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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Marquez is not the key

Pacquiao vs Marquez from 2011
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27th March, 2015
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The fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is fast approaching and so are the analyses. Both fighters have a number of shared opponents from over the years, but all the focus has been on one in particular, Juan Manuel Marquez.

Marquez has one of the greatest rivalries in boxing against Pacquiao. They’ve fought four times, and in all but the last it could be argued that either fighter won. The fourth fight ended with a huge KO in favour of Marquez.

Floyd took on Marquez in 2009, a fight which Juan moved up to Welterweight to take. It ended up a Mayweather exhibition, with Marquez being knocked down in the second round and losing by unanimous decision.

The truth is Marquez is a terrible point of comparison for Mayweather and Pacquiao.

Styles make fights, and unfortunately for Marquez, his didn’t compete with Floyd’s, while he had four fights to adapt to Manny’s.

All the questions are around each boxer’s characteristics; are they quick enough? Will Pacquiao swarm? Can he keep up the work rate? Can Mayweather counter the angles? Will he absorb Manny’s power and exchange?

I’ve stated myself; this could end up a boring fight for new fans. If Mayweather works out Pacquiao’s approach early he could cruise to a points victory like he did against Maidana.

But let’s not forget, Mayweather was once known for his right hand. Can he fight? Can he go to war? Well not like Hagler versus Hearns (few can), but he can box and he can stand and deliver.

Augustus, Corrales, Castillo, Gatti, Judah, Hatton and Cotto are Floyd’s most famous and entertaining fights to date. Mayweather showed his power and speed along with his strategic and technical prowess.


Mayweather has shown he can figure out fighters faster than him, he can stop fighters who punch harder than him, and he can counter fighters known as defensive equals.

On the other hand we have Pacquiao; power, speed and angles.

Manny is the fighter who forced Oscar De La Hoya to stay in his corner, the fighter that showed Morales was human over an epic trilogy, and the only fighter to stop Barrera going the distance.

Pacquiao has also beaten some of Mayweather’s big-name victories in Mosley, Cotto and Hatton.

If you need a better understanding of each fighter, watch those mentioned above.

Marquez is a great boxer and his fights with Manny are legendary, but he is not the key to victory for the May 2 super fight.