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NRL finals crowds so far have been a massive let down

Souths take on Manly in Round 2. (Colin Whelan copyright ©
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14th September, 2014
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Well I love the NRL finals, its just a shame Sydney and Melbourne do not. After a year of disappointing crowd figures in the regular season, the same fans have decided not to turn up come finals time.

First we have Manly versus Souths. A top-of-the-table Sydney clash and we get a paltry 28,000. Granted, Manly fans don’t travel but it seems Souths fans have adopted that mantra also. The crowd should have been 35,000 plus. 4/10

The Sydney Roosters versus Penrith crowd was a disgusting 23,000. Where were all the Roosters supporters? Half of them at home watching Midsomer Murders instead. 2/10

As for Panthers supporters, you’re not off the hook either. Come on, finally your team is back in the finals and only 5,000 of you thought the arduous two-hour trip wasn’t worth it. You missed a great game and a great result. 3/10

The one highlight – Cowboys fans take a bow – was the turnout in Townsville on Saturday. You score 10/10. With 25,000-plus through the gates, it was a great result and you spurred your Cowboys on to a big win over Brisbane.

Many of you probably did a six-hour round trip or more to support your side. You leave Sydney supporters embarrassed.

Last was the Storm-Bulldogs game in Melbourne. What a let down. I thought the Storm would get 28,000 for this one, instead 19,000.

Around 2,000 of them travelled all the way from Bankstown, meaning that only 17,000 Melbournians thought it necessary to support their team.

Where were you, Storm fans? Your team needed you and 10,000 of you found something less important to do instead. Storm supporters 5/10, Doggies supporters 6/10.


I’ve left the Bronco supporters out of this one as the Cowboys match would have been mostly a sell out to the locals, who have shown themselves the only real supporters so far in this series.

So come on Roosters, Rabbitohs, Bulldogs, Sea Eagles and Panthers supporters, for your next finals game get out of your comfortable bars, pubs, clubs and lounge rooms and lift your bloody game.

Because excusing the true supporters so far, the rest of you are a let down to the game, your club and yourselves.