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    Sydney vs. Collingwood

    ANZ Stadium
    2013 AFL Premiership August 11, 2013
    Collingwood won by 29 points
    Sydney Collingwood
     Goal Behinds Points Goal Behinds Points
    Q14428   2416
    Q25939   6642
    Q391064   121082
    Q4101171   1416100

    Winners of their past six matches, the Sydney Swans will look to make it seven straight victories when they take on Collingwood at home this weekend. Join us for what is shaping as a thrilling contest between two genuine flag hopes from 7.40pm AEST.

    The defending premiers’ incredible streak was tested last weekend by a gallant Western Bulldogs’ side, but they were simply too strong in the end.

    Buoyed by a stellar second-half performance, the Swans went on to notch a 35-point victory and seemingly end all doubts about their chances this year.

    However, you could also say the exact same thing about the Magpies last week.

    Collingwood’s last start was a 79-point thrashing of rivals Essendon, and if they can carry that form with them into this one, will definitely be considered a chance at toppling the Swans in front of their home crowd.

    The Pies are known to play some of their best footy at Sydney, and after an embarrassing 47-point loss at home in Round 9, will be desperate to make amends in this return fixture.

    The biggest talking will no doubt be the battle for the midfield, which has been the heart of the Swans’ success throughout this year.

    The likes of Daniel Hannebery and Kieren Jack are playing tremendous footy right now, but they will definitely face a tough test when they come up against the likes of Scott Pendlebury and Dane Swan.

    Not having Adam Goodes (knee) and Lewis Jetta (shin) hasn’t affected the Swans too much in the past month or so, but given the quality of their opposition, the star duo could well be missed in this one.

    Collingwood will no doubt be up for a big one, and given the huge high they’ll no doubt be on after last week, this could be an upset primed for the taking.

    Sydney love to kick goals from multiple goal-kickers—meaning that the Pies can’t just try and shut down Kurt Tippett—but their midfield and defense is strong enough to hold off whatever the defending premiers through at them in this one.

    I like Sydney to lead up until the final change, where I think the Magpies will give the Swans a taste of their own medicine in a thrilling last-minute upset.

    Collingwood by 11 points.

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    Quarter 1
    1' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    3' GOAL - Kieren Jack (Sydney)
    6' BEHIND - Jesse White (Sydney)
    7' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    9' BEHIND - Quinten Lynch (Collingwood)
    12' GOAL - Rhyce Shaw (Sydney)
    13' BEHIND - Jesse White (Sydney)
    15' GOAL - Travis Cloke (Collingwood)
    21' BEHIND - Brent Macaffer (Collingwood)
    23' GOAL - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
    26' BEHIND - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
    26' BEHIND - Harry O'Brien (Collingwood)
    28' BEHIND - Jude Bolton (Sydney)
    29' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    Quarter 2
    3' BEHIND - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    7' GOAL - Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood)
    11' BEHIND - Jude Bolton (Sydney)
    12' GOAL - Brodie Grundy (Collingwood)
    15' BEHIND - Luke Ball (Collingwood)
    18' BEHIND - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    20' GOAL - Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
    22' BEHIND - Daniel Hannebery (Sydney)
    24' BEHIND - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    25' BEHIND - Rushed (Sydney)
    27' GOAL - Harry O'Brien (Collingwood)
    29' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    Quarter 3
    1' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    3' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    5' GOAL - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    6' BEHIND - Luke Ball (Collingwood)
    8' BEHIND - Rushed (Collingwood)
    10' GOAL - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    12' GOAL - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
    15' GOAL - Jude Bolton (Sydney)
    18' BEHIND - Rhyce Shaw (Sydney)
    24' GOAL - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    26' GOAL - Travis Cloke (Collingwood)
    28' BEHIND - Jarryd Blair (Collingwood)
    30' BEHIND - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
    32' GOAL - Kurt Tippett (Sydney)
    34' GOAL - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    Quarter 4
    7' BEHIND - Rushed (Collingwood)
    8' GOAL - Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood)
    13' GOAL - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
    14' BEHIND - Tom Mitchell (Sydney)
    15' BEHIND - Travis Cloke (Collingwood)
    16' BEHIND - Travis Cloke (Collingwood)
    20' BEHIND - Travis Cloke (Collingwood)
    24' BEHIND - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
    25' BEHIND - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
    26' GOAL - Josh P. Kennedy (Sydney)

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    • 9:15am
      Liz said | 9:15am | ! Report

      Well done Pies. Great performance from the No 1 Football Club in Australia.

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 10:28pm | ! Report

      FULL-TIME. Magpies 100 (14.16) beat Swans 71 (10.11) by 29 points

      Well, that’s it from me!

      Make sure you keep checking The Roar for most post-match reaction and analysis, as well as check back in tomorrow for our live coverage of three cracking AFL games. Here’s the lineup for tomorrow:

      Essendon vs. West Coast — live coverage starts from 1:00pm AEST

      Fremantle vs. Greater Western Sydney — live coverage starts from 2:30pm AEST

      Adelaide vs. North Melbourne — live coverage starts from 2:45pm AEST

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 10:25pm | ! Report

      FULL-TIME. Magpies 100 (14.16) beat Swans 71 (10.11) by 29 points


      Magpies (388) led Swans (318)

      Swans (40) led Magpies (35)

      Inside 50’s
      Magpies (57) led Swans (38) — there’s the key stat of the night.

      Swans (62) led Magpies (61)


      Swans—McVeigh (36), Hannebery (22), Malceski (20)
      Magpies—Pendlebury (35), Beams (32), Swan (31), Ball (31)

      Swans—Tippett (6), Kennedy, Shaw, K.Jack, Bolton
      Magpies—Elliott (3), Sidebottom (2), Reid (2), Cloke (2), Thomas (2) and others.

      Swans—Kennedy (7), Mitchell (6), O’Keefe (6), Mumford (6), Malceski (6)
      Magpies—Pendlebury (7), O’Brien (6), Goldsack (6), Ball (6)


      Team-wise, it would have to be the inside 50’s. Collingwood just ran all over the Swans and showed their class in doing so—continuing to get the ball inside 50 and give their forwards a chance.

      Individually, it’s hard to go past the likes of Pendlebury/Swan/Sinclair for Collingwood, but the biggest importance was their ability to stop the Swans’ midfielders having their usual impact. Yes, they chalked up a slew of disposals/goals/chances themselves, but they also restricted the likes of O’Keefr and K.Jack to 19 and 16 disposals respectively. Teams will have definitely taken notice of that, and the Pies can be very proud for executing their game-plan to perfection.

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 10:18pm | ! Report

      Q4 00:00 remaining. Magpies 100 (14.16) beat Swans 71 (10.11) by 29 points


      Well, what an incredible match that was. I tipped Collingwood to run down Sydney late in this one, so that wasn’t all that surprising, but the dominance which they showed in doing it truly was something special. I’ll admit my bias as a Swans’ fan here, but they were simply incredible. Pendlebury and Sinclair combined beautifully while Elliott provided some great spark in attack.

      What’s perhaps most incredible was the fact that they kicked 100 points against the Swans without Cloke playing all that well. Get him in some good form comes September and the Pies are definitely a team worth watching out for. Beat Essendon by 79 last week; followed that up with another very big win here.

      For the Swans, they won’t be too discouraged with the performance here having played pretty well for two-and-a-half quarters. They were just beaten by a better team on the night, and they’ll look to the final few weeks of the season to recharge and recheck and make sure that they’re ready for finals footy. Longmire will be more than ready for the likes of Jetta and Goodes to come back, however, with Sydney just missing their influence on the field at the moment.

      Statistics to come (and I apologize for the Pendlebury love-fest that’s about to follow…)

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 10:13pm | ! Report

      Q4 00:00 remaining. Magpies 100 (14.16) beat Swans 71 (10.11) by 29 points


      Incredible performance from the Pies—announcing themselves as a genuine threat to watch in September. Full match thoughts and statistics to come. Pies absolutely thrilled with this performance, no doubt.

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 10:12pm | ! Report

      Q4 00:42 remaining. Magpies 100 (14.16) lead Swans 71 (10.11)

      GOAL – KENNEDY (Swans)

      Swans go forward and off hands, Kennedy picks up off the ground and snaps home a great consolation goal. That’s all four quarters where the Swans have kicked goals in the last minute, yet it hasn’t helped.

      Margin still 29 points with the siren expected any second now…

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 10:11pm | ! Report

      Q4 01:21 remaining. Magpies 100 (14.16) lead Swans 65 (9.11)

      BEHIND – ELLIOTT (Magpies)

      Elliott works hard and again tales a good mark up high over Richards after a nice entry pass. He went right with the last one and left with this one—albeit from a much tighter angle than his first attempt.

      Collingwood break the 100-point mark.

    • Roar Guru

      Dan Talintyre said | 10:09pm | ! Report

      Q4 02:32 remaining. Magpies 99 (14.15) lead Swans 65 (9.11)

      BEHIND – ELLIOTT (Magpies)

      Put the mickey on him; wide to the left. Swans try to break.

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