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Transferring to PSG would be the right move for Neymar

Neymar is one of many top-flight Brazilians who won't appear in exhibition in Australia. (Wiki Commons)
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28th July, 2017
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For a player with the talent and quality of Neymar, you have to feel for him for being a part of the same generation as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who are arguably two of the greatest ever footballers of all time.

The Brazilian moved to Barcelona from Santos in order to prove himself in the biggest club competition in the world and challenge for titles year after year. Along the way, he has developed into a world class winger under the guidance of Messi, who he has been lucky enough to learn from.

It’s been four years since that transfer took place, but for Neymar in particular, its time for a different scenery.

As mentioned, Messi has helped Neymar grow to becoming the player he is today. The link up between Messi, Suarez and himself have made the trio, referred to as ‘MSN’, being known as the most lethal attack in world football. So with this great service and guidance, why on earth should he leave one of the biggest clubs in world football?

Lionel Messi and Neymar for Barcelona (photo: AFP)

(photo: AFP)

Funnily enough, Lionel Messi has a lot to do with it. The Argentine has stolen the spotlight week in week out, with all the pressure placed on his shoulders as you would expect being the best player on the planet. This has left freedom for Neymar to mind his own business which has led to him scoring 68 goals for the club.

Forget about Messi. For Neymar at the age of 25, it should be his time to own the stage and lead a club on his shoulders and prove to the footballing world that he doesn’t need to rely on players such as Messi to do the easy work for him.

He has proven he can be the main man for the Brazil national team, always coming up with the goods when called upon.

Paris Saint-Germain is the perfect club for the Brazilian to shine and maybe win the Ballon’dor even with the presence of Messi and Ronaldo still playing.


Although I will admit that the La Liga is a better standard than Ligue 1, he is still moving to a club that has always showed signs that they want to reach the summit of world football through their smart investments. The French league is not seen as a walkover as it once was, with Monaco winning the title last season proving that.

Over the years, PSG have been left disappointed with their lack of progression in the Champions league. It is the one competition that the owners of the club want to win for all the money that they have invested.

With Neymar moving to the French capital, it would give him something to aim towards which would lead to extra motivation to try and go all the way in the competition. He has been successful on all fronts with Barcelona, winning every single title possible. At some point Neymar will feel like a new challenge, and there would be no better club to do it than PSG.

Reports are emerging that PSG are willing to spend $260m for the transfer fee alone. If I was the Barcelona president, my first thought would be to take the money and sell the player on. Regardless of whether Neymar stays or goes, the club will challenge for trophies no matter what.

By winning the champions league with PSG, it would only cement Neymar’s legacy as one of the best Brazilian players of all time. Money shouldn’t be the motivator for this deal to go through, but the drive to succeed leading a team basically on his own should be the objective.

For all parties involved, this transfer only makes sense.