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Father Time to help Pretty Boy beat Pac Man

Floyd Mayweather has a dark past that many seem happy to ignore. (AFP PHOTO/Frederic J. BROWN)
2nd March, 2015
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Finally. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have finally signed on to face each other in Las Vegas.

It is a fight that should have taken place five years ago – we should be on Part 3 of a historic boxing trilogy. But promoters couldn’t make the fight work, and boxing shot itself in the foot yet again… until now.

So we will be paying top dollar to see two ageing guys at the back end of their long careers.

Mayweather is 47-0 with 26 knockouts, but he is also 38 years old. Pacquiao turned 36 in December and while he has won his last three fights, he also lost twice in row in 2012 – a split decision to Timothy Bradley Jr, and a knock-out to Juan Manuel Marquez in six rounds. He is not the same Pac Man.

The date is set for May 2 in Las Vegas. They were always going to fight on the first Saturday in May, even five years ago. The reason is simple, the date is the same as the Kentucky Derby horse race, one of the biggest gambling days in America. Vegas wants as much action as possible in the casinos for the average sports gambler. People are already in Vegas to bet on the horse race, and what better way to separate them from more of their money than a mega-fight.

This will mark the fourth straight year Mayweather has defended his title on Derby Day in Vegas. He also took apart Oscar De La Hoya on Derby Day in 2007 in Sin City.

Mayweather is fast and shrewd in the ring, and while an obnoxious braggart outside the ropes, ‘Pretty Boy’ is still a smart guy. He is an astute businessman and with an estimated net worth of $295 million dollars. He doesn’t need the Pacquiao fight but he knows the time is right to beat a much slower nemesis. He didn’t want to fight the young Pacquiao – too much power on young legs. So Mayweather waited until Father Time caught up with the Pac Man.

So time has given us Mayweather versus Pacquiao… Finally.