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Redbacks must end the white noise

The Redbacks host the Bulls as the Shield kicks back into gear. (AAP Image/James Elsby)
Roar Guru
5th March, 2015

There’s major unrest at the South Australian Cricket Association. Just when the focus should be on preparing its athletes for battle on the field, they’re fighting for power and authority.

It must stop, but unfortunately I fear it will end in tears for at least one official.

A couple of weeks ago on the FiveAA sports show in Adelaide, General Manager of High Performance Tim Nielsen told listeners that Redback and Adelaide Strikers coach Darren Berry was well aware of the decision to replace Johan Botha as the team’s captain.

Berry was on personal leave at the time.

This week Berry returned to work and on the same sports show on Tuesday evening was asked if he was kept up to date on the Botha decision. Berry’s reply was that he didn’t know anything about it, and that he was disappointed that other decisions were made while he was away.

SACA CEO Keith Bradshaw said the Botha decision was made without consulting Berry out of respect for the coach’s personal situation.

Bradshaw is a good man and handled Phillip Hughes’ passing with complete professionalism. But it worries me that Bradshaw is comfortable key decisions could be made about the team without keeping Berry in the loop. It does not make sense.

This is classic case of internal bickering, ego and authority positioning, which can suck the life out of an organisation. It does not really worry me who is telling the truth in this situation, but the white noise must stop.

While the issue bubbles along the team is suffering. Any publicity right now is focused on the fights off the field rather than the battles on the field. This article is the perfect case in point.


I would rather be talking about the Redbacks winning their second Shield game in a row, but unfortunately it has only warranted one short sentence.