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Bledisloe Cup could go to New York and London

20th April, 2016

The Bledisloe Cup could be headed for New York or London in 2020 during the upgrade of ANZ Stadium.

The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) have been in contact with Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia about the possibility of hosting its headline act, however overseas venues such as Twickenham are also considered a serious option.

“Argentina are playing their home game against us at Twickenham in the Rugby Championship this year, so there is a precedent there,” ARU general manager Rob Clarke told News Corp Australia.

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“Even a city like New York, where there is a strong Australian and New Zealand expat presence, have expressed interest in getting more international rugby content. It is a consideration for us, certainly.”

Such a move would only fall in the years which Australia has the right to host two matches, and given 2019 is a World Cup year, it leaves 2020 as the only real viable option.

It would mark the first time a Bledisloe Cup match has been played outside of New Zealand or Australia in a three-match series.

Hong Kong has twice hosted matches and Tokyo once, however both were money-making fourth games added onto the end of the annual series.