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Cronulla Sharks vs the world

It has been reported that seventeen players from the Cronulla Sharks have been issued with show-cause notices by ASADA. (AAP Image/Action Photographics, Colin Whelan
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28th August, 2013
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‘We’ve found Harold Holt’ will be the cry from the Hobbits of the Shire if Cronulla is to win this year’s grand final.

Let the NRL strip the premiership from the Sharks if they prevail this year. It will take away nothing from the side. The victory would be just as sweet, maybe sweeter.

It would be a courageous victory if Cronulla could win after the heartache, frustration and stress caused by rumours and accusations levelled at them over the entire season.

Rumour has it the shattering punch Gallen delivered to the face of Myles during Origin was triggered, partly, by a slur surrounding the ASADA scandal. There are rumours that Myles baited Galled with a slur around ‘real’ footballers not needing drugs, or something along those lines.

Few would be brave enough to say such words to Gallen, at a time when his whole legacy was put in doubt.

For a man who bleeds for his jumper and goes through the yards, tackles and effort he does, the pressure of ASADA must be enormous.

It would be a cruel blow for the side who entered the game in 1967 and waited so long to win a comp to win it now among the scrutiny of ASADA and severe accusations of a history of doping.

Cronulla has been the face of the controversy for the NRL since the story broke despite the fact the same practices likely took place at Manly and with many other players at many other clubs.

When Cronulla plays, it is not thirteen on thirteen fighting for a win on the field, it is them against the world. The media, other teams, other players and the NRL itself are all after Cronulla, wanting them to lose, wanting them out of the competition.


On Monday night they overcame the top of the table Roosters 32-22, after blowing them off the park in the first half.

If the Sharks can keep up that determination, they may be well on their way to premiership number one.

P.S. It was famous coach Jack Gibson who said “waiting for Cronulla to win a premiership is like leaving the porch lamp on for Harold Holt” – the Australian prime minister who did not return from an early-morning swim. Are we about to see our former prime minister return?