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Daniel Geale vs Gennady Golovkin: Result, Round-by-round updates, live blog

Daniel Geale could be looking at a fight against Miguel Cotto (Image: Paul Barkley/LookPro)
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27th July, 2014
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Fight recap

The referee ended the fight between Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Geale an the end of the third round after a massive left hook from GGG sank Geale for the second time.

Gennady Golovkin wins by TKO.

The replay shows that Geale landed a massive right which Golovkin answered with a HUGE right which did the damage and followed it with the left hook.

It was a great shot. Geale told the ref he couldn’t go on.

In his post-fight interview, Golovkin claims Geale is a great fighter and thanked him for the opportunity. Golovkin also called out every middleweight belt holder but requested Cotto first.

Geale didn’t have a post-fight interview.

Golovkin is a fantastic fighter. It’s time for him to take on the full range of top-tier fighters and hopefully continue his run.

I think there is grounds to either call it off or let it continue. It looked to me like the ref was happy to go on with it but he asked Geale and got his answer.


Geale is a good fighter, I just don’t think he could comprehend how great Golovkin actually was.

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting! It’s been a great afternoon of boxing here at

Special thanks to Patrick Effeney and the Roar for supporting boxing and making this live coverage happen.

Fight preview

New York’s Madison Square Garden is going to erupt as the big-hitting Kazakhstani dual belt-holder, Gennady Golovkin puts his WBA and IBO Middleweight World Titles on the line against Daniel Geale.

Join The Roar this Sunday for live round-by-round updates and commentary from 10:30am AEST.

“GGG” is the big hitting Kazach while “The Real Deal” is the poster boy of Australian boxing and two time former champion. It’s going to be a hell of a fight.

Golovkin, at 31, has over 300 amateur fights and 29 professional bouts to his name. At the professional level he is undefeated with 26 KOs, and is currently on a 16KO streak.


He has made a large impact on the US boxing scene over the last two years by beating a series of quality contenders and fringe fighters, the likes of Curtis Stevens and Matthew Macklin. If he can put Geale away early he will cement his position for some top-tier fights and start focusing in on a chance at the current WBC and The Ring Middleweight title holder Miguel Cotto.

Geale, at 33, has been one of the most promising Australian fighters of the last decade and is only the third Australian ever to fight at the Garden.

He has easily beaten the local market and achieved the near-impossible task of beating two German champions, by points, in Germany. However his loss last year to Darren Barker was a real set-back for Geale and he is yet to stamp his authority on the American scene.

Although his path will most likely be longer, if Geale can get a victory over Golovkin this weekend he will have earned a second chance with the American market.

This weekend will actually be the second encounter for these two fighters with Golovkin having beaten Geale convincingly by points (15-3) at the amateur level in the 2001 East Asian Games in Osaka, Japan. Neither fighter recalls the bout, clearly indicating how little of a role it will play in this weekend’s fight, but Geale has attributed it, in-part to the reason for his development and success on the world stage.

The undercard has the potential to out-shine the main event on Saturday as Mike Perez faces off against Bryant Jennings in what could possibly be the best fight the heavyweight division has seen in years. Jennings out of Philadelphia and Perez the Cuban-Irishman are both undefeated and seen as the future and possible redemption of the heavyweight division.

How Golovkin can win: Push forward early, cut the ring off at the turn and force Geale into the corner. Geale has a slight reach advantage and can move so keep the space between them short, lay the foundation in the opening rounds by attacking the body and getting Geale to drop his guard.

Golovkin can match Geale for speed and footwork so taking the fight in phases to show how well rounded he is will appeal to the judges and the crowd. Geale will be fighting for the points so open and close each round just in case.


Golovkin notable fights:
Curtis Stevens W TKO 8
Mathew Macklin W TKO 3
Nobuhiro Ishida W KO 3
Gabriel Rosado W TKO 7
Kassim Ouma W TKO 10

How Geale can win: Avoid the flurries, use his ring-generalship to dictate the fight and control the speed throughout the rounds.

Stick and move to draw Golovkin in and then attack from the backfoot. His best chance will be through creating space, countering with combinations and pushing the fight out into the championship rounds.

Utilising a one or two punch retaliation won’t work and will be interpreted by the judges as running. Geale traditionally fights better in the later rounds and Golovkin has never had to go the distance so questions exist around GGG’s endurance.

Geale notable fights:
Garth Wood W Rnd 6
Darren Barker L SD 12
Anthony mundine L SD 12 and W UD 12
Felix sturm W SD 12
Sebastian sylvester W SD 12
Roman Karmazin W TKO 12

Golovkin TKO
Perez UD

Credit to Aaron O’Brien for assistance with the above preview.