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    Australia Vs. Argentina

    2013 Rugby Championship, 15 September, 2013

    Patersons Stadium, Subiaco, Perth, WA
    Australia 14 defeated Argentina 13
    Australia Argentina
    14 FINAL SCORE 13
    1 TRIES 1
    3/5 PENALTY GOALS 2/3
    0/0 DROP GOAL 0/0
    Top scorers:
    • Australia - Leali’ifano
    • C 9pts (3G)
    Important moments:
    • Australia took the lead at the 18 min. mark 1st half
    • Sanchez, N (ARG) conversion at the 66 min. mark 2nd half
    Referee: G Clancy
    Touch judges: ACP Rolland & G Jackson

    The Wallabies will be out for their first win of The Rugby Championship when they welcome Argentina to Perth. Join us for live scores and commentary from 8.05pm AEST.

    Two relatively honourable Bledisloe Cup defeats to the All Blacks were disappointing, but were largely stomached by the Australian rugby community given the dominance of the world’s number one Test nation in recent years.

    What happened last Saturday night was not.

    The Wallabies were ragdolled 38-12 by the Springboks in Brisbane, and not once looked like the winning side.

    With the Pumas earning a bonus point in their 22-17 loss to the Springboks in Week 2, the Wallabies now sit anchored to the bottom of The Rugby Championship table.

    Given they face difficult road trips to La Plata and Johannesburg in their final two matches, tonight stands as the Wallabies’ best opportunity to eke out a win in this tournament.

    After a third-straight loss to begin his international coaching career, Ewen McKenzie has made four changes to the squad that went down to the Springboks.

    Under-performing number nine Will Genia is the highest-profile casualty, with Nick White coming in, Ben Alexander replaces Sekope Kepu up front while Sitaleki Timani and Tevita Kuridrani have been included on the bench.

    With regular skipper James Horwill sidelined through injury and Genia benched, number eight Ben Mowen will become the Wallabies’ 80th captain when he leads the side out tonight.

    Since being hammered 73-13 in their Rugby Championship opener in Johannesburg, los Pumas have rebounded somewhat.

    Yes, they’re still winless but a 22-17 loss to the Springboks in Mendoza and a 28-13 loss to the All Blacks have restored a measure of confidence in Santiago Phelan’s outfit.

    Phelan has made five changes to the side that ran out in Hamilton last Saturday night, with Felipe Contepomi, Juan Imhoff, Tomas Cubelli and Gonzalo Tiesi coming into a new-look backline.

    Argentina have made just the one change to their forward pack, which has had success in the past two matches with typically rough-and-tumble tactics, with Agustin Creevy replacing Eusebio Guinazu at hooker.

    Realistically, despite the Wallabies’ poor form they should manage to get over the line tonight. They have lost to los Pumas since 1997 and their only loss on Australian soil came all the way back in 1983.

    Still, McKenzie’s men will have had to improve considerably since Brisbane just seven days ago. Find out how they fare from 8.05pm AEST.

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    • 8:25am
      JR Salazar said | 8:25am | ! Report

      I’m a USA Rugby fan, and I think my boys could fancy their chances against the WB.

    • 1:19am
      Frank O'Keeffe said | 1:19am | ! Report

      Regrettably I’ve come to accept that Australia is no longer close to either New Zealand or South Africa.

      South Africa are a notch below New Zealand, and yet they’re so far ahead of the Wallabies.

      In the forward play the Wallabies can’t match them for physicality. The physicality was there for 1st Lions Test and that was it.

      The Wallabies can’t match either side anywhere, in fact. There’s no facet of rugby, be it line-outs, of scrums, of set moves, or broken play, or anywhere… no where… There’s nothing Australia is better at than those two sides.

      What New Zealand did to South Africa shows that (1) SA are a good side, but nothing great; (2) if you match them for physicality, they’re nothing too special. But the Wallabies couldn’t even do that.

    • 12:21am
      Dmac said | 12:21am | ! Report

      Was there a single wallaby forward who got over the advantage line on a hit up even once in the game? There is no impact player at all in the forwards. They are just utterly harmless.

      • 9:43am
        Zero Gain said | 9:43am | ! Report

        Totally right, but Horwill is different.

        • 11:54pm
          chann wee said | 11:54pm | ! Report

          U guys miss Nathan Sharpe – he had size but more importantly he had pride to wear the GOLD Jersey.

          the new blokes just dont seem to value it much. Maybe they know , there is no one to take their spots.

          Look at the MIB; DC is injured and Tom Taylor gets his place.

          poor Colin Slade – 11 MIB caps and cant seem to buy a game now.

          did u read what EM had to say about White, who in 80 minutes did nothing to move the OZ forward, despite playing the 10th ranked team!!! LOL – clutching at straws.

    • 10:57pm
      Nathan of Perth said | 10:57pm | ! Report

      That was one of the most miserable, miserable, miserable live games I have ever been at – sitting in the first row of the upper tier with everything from beer cups, trays, chip packets and even a wig swirling around with every wind gust and the rain in my face, watching some really insipid stuff.

      Oy vey.

      • 11:56pm
        DaniE said | 11:56pm | ! Report

        And a depressing game to show on free-to-air

        • 4:00pm
          Greg said | 4:00pm | ! Report

          rugby could do wonder in Aus if they just put the ABs-Bok game live on free to air

          • 5:21pm
            Mike said | 5:21pm | ! Report

            Probably not, Greg. Most Australians couldn’t give two hoots about foreign countries like South Africa and New Zealand playing each other, no matter how good their standard of play . They will tune in to watch an Australian team play a foreign country, but they would prefer two Australian teams playing each other, particularly if there is some spite and bile involved.

            The above doesn’t just apply to rugby, or even football in general.

    • Roar Guru

      sheek said | 10:39pm | ! Report

      If anyone involved with Australian rugby thinks that beating the Pumas at home by a point is anything to crow about, then we are truly delusional. Deeply, deeply delusional.

      Seven tests to date in 2013, & two wins each by a point.

      We are so truly, such a sorry bunch of sick asses……

      • 10:44pm
        Mike said | 10:44pm | ! Report

        Its still a win. I’m a Wallaby supporter – I’m getting used to being abject…

        • Roar Guru

          sheek said | 10:51pm | ! Report

          Good for you Mike.

          For now I’m glad they’re called the Qantas Wallabies.

          Preserves Australia. 😉

        • 10:54pm
          Magic sponge said | 10:54pm | ! Report

          Crowd 1025?

          • 11:04pm
            Nathan of Perth said | 11:04pm | ! Report

            18 point something thousand. It was a little hilarious, there was a thick line of people with their backs to the concrete wall at the back of the lower deck of the Two Tier Stand.

            • 11:51pm
              Mike said | 11:51pm | ! Report

              18k in Perth with that kind of weather I guess gives some excuse.

              But, the weather looked warm and sunny compared to the game against Scotland last year in Newcastle. 20k Novocastrians turned out for that one. The worst weather I have ever seen at a rugby match.

              • 12:02am
                Nathan of Perth said | 12:02am | ! Report

                Definitely kevetched a lot to the blokes next to me when the attendance was announced. Well down on the test against the Saffas last year.

      • Roar Guru

        jeznez said | 10:47pm | ! Report

        C’mon Sheek. A win is a win is a win. Didn’t see the game as was down with my SCC lads as they took on the HK Valley sides across three grades. Bu the negativity over a win is weak. If we were poor then we should hope for more but we should at least enjoy a result. I hope the lads are on the piss tonight. Those of us in HK certainly are.!

        • 1:23am
          Johnno said | 1:23am | ! Report

          jeznez you’ve definaltey done some time playing for the thirsty 3rds somewhere along the line, love it mate.

        • 10:05am
          Justin3 said | 10:05am | ! Report

          Jez are you with SCC in Singapore now? You will know one of my best mates then – AB.

          • Roar Guru

            jeznez said | 12:29pm | ! Report

            I just moved back to HK but the boys were up here this weekend.

            AB is a quality human.

      • 11:17pm
        Magic sponge said | 11:17pm | ! Report

        This is the worst Wallaby side I have ever seen by a mile.

      • Roar Guru

        SandBox said | 11:26pm | ! Report

        Yeah Sheek. We had Spiro and others calling for boot camp to harden them up. Instead we get a bunch of guys sitting around a poker table having a laugh. Nice to get a win, but every chance we will still come last this tournament

      • 11:50pm
        Hermann Dill said | 11:50pm | ! Report

        Give the fellas a break:

        They played The Lions – the only NH team that really can compete in the SH.

        They AB:s. Enough said.

        They played a Bokke team on speed.

        But alright, today WB sucked.

    • 10:36pm
      Maxpower said | 10:36pm | ! Report

      A lot of scrutiny on Cooper, but in all honesty, he had a pretty solid game in the conditions. Lilo not so much. While I felt he was obstructed in the try, he still could have made the tackle and he missed 2 makeable and important kicks. Would like to see Cooper and Toomua with Lilo covering the bench for either if they aren’t quite performing.

      • 11:52am
        ACT said | 11:52am | ! Report

        CL is kicking over 90% and is a sure 12pts per game. Do you really want to bench that at this stage?

        QC had a much better game in defence and ok at attack given the weather/opportunities but did not dominate given his experience (& past comparisons to Carter which was always dubious).

        But prefer to see Toomua who has a lot more improvement in him than QC & with RWC in mind. (IMO QC has peaked/plateaued since his knee went)

    • 10:29pm
      Magic sponge said | 10:29pm | ! Report

      Wallabies are now crap . Lucky to be in top 10. Ewen can still talk it up.

      • 10:39pm
        Martin D. said | 10:39pm | ! Report

        Sio helped the scrum when he came on. I think they should also bring back Robinson. But they’ve got a long way to go.

      • Roar Rookie

        Magic Sponge said | 12:07am | ! Report

        If you’re going to steal my username at least post something intelligent rather than this constant defeatist rubbish I keep reading from you.

        • 1:32am
          Mike said | 1:32am | ! Report

          Okay so the real Magic Sponge has capital initials and a square sponge for a logo. Got it.

          Errr, also square pants?

      • 5:27am
        Ex Supporter said | 5:27am | ! Report

        AGREE!!! OMG wallabies get a scrap of the barrel win and happy with a win? Wake up and smell the roses ARU, You’re playing the Argies and Mckenzie if you’re happy with this win cos it breaks the losing streak, you still have alot of monkeys on your back.

        Australian rugby is digging itself in a deeper role, having just watched the ABs vs SA, park aside the controversy, the wallabies are no where near these sides at the international level, wallabies stuck in their own fantasy world.

        In recent years, when ever the wallabies get a win against sides like ABs or SAs, theres always an overflow of cockiness, from the wallabies camp. Following week they get hammered.

        There is no consistency, they are complacent, mentally weak. This new age wallabies is a joke and i dont blame the dwindling number of supporters. you gotta give em something to cheer about!!!

        Now people will see through the dumping of Deans, and I fully support Deans views on QC, … All the hype with Mckenzie, full of hot air

        Condolences to the wallaby supporters (or whats left of em) Australian rugby RIP.

    • Roar Guru

      jeznez said | 10:26pm | ! Report

      Phew! No guarantee we would win that. Woohoo!

      • 12:04am
        Nathan of Perth said | 12:04am | ! Report

        Beats the alternative.

    • 10:15pm
      highlander said | 10:15pm | ! Report

      A mark in the win column for the Wallabies – shame there was no one there to see it

    • 10:11pm
      Morgan said | 10:11pm | ! Report

      Timani impressed – finally someone who can create some pain for the opposition. Maybe Timani and Horwill are the solution.

      • Roar Rookie

        Boomeranga said | 10:28pm | ! Report

        It seems to me that a few of them are capable, but no one (including Horwill) turns up two weeks in a row. Timani went well, but I just have no faith in any of them being week in and week out performers. Lock seems a big issue when you look at the quality in other teams.

    • 10:02pm
      Rob G. said | 10:02pm | ! Report

      The wallabies are killing it under Mckenzie. I’m so glad he was hired!!!!

      • 12:54am
        aussie sports lover said | 12:54am | ! Report

        Exactly. Ewen has brought back the Australian way of running rugby. Quade will be pleased. He will have nothing to call toxic anymore. I mean, look at that exhibition of skills and panache against Argentina. Great times ahead.

    • 10:00pm
      hog said | 10:00pm | ! Report

      Why the hell did they not play that at Nib Stadium, an actual rugby ground recently renovated with 20,000 capacity.
      watching that at Subiaco, you might as well have been watching ants.
      Do you reckon they would have got a single convert from that spectacle.

      just because they may have sold a few extra tickets, classic ARU mentality

      • 11:09pm
        Nathan of Perth said | 11:09pm | ! Report

        Corporate support is my guess – even if the public turnout was limited, the take-up of suites and open-air boxes was almost total, so ARU wouldn’t have lost anything on that.

        Nib’s corporate hospitality options, even with the addition of a couple dozen small open-air boxes on the eastern side, is far more limited.

        Also, I’m not sure what the IRB/SANZAR’s policy is to standing terraces at Test Matches…

      • 1:06pm
        DJW said | 1:06pm | ! Report

        I was at the game. It was miserable. I said to someone I doubt any no rugby fans would have been converted.

        Also agree it would have been much better at NIB. Pattersons is terribke for rugby. The busiest looking parts were where the corporate boxes are.

    , , , ,