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AFL Power Rankings 2018: Round 3

Following the Sydney Swans is a real rollercoaster. (Photo by Brett Hemmings/AFL Media/Getty Images)
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8th April, 2018
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Happy Monday everyone (expect you, Saints fans – you’re in Siberia by now, I imagine). Week three is in the books, and it’s clear to say that no team is safe from a loss, and most teams are being underestimated at times.

A few changes this week – but nothing super drastic.

1.Sydney Swans
Last week: 3

Clutch win against the rivals. Great night, really. Were Buddy’s final two goals the lifesaver or the cherry on top of a good performance, though?

2.Port Adelaide
Last week: 1

The good news? They’re still undefeated. The bad news? Just imagine if Jared Polec didn’t take that game-saving mark with a minute remaining. Almost losing to Brisbane seemed unfathomable at 1pm on Saturday, seemed likely at 3pm, but was just a close, close call come 4pm. What a strange afternoon.

3.GWS Giants
Last week: 2

Topsy-turvy match that ended up finishing the wrong way for the Giants. That’s not to say they were poor – they weren’t, but they need a bit more composure when featuring against teams of Sydney’s ilk. Freo in Canberra next week might be tougher than it looks.

Last week: 6


Did what most expected. Nothing too remarkable, honestly. Betts playing like that while his twins were at home being born might spark one of the more obscure footy debates, though – play or be at the birth?

Last week: 4

Their mini undefeated streak comes to an end. Seemed flat at times against the Tigers, but they’ll be back at the ‘G for a clash with the Demons next weekend. Win that, they’ll be 3-1 and the league will take notice.

Last week: 7

Led at every change, and withstood the Hawks when they inevitably came charging. Good reply from the Adelaide loss, but they’d have been curious about the Lions performance they day before. They face them next week, and it’ll be tougher than they think.

Last week: 5

Just one on the bench, with four minutes to go, and a three-point deficit. Stuff of Geelong modern era fairytale, right? Not so. Ablett’s injury concern probably more worrying than the blow-out loss, surely.

Last week: 9


That infamous ‘seventeen losses in a row’ trend against North is no more. It wasn’t pretty, but it went more or less as expected – a potential finalist beating a non-potential finalist.

9.West Coast
Last week: 11

Brilliant. To lead by 32 points at half-time was impressive, but then to withstand a fierce Geelong fight back and boot six goals in the final minutes was great to watch. This team is the definition of proving critics wrong.

Last week: 12

Scrappy, but important, “away” win. Nat Fyfe is legendarily influential. GWS next weekend will be interesting to watch, but a win is lot more feasible than it seemed 14 days ago.

Last week: 7

What on earth was that? 1-3 beckons next week against Port, I’m thinking, unless they change something drastic. Like, the team at Tullamarine suddenly discovering how to defend again.

12.Brisbane Lions
Last week: 13


What might have been. Brilliant trip to Adelaide – if lacking the important letter W. Show an effort like that at the ‘G against the premiers and you never know what might happen. Best 0-3 team in a while?

13.Gold Coast
Last week: 10

They’ve been so good for the first two weeks of the year – especially given their travel demands – so a loss to Freo isn’t too worrying. A stay in WA to come, then a match against the Eagles.

Last week: 15

That win would’ve come as a relief. Decent day – decent fortnight if you are one who looks optimistically upon the GWS loss. More Friday night attention – this time in Adelaide against the Crows. Sneak a win, and critics might quieten down a tad more.

15.North Melbourne
Last week: 14

Long live the ‘Streak’, but North probably deserves some credit for being a little difficult to overcome at times. Hard to tell if they’re above or below the expectations of pundits. I’d still say bottom four, but they’re going down the hard way.

Last week: 16


Losing to an arch rival is never excusable. Losing to an arch-rival as under the pump as the Pies is even less so. They’re 0-3, only really played good footy in one of those games, and seem to be in a pit of a lull. North, Eagles and Bulldogs in the next three weeks might kick start them. Hopefully.

17.Western Bulldogs
Last week: 18

At last, a win. Redemption, or is it too early to make that call?

18.St Kilda
Last week: 17

19,000 at Etihad on Saturday night said it all. They’re in deplorable shape at the moment.