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    Gold Coast Suns vs. Collingwood

    Metricon Stadium
    AFL Home and Away July 15, 2017
    Gold Coast Suns 88, Collingwood 103
    Gold Coast Suns Collingwood
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q12113   5434
    Q27547   7547
    Q310868   10969
    Q4131088   1513103

    Match result:

    Nathan Buckley may have bought himself some time, coaching the Magpies to a 15-point win over the Gold Coast Suns on Saturday afternoon.

    Final score
    Gold Coast Suns 13.10.88
    Collingwood Magpies 15.13.103

    Match preview:

    14th plays 15th as the Gold Coast Suns play host to the Collingwood Magpies. Join The Roar at 4:35pm for live scores and a blog of all the action.

    Two struggling sides face off against each other with pride at stake, the pressure is on both sides to get a win and keep the spotlight off their head coaches who are on the hot seat.

    Nathan Buckley and Rodney Eade are again being questioned over their futures for next season – with a loss this weekend that pressure will be even more magnified for both coaches.

    Both teams are coming off losses, Gold Coast started off well against the Swans before falling away to lose by 67 points. Collingwood suffered a similar fate against the Bombers going down by 37 at the MCG.

    Gold Coast should see the return of Gary Ablett for the clash to give them an added boost into the midfield, Collingwood get back Jeremy Howe who was a late out against the Bombers.

    Jeremy Howe will have his hands full this week taking on the big forward line of the Suns with Peter Wright and Tom Lynch and will need some assistance from fellow backs Lynden Dunn and Tom Langdon if the Magpies are going to be able to stop the Suns’ forwards from shining.

    Gold Coast will be hoping Gary Ablett can complete the game injury free after another injury riddled season in 2017, If he can be the big ball winner we all know he is capable of being then the forward line for the Suns will see a lot of scoring opportunities open up for them.

    With both teams being far from impressive throughout the season it is hard to see which way this game will go, Collingwood seemingly has the better midfield on paper but with the inclusion of Ablett to the Suns that advantage may not be as wide as it could be.

    Gold Coast by 7

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    Quarter 1
    3' GOAL - Jarryd Lyons (Gold Coast Suns)
    6' BEHIND - Tom Langdon (Collingwood)
    9' GOAL - Jack Martin (Gold Coast Suns)
    11' GOAL - Alex Fasolo (Collingwood)
    13' BEHIND - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
    14' GOAL - Jarryd Blair (Collingwood)
    15' GOAL - Alex Fasolo (Collingwood)
    19' BEHIND - Alex Fasolo (Collingwood)
    20' BEHIND - Adam Treloar (Collingwood)
    21' GOAL - Daniel Wells (Collingwood)
    22' BEHIND - Tom J. Lynch (Gold Coast Suns)
    22' GOAL - Jamie Elliott (Collingwood)
    Quarter 2
    3' GOAL - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    7' BEHIND - Sean Lemmens (Gold Coast Suns)
    7' GOAL - Peter Wright (Gold Coast Suns)
    11' BEHIND - Tom J. Lynch (Gold Coast Suns)
    12' BEHIND - Jarryd Lyons (Gold Coast Suns)
    15' GOAL - Jack Martin (Gold Coast Suns)
    16' GOAL - Peter Wright (Gold Coast Suns)
    18' GOAL - Daniel Wells (Collingwood)
    19' BEHIND - Gary Ablett (Gold Coast Suns)
    21' GOAL - Tom J. Lynch (Gold Coast Suns)
    23' GOAL - Ben Ainsworth (Gold Coast Suns)
    31' BEHIND - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    Quarter 3
    4' GOAL - Tom J. Lynch (Gold Coast Suns)
    6' BEHIND - Alex Fasolo (Collingwood)
    7' GOAL - Aaron Hall (Gold Coast Suns)
    9' BEHIND - Rushed (Collingwood)
    11' GOAL - Darcy Moore (Collingwood)
    13' BEHIND - David Swallow (Gold Coast Suns)
    15' GOAL - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    18' BEHIND - Jarrod Witts (Gold Coast Suns)
    19' BEHIND - Jordan De Goey (Collingwood)
    21' GOAL - Michael Rischitelli (Gold Coast Suns)
    24' BEHIND - Rushed (Gold Coast Suns)
    26' BEHIND - Rushed (Collingwood)
    29' GOAL - Brayden Maynard (Collingwood)
    Quarter 4
    2' BEHIND - Will Hoskin-Elliott (Collingwood)
    3' GOAL - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    4' GOAL - David Swallow (Gold Coast Suns)
    6' GOAL - Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood)
    8' BEHIND - David Swallow (Gold Coast Suns)
    9' BEHIND - Pearce Hanley (Gold Coast Suns)
    12' BEHIND - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    14' BEHIND - Brayden Maynard (Collingwood)
    16' BEHIND - Jarryd Blair (Collingwood)
    19' GOAL - Ben Ainsworth (Gold Coast Suns)
    22' GOAL - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    24' GOAL - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    29' GOAL - Peter Wright (Gold Coast Suns)
    32' GOAL - Darcy Moore (Collingwood)

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    • 10:00pm
      TFR said | 10:00pm | ! Report

      both clubs need to look at there recruitment department the suns should be a top 8 side if you look at what the giants have done and who in there right mind would put wells on a big contract at his age and injuries yeah he is a fantastic player when he is on the field and let’s not even talk about Mayne SHOCKING

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:29pm | ! Report

      Collingwood took a 21 point lead into the first break leading Gold Coast, 5.4.34 to 2.1.13.
      The quarter started off well for the Suns who kicked the opening 2 goals, after that though it was all one way with Collingwood kicking the next 5, Alex Fasolo kicked 2 for the pies before leaving the ground after a nasty collision with Brody Grundy.
      The Suns have injury concerns early with Steven May likely done for the day with a hamstring injury and Jarryd Lyons rolling an ankle early, Lyons returned to the game but the injury could bother him for the remainder of the game.
      Taylor Adams and Daniel Wells have been impressive for the pies, while for the Suns Michael Rischitelli has performed well in his first game after an ACL last year.

      Scores were level after a big 2nd quarter to the Suns. Gold Coast 7.5.47 Collingwood 6.5.47

      Gold Coast were impressive in the 2nd quarter swinging the momentum back in their favour kicking 5 of the 7 goals of the quarter. Garry Anlett was involved in nearly every play for the Suns in some way or another. The defensive pressure that was missing in the first quarter for Gold Coast showed up in the 2nd and Collingwood was unable to respond.

      With rain falling for most of the quarter neither team was able to keep their hands on the ball or their feet on the ground which made for a sloppy display at times. Gold Coast though were able to respond to the conditions quicker than Collingwood and it showed with the shots on goal.

      Daniel Wells and Ben Reid were the goal scorers for the pies in that quarter, no other Magpie really put a stamp on the game in that 2nd quarter as the Suns put the clamps on throughout.

      Collingwood will had a 1 point lead going into the fourth quarter. Collingwood are leading Gold Coast 10.9.69 to 10.8.68

      Good even 3rd quarter from both teams. Both teams had their share of the momentum throughout, Gold Coast took the lead early in the quarter before Collingwood mounted a strong come back to take the lead going into the 4th.

      The Pies had a good all round effort in that 3rd term despite the early onslaught from the Suns. Gold Coast were strong early kicking the first 2 goals of the quarter, an arm wrestle ensued from that point on though with both teams unable to take full control on the game.

      The rain did not help either team but the Suns seemed to be able to handle the wetter conditions better. Taylor Adams and Steele Sidebottom were impressive throughout the quarter while Ablett continued to be a big factor for the Suns.
      Gold Coast are 2 men down with Jarryd Lyons eventually succumbing to his injured ankle and Steven May with his hamstring injury,

      Collingwood ran over the top of the Suns to secure a well deserved win in the wet at Metricon stadium. 15.13 103 defeated 13.10.88 in wet and miserable weather.

      The Magpies started the last term with a goal through Ben Reid his 2nd of the game and from there the Suns were playing a bit of catch up, with every Gold Coast goal there was a response from the Magpies.

      Some inaccurate kicking in the final term from Collingwood was a blessing in disguise for the Suns as they could have easily been lost by a much larger margin.

      Gary Ablett did everything he could to stir up the Suns but he was unable to spark his teammates, Ben Ainsworth was solid for the Suns in the forward 50 kicking 2 goals.

      Steele Sidebottom was the standout player for the Magpies collecting 32 disposals and kicking a goal against the momentum which ultimately turned the game into the Pies favour.

      For Collingwood the pressure is off Nathan Buckley for now while Rodney Eade will again have the spotlight on him for another disappointing display from his team.

      Next week, Gold Coast face the Western Bulldogs in Cairns and Collingwood tackle West Coast at Etihad.

      Roar best and fairest.

      3 Steele Sidebottom Collingwood
      2 Gary Ablett Gold Coast.
      1 Alex Fasolo.


      Game leaders.

      41 Gary Ablett (GC)
      32 Steele Sidebottom (Coll)
      32 Adam Treloar (Coll)

      3 Ben Reid
      3 Peter Wright
      2 7 different players

      Team stats

      Inside 50s
      Gold Coast 44
      Collingwood 60

      Free Kicks
      Gold Coast 20
      Collingwood 23

      Gold Coast 332
      Collingwood 408

      Final score
      Collingwood 15.13.103
      Gold Coast 13.10.88

    • Roar Guru

      Rick Disnick said | 7:19pm | ! Report

      Solid win by the Pies.

      I’m not convinced Buckley is gone just yet.

      • Roar Guru

        Sam Walker said | 7:34pm | ! Report

        He saved himself today, even Eade you could make a case for after today.

      • 8:48am
        Chris said | 8:48am | ! Report

        He will be coaching our charges next year. Another five wins and he is still there. We stand at 6-10 at the moment. So, another five wins and one loss leaves us 11-11 at season’s end. So, contract renewal highly likely.If by some chance we win all six then he will most definitely be there….

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:12pm | ! Report

      Magpies win

      Gold Coast 13.10.88 Collingwood 15.13.103

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:12pm | ! Report

      Goal Pies.

      Darcy Moore gets the goal.

      Gold Coast 13.10.88 Collingwood 15.13.103

      End of the 4th q

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:09pm | ! Report

      Goal Suns.

      Peter Wright gives them a bit of a sniff late in the game.

      Gold Coast 13.10.88 Collingwood 14.13.97

      2:24 4th q

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:04pm | ! Report

      Goal Magpies.

      Ben Reid snaps it around his body and it goes through for a goal.

      That will make it hard for the Suns.

      Gold Coast 12.10.82 Collingwood 14.13.97

      5:12 4th q

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