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    Port Adelaide vs. North Melbourne

    Adelaide Oval
    AFL Home and Away July 15, 2017
    Port Adelaide 127, North Melbourne 57
    Port Adelaide North Melbourne
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q18149   2012
    Q211470   5333
    Q314993   6541
    Q41913127   8957

    Match result:

    2017 has been anything but ordinary, but a spot of normality returned at the Adelaide Oval as Port Adelaide notched up a completely by-the-numbers 70-point win over North Melbourne.

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    Final score
    Port Adelaide Power 19.13.127
    North Melbourne Kangaroos 8.9.57

    Match preview:

    With only percentage separating them from the seventh-placed St Kilda, the Port Adelaide Power will be looking to solidify their position in the top four when they host a luckless North Melbourne Kangaroos. Join The Roar for live scores, updates and highlights from 2:10pm (AEST).

    The Power have recovered well from a disappointing run in 2015 and 2016 to be firmly in the premiership mix this year, but an asterisk next to their credentials has been their inability to defeat the better sides in the comp.

    But last week a sublime 32-point win over West Coast at their Perth fortress affirmed that the Power have what it takes to defeat the very best sides in the competition.

    Port face a difficult three weeks after this clash with the Roos, battling potential finals rivals Melbourne (away), St Kilda (home) and Adelaide, so banking four points here could prove crucial as the race for a coveted double chance grows more tightly contested by the week.

    Unlike the Power, North Melbourne’s finals chances are shot, but while they sit 17th with just four wins to their name, a bit of luck and some composure late in their matches could have resulted in a very different story.

    Last week’s 4-point loss to Fremantle was the Roos’ fifth loss this season by under a goal, and this one hurts more than most, with ruckman Todd Goldstein spurning a chance to retake the lead with just 20 seconds to go after spraying an easy set shot wide.

    But the Roos made it clear in the pre-season that 2017 would be a rebuilding year, and the likes of Jy Simpkin, Daniel Nielson, Mitchell Hibberd and Declan Mountford have all shown signs they will be players of the future in their debut seasons.

    And joining them in the blue and white this week will be 19-year old Cameron Zurhaar, who may have just passed the likes of Dangerfield, Bontempelli and Buzza for the title of “best last name in the AFL”.

    This season has become known for its staggering amount of tight contests and thrilling finishes, but this really shouldn’t be one of them.

    Port Adelaide are at home, in good form, and know that a loss could be damaging to their finals position.

    The Power have bigger fish to fry, and should be able to cruise home here. But in this crazy season, who knows?

    Port Adelaide by 38 points

    There will be milestone men at every turn at the Adelaide Oval, with Wines joined by 150-gamer Jackson Trengove and 50-gamer Sam Gray on the honours’ list, while star North Melbourne defender Robbie Tarrant also fronting up for his 100th senior match.

    Will the Power celebrate their stars and make it an occasion to remember? Or will the Roos give Tarrant the party he deserves?

    Tune into The Roar’s live coverage from 2:10pm AEST, and remember to leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

    Live Score Updates

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    Quarter 1
    3' GOAL - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    8' GOAL - Matthew White (Port Adelaide)
    11' GOAL - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    13' GOAL - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    14' GOAL - Nathan Hrovat (North Melbourne)
    18' BEHIND - Jackson Trengove (Port Adelaide)
    19' GOAL - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    21' GOAL - Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)
    24' GOAL - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    25' GOAL - Shaun Higgins (North Melbourne)
    26' GOAL - Hamish Hartlett (Port Adelaide)
    Quarter 2
    4' BEHIND - Majak Daw (North Melbourne)
    6' BEHIND - Jackson Trengove (Port Adelaide)
    7' GOAL - Shaun Atley (North Melbourne)
    10' BEHIND - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    13' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    14' BEHIND - Rushed (North Melbourne)
    17' GOAL - Ben Brown (North Melbourne)
    18' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    21' BEHIND - Rushed (North Melbourne)
    23' GOAL - Jared Polec (Port Adelaide)
    27' GOAL - Ben Brown (North Melbourne)
    31' BEHIND - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    Quarter 3
    4' GOAL - Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)
    8' BEHIND - Brad Ebert (Port Adelaide)
    9' BEHIND - Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)
    14' GOAL - Justin Westhoff (Port Adelaide)
    17' BEHIND - Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide)
    19' BEHIND - Rushed (Port Adelaide)
    20' GOAL - Ollie Wines (Port Adelaide)
    22' GOAL - Ben Brown (North Melbourne)
    25' BEHIND - Luke McDonald (North Melbourne)
    26' BEHIND - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    28' BEHIND - Rushed (North Melbourne)
    Quarter 4
    2' GOAL - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    3' BEHIND - Cameron Zurhaar (North Melbourne)
    4' BEHIND - Aaron Mullett (North Melbourne)
    6' GOAL - Taylor Garner (North Melbourne)
    7' GOAL - Shaun Atley (North Melbourne)
    10' GOAL - Charlie Dixon (Port Adelaide)
    11' GOAL - Jackson Trengove (Port Adelaide)
    14' BEHIND - Jy Simpkin (North Melbourne)
    17' BEHIND - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    18' BEHIND - Rushed (North Melbourne)
    20' GOAL - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    23' BEHIND - Rushed (Port Adelaide)
    25' GOAL - Jackson Trengove (Port Adelaide)
    26' BEHIND - Brad Ebert (Port Adelaide)
    30' BEHIND - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)

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    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 5:07pm | ! Report

      » Click here to read the full match report

      Well, that’s it from me today. Port Adelaide triumphant by 70 points in one of the most predictable games we’ve seen in this wacky season. Be sure to tune into The Roar for our coverage of all tonight’s footy. Until next time!

      Port Adelaide 19.13 (127) defeated North Melbourne 8.9 (57) by 70 points at the Adelaide Oval.


      Port Adelaide: S Gray 4, Wingard 3, R Gray 2, Trengove 2, Powell-Pepper 2, Westhoff, Wines, Dixon, Polec, Hartlett, White.

      North Melbourne: Brown 3, Atley 2, Higgins, Garner, Hrovat.


      Port Adelaide: Westhoff, Wingard, Powell-Pepper, S Gray, Ryder, Dixon, Polec.

      North Melbourne: Cunnington, Brown, Nielson, Atley.


      Port Adelaide: Ryder (ankle)

      North Melbourne: Hibberd (shoulder), Wagner (ankle).

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 5:03pm | ! Report

      Port Adelaide: J. Westhoff, three votes.

      It was nearly impossible to split Wingard and Westhoff for best-on-ground status in my book, so my distinction is based on this: while Westhoff had fewer possessions, goals and contested touches, it seemed every goal the Power kicked early passed through him at some point. His disposal was sublime all day, particularly from the back half, and I lost count of the amount of times he found a player in space in midfield with a pinpoint pass that opened up the rest of the ground for Wingard and co. to run amok. 12 marks as well tells you of his aerial dominance. One of the most underrated players in the competition; he’s been a star for about 4 years, and nobody’s really realised it!

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 5:01pm | ! Report

      Port Adelaide: C. Wingard, two votes.

      30 touches, 18 contested possessions and 3 goals, all of which came in the first quarter when the match had to be won. The only question was whether Chad Wingard would receive two or three votes from me. I’ve given him two, but he could just as easily have got one more. He was a force to be reckoned with around the ground, taking strong marks, zooming through midfield and generally dictating terms. His fingerprints were all over this one. Is he making a late play for All-Australian status?

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 4:58pm | ! Report

      Predictive Brownlow time!

      North Melbourne: B. Cunnington, one vote.

      Really the only reason North Melbourne stayed close was because of this guy. After the Roos’ midfield brigade was dealt a thrashing early, it was Cunnington who almost single-handedly helped them break even, and therefore prevent the looming belting, from that point on. Finished with 33 touches, 8 tackles, and a staggering 26 contested possessions. It’s odd that on a day in which Port and their midfield brigade dominated, it was Cunnington who was the best mid on the ground.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 4:48pm | ! Report

      McDonald receives a free on the half-back flank, and the siren sounds on another emphatic Port Adelaide victory over a lower-ranked side.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 4:47pm | ! Report


      As the clock ticks down, Robbie Gray receives a free 30 out for a hold against Nielson. He streams in but misses badly to the right. They’ve certainly missed some more gettable shots in the second half.

      Port Adelaide 19.13 (127)
      North Melbourne 8.9 (57)

      Q4, 0.10 left

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 4:45pm | ! Report

      Time ticking down on this one, but Mullett’s attempted rebound sails out on the full to give the Power another chance to score. Under a minute to play.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 4:43pm | ! Report


      Quick snap from the congestion from Ebert for a junk time special, but it hits the post.

      Port Adelaide 19.12 (126)
      North Melbourne 8.9 (57)

      Q4, 2.25 left

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 4:42pm | ! Report


      Ollie Wines slices through the midfield like a knife through butter and sends it towards Gray. Good spoil by Nielson, but it comes off hands and Port are all over it, and Gray finds himself in space out the back. He marks, plays on, handballs over the top to Wingard who gives it in turn to Trengove, who hammers through his second from the goal line in game 150!

      Port Adelaide 19.11 (125)
      North Melbourne 8.9 (57)

      Q4, 3.03 left

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 4:40pm | ! Report


      Wingard takes a strong mark in front on the 50, he gives to Ebert who heads long towards Robbie Gray on Nielson, but it carries over their heads and bounces through for a behind.

      Port Adelaide 18.11 (119)
      North Melbourne 8.9 (57)

      Q4, 4.18 left

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