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    Fremantle vs. Gold Coast Suns

    Domain Stadium
    AFL Home and Away August 5, 2017
    Fremantle 90, Gold Coast Suns 67
    Fremantle Gold Coast Suns
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q13523   4024
    Q27850   5434
    Q3111278   8755
    Q4121890   10767

    Match result:

    Coach Rodney Eade’s hopes of winning a contract extension at Gold Coast have suffered another blow after the Suns’ 23-point AFL loss to Fremantle in Perth.

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    Final score
    Fremantle Dockers 12.18.90
    Gold Coast Suns 10.7.67

    Match preview:

    To say 2017 has been ordinary for the Fremantle Dockers and the Gold Coast Suns is an understatement. Join The Roar for live scores from the match and a live blog of the game at Domain Stadium on Saturday night, starting from 7:40pm AEST.

    With finals well outside their grasp, both sides will be playing for pride and their coach’s reputation when they face each other at Domain Stadium.

    Both sides have struggled key areas this season, and are ranked 16th and 17th for tackling respectively demonstrating their poor defence and attack at the ball this season. This has hurt both sides which is reflected by their place on the ladder in 2017.

    Fremantle will have to lift if they want to be competitive against the Suns’ powerhouse forward line of Tom Lynch, Sam Day and Peter Wright who were responsible for their downfall last time.

    The Dockers were very competitive against GWS last week, which will buoy them coming into this match.

    That, coupled with Nat Fyfe returning to career best form should see a win for the Dockers at home in the West.

    The battle between him and Gary Ablett shapes as a crucial one.

    Person to watch
    Not a player, but the Suns’ performance today may put the final nail in the coffin of Rodney Eade’s lengthy coaching career.

    Hopefully the Suns can pull out something special no matter what the fate of his tenure at Gold Coast.

    Join The Roar for live scores from the match and a live blog of the game between the Fremantle Dockers and the Gold Coast Suns at Domain Stadium on Saturday night, starting from 7:40pm AEST.

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    Quarter 1
    2' GOAL - Alex Sexton (Gold Coast Suns)
    6' GOAL - Peter Wright (Gold Coast Suns)
    8' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    9' BEHIND - Shane Kersten (Fremantle)
    12' GOAL - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    14' BEHIND - Brennan Cox (Fremantle)
    15' GOAL - Hayden Crozier (Fremantle)
    16' BEHIND - Darcy Tucker (Fremantle)
    22' GOAL - Tom J. Lynch (Gold Coast Suns)
    25' BEHIND - Bradley Hill (Fremantle)
    26' GOAL - Peter Wright (Gold Coast Suns)
    30' GOAL - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    Quarter 2
    2' GOAL - Stephen Hill (Fremantle)
    7' BEHIND - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    10' GOAL - Shane Kersten (Fremantle)
    11' GOAL - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    12' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    13' GOAL - David Mundy (Fremantle)
    16' BEHIND - Mitch Hallahan (Gold Coast Suns)
    22' BEHIND - David Mundy (Fremantle)
    23' BEHIND - Darcy Macpherson (Gold Coast Suns)
    24' BEHIND - Rushed (Gold Coast Suns)
    28' GOAL - Darcy Macpherson (Gold Coast Suns)
    30' BEHIND - Josh Schoenfeld (Gold Coast Suns)
    Quarter 3
    3' GOAL - Lachie Neale (Fremantle)
    6' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    7' BEHIND - Brennan Cox (Fremantle)
    10' GOAL - Tom J. Lynch (Gold Coast Suns)
    11' BEHIND - Tom J. Lynch (Gold Coast Suns)
    13' GOAL - Peter Wright (Gold Coast Suns)
    16' BEHIND - Jarrad Grant (Gold Coast Suns)
    17' BEHIND - Pearce Hanley (Gold Coast Suns)
    18' GOAL - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    20' BEHIND - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    22' GOAL - Jonathon Griffin (Fremantle)
    26' GOAL - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    28' BEHIND - Brennan Cox (Fremantle)
    30' GOAL - Tom J. Lynch (Gold Coast Suns)
    Quarter 4
    5' BEHIND - Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
    6' BEHIND - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    8' BEHIND - Bradley Hill (Fremantle)
    10' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    16' GOAL - Pearce Hanley (Gold Coast Suns)
    18' BEHIND - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    23' BEHIND - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    26' GOAL - Shane Kersten (Fremantle)
    28' GOAL - Alex Sexton (Gold Coast Suns)
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    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 10:16pm | ! Report

      » Click here to read the full match report

      Well, Fremantle have walked away with the 4 points here at Domain Stadium.

      Whether it’s the time of year and the position on the ladder that both sides hold, but this match was an underwhelming contest to say the least. Both sides were pretty average throughout the entire match.

      Fremantle accelerated early in the third quarter and dragged their lead out to a game high 30 points. From there, neither side really made a difference either way. Fremantle ad the Gold Coast looked to be in cruise control as they both look to leave 2017 in the past and look towards 2018.

      A special mention tonight goes out to Lachie Neale and Nat Fyfe who played their hearts out despite the lack of consequence to the result of the match.

      It’s the Dockers by 23 points.

      • Roar Guru

        Dalgety Carrington said | 12:50am | ! Report

        I think the last quarter certainly had some recency effect on it being a cruise control contest, as Freo came out looking to take any sting out of it from the outset and manage their lead.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 10:12pm | ! Report


      Fremantle 12.18.90
      Gold Coast 10.7.67

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 10:11pm | ! Report


      Suns score a goal in the dying seconds of the game.

      It’s Fremantle by 23 points at Domain Stadium.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 10:08pm | ! Report


      They all fall down, but somehow Fremantle manage to scrape together a goal. The lead out to 29 points with just under two minutes to go.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 10:06pm | ! Report


      Ballantyne kicks another point for the Dockers extend the lead to 23 points.

      Just three minutes and 47 seconds left.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 10:04pm | ! Report

      Fremantle starting to wind down the clock already with a 22 point lead.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 10:01pm | ! Report


      Touched behind to Fremantle. 7 minutes left in this unremarkable match. Commentators for Fox Footy will be relieved this is over.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 9:59pm | ! Report


      Handley scores an amazing goal for the Suns.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 9:54pm | ! Report


      Fremantle by 27 points.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 9:48pm | ! Report

      Tom Lynch has come all the way to half back to tae a great grab for the Suns.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 9:46pm | ! Report

      Bothteams look a little sluggish in the final quarter. Again, it seems like the Suns have already accepted defeat and without much on the line for either side, they’re both keen to get off the ground.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 9:38pm | ! Report


      The Suns kick a goal on the siren.

      Margin back to 23 points.

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