England vs Australia: 2013 Ashes 3rd Test cricket live scores, blog – Day 5

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    Umpires have always made errors, but they're only human. (Image: AP)

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    England v Australia

    OLD TRAFFORD, AUGUST 1-5, 2013

    3rd Test - ENG v AUS

    Australia 1st Inn 7/527
    England 1st Inn 368 All Out
    Australia 2nd Inn 7/172
    England 2nd Inn 3/37
    Australia won the toss and elected to bat
    Match Drawn
    England Over:20.3  RR:1.80
    Batsmen Runs B 4s 6s SR
    IR Bell* 4 14 0 0 28.57
    JE Root 13 57 1 0 22.81
    Bowlers O M R W Econ
    PM Siddle* 3.3 0 8 1 2.29
    MJ Clarke 1.0 0 2 0 2.00
    Recent Overs:
    .  1  .  1  .  .  | 1  .  .  1  .  .  | .  .  2  |
    Last Wicket: Pietersen, 8 (c:Haddin b:Siddle)
    Current Partnership: 10 runs, 25 balls, RR:40.00

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    Bad light and rain stopped play on the fourth day of the Ashes third Test between England and Australia at Old Trafford and those are the two factors which can spoil a potentially exciting day’s cricket on the final day. We’ll have live scores and commentary from 8.00pm AEST.

    The forecast for the final day isn’t great and although there have been other weather predictions that haven’t come right, there will be a few prayers going around in the Australian dressing room.

    Down 2-0, this game presented a great opportunity to Michael Clarke and his men to pull one back but only five English wickets on the third day and weather issues on the fourth seems to have put the spanner.

    Still, Clarke has a lead of 331 and now it almost seems certain they will declare their innings closed overnight to give themselves as many overs as they possibly can to bowl England out.

    If by some miracle the weather remains good, a total of 98 overs can be compressed on the fifth day’s play and the battle between the Australian bowlers and the English batsmen will be an interesting one.

    Three players from the English top-order have got themselves a century with Alastair Cook, Jonathon Trott and Jonny Bairstow still to register one. It will be a good day Monday, to register one.

    More importantly, it will be imperative for one of the top six to bat through the day, much like what Ricky Ponting had done on the same ground in 2005.

    The pitch, as is on display throughout the Test match, has taken turn and Nathan Lyon will need to be a vital cog in the Australian bowling wheels.

    While it looks likely that England will play to save the game, there might be that temptation to try and take the game into the third session without losing too many and then reassess.

    Three wickets down and something in the region of 130 to get for England in the final third of play could just be an ideal situation for the hosts to get into and they can then press for a win as well.

    However, knowing that a draw will be enough for them to retain the Ashes and as was on display in the first four days of the Test, safety-first tactics will be Cook’s first route.

    All of that will obviously depend on the sun coming out in full earnest and the rains keeping away.

    Follow the live score and blog of the fifth day’s play of the third Test from 8.00pm AEST. You can join me for this live blog and post your comments below.

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    • Roar Guru

      JGK said | 4:21am | ! Report

      For the record, the weather here at Old Trafford is now perfect for cricket and has been for an hour and a half.

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 1:52am | ! Report

      The scoreline still remains 2-0 after three Tests. Despite having gone into the Test match with talks of a 5-0 defeat getting louder, Australia did well to fight in this game.

      The batting in the first innings for one, was a huge improvement and it’s no coincidence Michael Clarke had a role to play in that. Credit to the way Chris Rogers came out firing and then to the likes of Steven Smith and the lower-order – that has almost invariably fired each time.

      While they bowled well too, Australia will be unhappy with the third day’s show – only five wickets fell and Kevin Pietersen got to a 100. Not that it would have changed the result around given that a whole day has been lost to rain, but Australia would have loved to bowl England out that day.

      I won’t get started on DRS because that would probably run into reams – or its online equivalent – but suffice to say that the current usage of DRS continues to raise questions. It may be a good time for the ICC to reconsider the manner in which it’s got to be used and yes, I believe that technology, when used properly, is good for the sport, any sport, in this day and age. There, I said I won’t speak too much and I still did.

      The fourth Test begins in a few days and Australia will go into the game with a lot more confidence. England, mind you, will still come out firing, attempting a 4-0 and because the series is still on line. That apart, they will have a few improvement areas of their own – like their top-order and the bowling of Stuart Broad and Tim Bresnan.

      Well then, that’s it from me, it’s been a lot of fun bringing you this game. I will be back with the fourth Test, till then, have a good time! Ciao!

      • 1:57am
        Chris said | 1:57am | ! Report

        Cheers Suneer. Good work, and good summary.

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 1:40am | ! Report

      Play has been called off. Match ends in a draw. England retain the Ashes.

      20.3 overs possible on the last day, which means this has been essentially a four-day Test match after the loss of all those overs yesterday. Australia played better than England, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

      The English side came out on the balcony to wave out to the crowd.

      • 1:45am
        Chris said | 1:45am | ! Report

        Yay! Not the ideal way to do it, but 3 Tests into the series and the first job done.

        • Columnist

          Ronan O'Connell said | 1:51am | ! Report

          Very hollow way for the Ashes to be decided. Regardless of that Australia will take far more out of this match than England. The question is can they back it up at Chester-Le-Street or will they fall in a heap like they did after their fighting effort at Trent Bridge?

          • 1:55am
            Chris said | 1:55am | ! Report

            They’d decided because England are 2-0 up, not because of here.

            But yes, play would have been better. It’s a fair question, England aren’t actually playing that well, but God knows which Australia will turn up next time. You’ve still only had 1 century this series, it can’t be all on Clarke.

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 1:17am | ! Report

      Still raining at Old Trafford but there’s about an hour to go before the game gets called off. Waiting for the inevitable now.

    • 12:55am
      Johnno said | 12:55am | ! Report

      Botham, and the fluid and flaky, and elegant and sophisticated and classically educated David Gower, are now so out of touch. And Micheal Atherton is basically out of touch too.

      David Lloyd and Micheal Holding have moved with the times, like ricthie benaud and they are the elders of the skyteam.

      Strauss has been good, but i feel he can only relate to this england squad as he captained so many of them. After the Ashes in OZ this year, that’s it for strauss, he will be past his use by date, and doesn’t offer much else.

      Nasser Hussian I think is overrated, and floats about like an off-drive a bit. I like Nick Knight. And Brendon Julian. Warney is too boganish still. He is funny , with david gower , as he likes to tease Gower, but other than that is a bit silly.

      • 1:06am
        ChrisT said | 1:06am | ! Report

        Yet as a group, they are so much better than anything else Australia (Richie aside) or the rest of the world have to offer – either in terms of insight or simple colour and entertainment.

        Any country that hands Mark Nichoas or Ian Healey a microphone in between adverts for limited addition tat in a frame really needs to take a long, long look at the product.

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 12:48am | ! Report

      We are in the middle of tea-time. Should get done in about 10-15 minutes, following which…

      …we will probably see more rain.

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 12:35am | ! Report

      Here’s what Shane Warne has to say:

      • 12:45am
        Chris said | 12:45am | ! Report

        Should have declared earlier then.

        • 12:48am
          Felix said | 12:48am | ! Report

          Still wouldn’t have mattered.

          • 12:53am
            Chris said | 12:53am | ! Report

            Not sure that’s true. And it’s not hindsight either. They batted 36 overs in the second innings, could have taken say 15 off that, plus another 8 of the spinners when light was an issue, plus 20 today. Would have given an outside chance.

            • 1:03am
              redsback said | 1:03am | ! Report

              The real surprise was how slowly we batted in the second innings. 4.77 might look alright, but not in the context. They should have been swinging at everything. If we got bowled out for 80, they would still have been chasing about 240, which wouldn’t have been easy. More probable is that we would have got to a similar sort of lead in about 15 overs less. I really thought that was the intention when Warner went out, but in the end it was more a 50 over rate than a T20, which seemed appropriate at the time and even more so now.

              • 2:44am
                Chris said | 2:44am | ! Report

                Concur redsback…

            • 1:07am
              Jules said | 1:07am | ! Report

              Yes, and then if the rain had stayed away, England could have cruised to victory and regained all the momentum for the 10-test tussle. The British press would have started talking about the whitewash they have now conveniently forgotten they were ever talking about and the Clarke-haters would have rounded on him to such an extent that Australia could have lost its best batsmen by a street and been plunged into even greater turmoil.

              I’ll take this result compared to even a 10% risk of that one, thank you very much. There are still seven tests to play and a lot to gain from a performance like this for our young team in the long-term.

              • 1:10am
                Chris said | 1:10am | ! Report

                Yes, that’s the risk. Do you need a reminder of the series score and that you needed to win?

              • 1:18am
                Jules said | 1:18am | ! Report

                The series is still not lost, Chris and 2-all away would be a fantastic result for us. Worrying about the urn is symbolic and good for marketers, but not what the real Aussie cricket fan cares about in this rebuilding phase. In any case, we’ve got as much chance of actually getting the real thing back as the Greeks have of getting their hands on the Elgin marbles!

                I’m already stoked to have dominated one game and lost another by only 15 runs. 99% of informed Aussie fans would have happily taken that before the series started.

              • 1:31am
                Chris said | 1:31am | ! Report

                OK, if you’re happy, that’s fine. Pretty defeatist, but your call.

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 12:16am | ! Report

      Just as an update, the rain’s still pelting down and no chance of play till that stops.

    • Roar Guru

      Suneer Chowdhary said | 12:00am | ! Report

      Here’re a couple of updates:

      • 12:30am
        Chris said | 12:30am | ! Report

        What’s the life expectancy of that Cricket Australia hashtag?

        • Roar Guru

          Rob na Champassak said | 12:45am | ! Report

          It’ll last a little longer than my patience with this rain delay. Fifteen more minutes and I’m off to bed.

          • 12:54am
            Chris said | 12:54am | ! Report

            I’d go mate. Very little chance of play now.

            • Roar Guru

              Rob na Champassak said | 1:03am | ! Report

              Yep, may as well get up early and hit the gym in the morning. I’ve still got a few months before the next series, maybe I can get a run as the first drop.

              • Roar Guru

                Rob na Champassak said | 1:05am | ! Report

                Night lads, see you at the Riverside Ground.

              • 1:07am
                Chris said | 1:07am | ! Report

                Cheers Rob, till next time!

        • 12:49am
          Jules said | 12:49am | ! Report

          The hashtag probably won’t be necessary after the mission is accomplished at say, Melbourne, in about 20 weeks’ time.

          The ability of the Australian quicks to trouble the English batsmen on a pitch with bounce and not much lateral movement has been ominous for the Australian leg of the series.

          • 12:54am
            Chris said | 12:54am | ! Report

            Yes, we heard that last time too.

            • 1:19am
              Jules said | 1:19am | ! Report

              As a slogan it will at least last longer than Botham’s 10-0 that very nearly didn’t even make it past the first test and is now literally dead in the water.

              • 1:29am
                Chris said | 1:29am | ! Report

                If you’re reduced to moaning about Botham’s pastiche of Glenn McGrath, who did this routinely, including the last series in which you had three innings defeats, that’s your call.

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