eventuated to this scoreline. I don’t think anyone expected them to win but I wouldn’t say that didn’t do the A-League injustice. I was quite happy with the performance and was mainly in awe of Man U’s class. I don’t watch much EPL but when I get the chance I always thoroughly enjoy it and Man U just reminded me why I love watching them every now and then.

                The challenge is there and the A-League will continue to grow but do not ever expect us to stand alongside these sorts of teams. Let’s see how Melbourne Victory go against Liverpool then I think you will be able to grasp a better understanding as to the difference in quality.

              • 10:07pm
                Simoc said | 10:07pm | ! Report

                I’m not sure of the price of the cattle on the field but probably one Man U star is at the value of the entire All Stars team. That is the difference in quality that was apparent. It looked like a training drill for the parts that I watched. All Stars unable to apply pressure and Man U rarely getting out of first gear.

              • Roar Guru

                Fussball ist unser leben said | 1:06am | ! Report

                “Let’s see how Melbourne Victory go against Liverpool then I think you will be able to grasp a better understanding as to the difference in quality.”

                MVFC will be playing their Youth Team against Liverpool on Wednesday night.

                MVFC’s best starting XI will be missing:

                * Coe
                * Finkler
                * Traore
                * Thompson
                * Pain
                * Nichols
                * Milligan

                So, that’s 7 of our best 11, who won’t be playing against a team that plays in the biggest, most lucrative football competition in the world.

            • 10:01pm
              pete4 said | 10:01pm | ! Report

              Man Utd season starts in 3 weeks and our season is still months away

          • 9:50pm
            Ian said | 9:50pm | ! Report

            That’s what I heard too, having a quick look at streaming it.
            What happened to the player who hit Risdon? in the chest with studs up? Not even a card. Maybe the ref held back as it was a friendly with the cards but the Man U player then went down injured. Risdon’s chest must have hurt him.

            • Roar Guru

              Cameron Kellett said | 9:54pm | ! Report

              Evra I believe was the player that collected Risdon, I don’t recall one card given tonight. As you say, probably due to the fact it was a friendly, but just because it is a friendly does not mean we stop officiating correctly.

              Just on the scoreline; it reflects Man U’s class but does not reflect the amount of effort the All Stars put in. They deserved probably one more goal and shouldn’t have slacked off in defense but when so many subs are being made that is to be expected.

    • Roar Guru

      Cameron Kellett said | 9:30pm | ! Report

      FULL TIMEL: A-League All Stars 1 – 5 Manchester United

      Last minute of stoppage time and All Stars are in possession. They turn it over Man U on the counter and a free kick given to Man U.

      The spatial awareness and timing of runs from Man U have been a very big difference between the two. Some A-League players have stood out and are looking good heading into the 2013-14 season but the result goes as expected to Manchester United.

      Its Full time and Manchester United have won 5 – 1.

    • Roar Guru

      Cameron Kellett said | 9:27pm | ! Report

      90′ A-League All Stars 1 – 5 Manchester United

      We’re into the closing stages of the match and it has produced a beautiful amount of goals.

      3′ of stoppage time and Man U looking to add another goal to their tally. Just toying with All Stars and Cleverly hits the post!

    • Roar Guru

      Cameron Kellett said | 9:24pm | ! Report

      89′ A-League All Stars 1 – 5 Manchester United

      GOAL from RVP!

      Man U get the ball back once again and counter beautifully, almost scoring again to make it 6 -1 but it misses to the right of the post.

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