A-League live scores: Adelaide United vs Sydney FC

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    Adelaide United v Sydney FC

    Coopers Stadium, 14 January, 2018

    Adelaide United Full Time Sydney FC
    0 0
    7 SHOTS 12
    21 FOULS 17
    1 CORNERS 7
    0 OFFSIDES 0

    Adelaide United will welcome the table-topping Sydney FC to Coopers Stadium in the final match of Round 16. Join The Roar for live scores from the match starting from 7pm AEDT.

    Adelaide come into this match after a hard fought 1-1 draw against the Wanderers midweek thanks to a late equalizer from Stamatelopoulos with the substitute scoring two minutes after he came onto the pitch.

    Sydney continue to dominate the league with an effortless 3-0 victory against Brisbane at home extending their streak to 11 matches without a loss.

    Even with the festive season both teams still have healthy squads with no changes made by either side. So I would expect the same 11s from mid week to both start again.

    Adelaide’s defence has been rock solid all season long only conceding 17 goals in 15 games, they are just lacking a real weapon upfront and with Sydney’s measly defence will be hard to see them being able to break through.

    Normally you say every team has a weakness but with this Sydney juggernaut you genuinely can’t pick one. Conceded the last amount of goals and have scored the most.

    I would love to not be boring and saying Adelaide could surprise and get the upset – but sorry Reds fans, that won’t be happening. This Sydney squad may be the best squad we have ever seen I the league and they will just continue on their merry way and chalk up another three points.

    Sydney FC 3-0

    Join The Roar for live scores from the match, starting from 7pm AEDT.

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    84' YELLOW CARD - Pacifique Niyongabire (Adelaide United)

    94' YELLOW CARD - Jordan O'Doherty (Adelaide United)

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    • 9:53am
      Cool N Cold said | 9:53am | ! Report

      The Sydney FC team this year is good because the other teams are not so good.

      The best A-league season is 2015-16 in which many teams were very good.

    • 11:02pm
      Kangaroos said | 11:02pm | ! Report

    • 9:42pm
      Nemesis said | 9:42pm | ! Report

      Allegedly the best team in the history of Australia couldn’t beat AUFC’s 2nd team filled with teenagers. But Arnie doesn’t rate youth players, he wants elderly footballers.

    • 9:09pm
      Kangaroos said | 9:09pm | ! Report


      So close mate . 4 out of 5 right

      Sorry, you don’t win the cheeseburger ??

    • 9:06pm
      Kangaroos said | 9:06pm | ! Report

      Sydney after a 6 day break take in a team of kids from Adelaide.
      Well done reds
      A very Decent game in a Great round 16 of A League overall

      Maybe the best of our youth are still in Australia and not at the tournament in China

      Player of the round is Lachy Wales from ccm for me . But Adelaide might argue they had someone better .

      Love the A league.

    • 9:03pm
      JimmyJax said | 9:03pm | ! Report

      Against effectively a youth team -Arnold plays with 2 defensive mids – go figure !

    • 8:53pm
      Kangaroos said | 8:53pm | ! Report

      Full time

      Vietnam 1-0

      Australia will need to beat South Korea on Wednesday to qualify

      From what I saw , Jose Mourinho would have been proud of the defensive discipline by Vietnam. Aussie’s could not break through the bus .

      • 8:57pm
        LuckyEddie said | 8:57pm | ! Report

        Maybe Vietnam are a better team and our junior teams are very very ordinary and have been for about 10 years.

        • 9:03pm
          Kangaroos said | 9:03pm | ! Report


          Maybe you didn’t watch the game I’m guessing .

          Vietnam are a good team and like I said Australia couldn’t break through .

          • 9:20pm
            LuckyEddie said | 9:20pm | ! Report

            Sorry I should know your the expert. As someone has said recently on this site there a few few who think they are the geniuses and thoughts from other people are derided.

            Well genius the score was Vietnam ONE Australia ZIP/ZERO.

            Again I apologise profusely fir daring to challenge your ‘genius’.

            • 9:25pm
              Kangaroos said | 9:25pm | ! Report


              U didn’t answer if u watched the game ?????

              Read my thoughts

              Vietnam played well I said . Are you not reading the text .

              Where did I say Australia deserved to win . Not once

              Read it again

              And answer if u actually watched the game

              • 9:26pm
                Kangaroos said | 9:26pm | ! Report


                One would almost think you are hoping Australia lose ,

                so you can pick on someone.

                I guess if you want Australia to lose that’s your choice

              • 9:27pm
                Kangaroos said | 9:27pm | ! Report


                Your silence is deafening…,

              • 9:38pm
                Kangaroos said | 9:38pm | ! Report


                To tell everyone to get on there meds . Especially nemesis

                You are just looking for an argument .

                And YOU didn’t watch the game .

          • 9:22pm
            Kangaroos said | 9:22pm | ! Report

            Final thoughts on the Vietnam game

            The Aussie played such a slow build up , the typical Ange Postecoglou way .

            It’s just flat out boring , and if a team parks the bus and defends well , Australia will never score goals .

            The system just sucks in my humble opinion.

            Australia, start passing forward with a bit of speed and desire to break the lines instead of this slow build up .

    • 8:44pm
      Kangaroos said | 8:44pm | ! Report

      Adelaide are giving debuts to more young Aussie’s tonight .

      As I said earlier in the ccm v Melb city game , it’s very impressive to see new blood in the A league.

    • 8:36pm
      Kangaroos said | 8:36pm | ! Report

      Well nil all at Hindmarsh still

      And Vietnam have just gone 1-0 up in the 71 st minute.

    • 7:43pm
      Kangajets said | 7:43pm | ! Report

      The Aussie v Vietnam game is on at the same time .,

      Aussie’s have all the territory but Izzo had to pull out a cracker of a save .

      Where is the blog for reds v sfc ?

    • 7:15pm
      Kangajets said | 7:15pm | ! Report

      Who we tipping here .

      Sydney at full strength after 2 games in 12 days

      Or Adelaide with a stack of players out injured or olyroo duty and playing their third game in game in 8 days .

      I always like the contrast of these two teams style of play .

      Sydney should be too strong .

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