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    Waratahs vs Reds

    Super Rugby, 14 April, 2018

    Sydney Cricket Ground
    Fulltime - Waratahs 37, Reds 16
    Waratahs   Reds
    37 FINAL SCORE 16
    4 TRIES 1
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Angus Gardner
    Touch judges: Marius van der Westhuizen & James Leckie
    TMO: George Ayoub

    The Waratahs host the Reds Saturday night at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 7:45pm AEST.

    The Waratahs have beaten Reds seven games in the row. If the Reds do not pick up their try-scoring abilities, it will be eight. The bookies agree, giving $3.60 for an unlikely Reds away win.

    The last two games were close, with a winning margin of three points or less. However, those were played in Brisbane.

    All the losing matches in Sydney were one-way affairs with a New South Wales winning margin of at least 20 points.

    Last week, the Reds were defeated by a more enterprising Brumbies by a similarly high margin. Dan McKellar’s attack finally clicked. I suspect Daryl Gibson’s Waratahs attack will do the same.

    Their set piece seems to be functioning well, bolstered by the best set piece lock in Australia – the loyal yet unwanted former Red, Rob Simmons.

    The Reds twin props, “Smith and Smith” will be a worry for many fans and the coaches, especially that Taniela Tupou is out due to injury. Their scrummaging has been under pressure in the past few games.

    But the greatest pressure that Brad Thorn faces is the ability to keep the pill in multiple phases to deliver points and tries. They have also faded after 40 or so minutes – the result of an “immature” and young team.

    The same can be same of the Reds coach. Last week, the lack of initiative to replace two injured players was the turning point of the game.

    This is punctuated by the coach’s lack of recognition of this oversight after the match.

    There are some adjustment to the Reds line-up this week, due to injuries and rotations. Samu Kerevi continues to keep his 12 jersey, which is a very good thing for him, the Reds and Australian Rugby in my opinion.

    The Waratahs have not won four games in a row since 2016. Looking at their next few rounds, they may extend this to a tally of six with home games against the Lions then the Blues. While their attacking approach and pattern is not as dynamic as New Zealand teams – it works!

    Quick breakdown cycles, a playmaker fullback and line busting backs has delivered the goods for New South Wales so far. As a sign of confidence, the coach retained 22 of last week’s 23 players.

    While Kurtley Beale has not delivered too many exciting performances in the past few eight rounds, I suspect “KB” will cut the fading Queenslanders like hot knife through butter during the latter part of the game.

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    • 5:11pm
      Stu B said | 5:11pm | ! Report

      My gripe is an old one. Kearns droning in the back ground commentary, mumbling excuses for every scrum/penalty/infringement dished to the Tahs, stroking and licking the Tahs the whole match never once paid the Reds a compliment, even worse new few of the Reds players names, just an incompetent boring old fart who had the expectation of becoming CEO of RA, you would have to be joking or not as he may have well fitted in.

    • 11:30am
      Adsa said | 11:30am | ! Report

      Thorn saying Cooper had poor game management last year has come home to roost. Where was Lance’s game management? The Reds forwards this year have given Lance more space than any other Qld ten has had over the past 4 years and all we see is the 10 shovel it on to Kerevi. Yes he can tackle and kick but we will not win games moving forward playing like that. Time for Brad to promote Pauai to ten and Stewart needs more game time. With Jono heading OS, it is time to give these two a better crack at nailing down 5/8.

      • 12:02pm
        Blinky Bill - Coffs Coast said | 12:02pm | ! Report

        So you wouldn’t consider bringing Quade back then.

    • 10:02am
      Reverse Wheel said | 10:02am | ! Report

      So what’s the deal with the roar not even bothering to post an aap summary of the games to give us a platform to chat on?

    • 11:38pm
      double agent said | 11:38pm | ! Report

      Can we finally put to rest the “J Lance is a better 10 than B Foley Theory?”

      • 6:39am
        Ruckin Oaf said | 6:39am | ! Report

        Maybe it can go next to the Brad Thorn is a great coach theory. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • 9:07am
          Ken Catchpole’s Other Leg said | 9:07am | ! Report

          Double Agent, haven’t heard too many people putting Lance above Foley.
          (There is another 10 though that blind Freddy can see is uniquely capable of unlocking defences with passes and kicks from hand)

          Ruckin Oaf I don’t believe that Thorn is a lousy coach. Quite the opposite actually when you see the teamwork, scrum and success of a team playing with one hand tied behind its back.
          Thorn is a good coach. However those who have announced his infallibility on this site around a certain player’s non selection deserve a serve it seems.
          Thorn for all of the minor victories while building a young team has picked a side with 12 tackling forwards and three dancing finishers.
          Thorn was one of the best right forwards of the modern era but has fallen into the trap of overcompensation.
          “Defence and scrums are our major problems? I will fix our major problems”
          He has done this (almost).
          However in the same process he has created another problem – no creativity in attack.
          When the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem starts to look like a nail.

          • 10:05am
            Reverse Wheel said | 10:05am | ! Report

            In 50 years time while Cooper scoots around in his wheelchair there’ll still be that bl00dy-minded few insisting he’s the best man for the wallabies job.

            • 10:20am
              Fionn said | 10:20am | ! Report

              He was from 2016-17

              • 11:36am
                Malo said | 11:36am | ! Report

                Foley has been the best and still is.

              • 1:20pm
                Reverse Wheel said | 1:20pm | ! Report

                Saying it a thousand times doesn’t make it any more true.

            • 10:56am
              Ken Catchpole’s Other Leg said | 10:56am | ! Report

              No Mr Wheel, in a year or two it will be way too late. We are talking about a brief window, soon to close.
              We have lousy 10 stocks, and yet we have otherwise intelligent people completely missing the point.
              Circumstance : Scarcity of 10’s
              RA (collectively) Response : Put a fit internationally experienced 10 in club rugby while 3/4 Franchises struggle in attack.

              I do think he is the best 10 in the country. And your need to attack the messenger (aka playing the man not the ball – “bloody minded few”) indicates the paucity of your logic.
              Is Nicholas Bishop bloody minded?
              Is Harry Jones bloody minded?

              Maybe they are. Maybe I am too. By a number of measures of core 10 skills Cooper is the most capable 10 in the country.
              Your recourse to name calling brings a level of even mindedness to the debate that we,on the “let’s have a proper 10 playing 10” side of the argument, can only be grateful for.

              • 1:19pm
                Reverse Wheel said | 1:19pm | ! Report

                What is bloody minded is your insistence that thorne bring back cooper when he has made it abundantly clear that he is going in a different direction. I’m sorry that your delicate sensitivities are so offended but you need to let go and move on. Cooper is not the answer. He wasn’t the answer last year. He won’t be the answer next year. Thorne sees that. Cheika sees that. They’re the ones that matter.

          • 1:12pm
            Ruckin Oaf said | 1:12pm | ! Report

            Personally I would say that the jury is still out on Thorn. So far the Reds aren’t setting the world on fire, far from it. And baring the Sunwolves the easiest part of the Reds season may already be over.

            Hopefully they’ll find an extra gear soon otherwise this season is going to make the last couple look good.

    • Roar Guru

      RobC said | 11:12pm | ! Report

      With this bonus point win, Daryl Gibson’s Waratahs are now leaders in the Australian conference in terms of tournament points, wins, bonus points and trophies.

      Like the past five minutes, the first quarter was all Waratahs, starting with an early three pointer. This was followed by a campaign deep in the Reds redzone. The Tahs crossed the line after a lineone drive, but were spurned. Immediately after, Big T knocked on over the tryline. A Reds lineout fail, the first of many, was followed by big metres from Curtis Ronna and Big T. Tui cleverly intercepts, but ex-Waratah Kane Douglas seals the pill, giving Foley an easy 3.

      Two of the many Reds youngsters, Liam Wright and Parese gets the Reds into the Waratahs half, for their first sustained campaign and three points. Parese, Kerevi, Tuttle, Tui lead the way deep into the Waratahs redzone for a perfect five metre attacking opportunity, which Brandon Paenga-Amosa predictably ruins.

      Despite the territory and possession deficit the Waratahs create – and drop – a try scoring opportunity in counter attack. It was followed by a lazy Tuttle kick and lazier chase, for a runaway try on the right side via Michael Wells assist and Jake Gordon try. The Reds get another three from a Ned Hanigan knock on which lead to a post-scrum Kerevi run that trapped Beale in a ruck.

      One try each. Both delivered by the Reds. The first left corner try was a Big T “intercept” from a shovel / forward pass straight to the Waratah when the Reds were on an attacking roll. Bernard Foleys conversion was very good. The Reds 60m try was from an aggressive Daugunu defensive run from a Tahs scrum. Seven point game at this point.

      The Reds capitulated despite holding the Waratahs in siege mode for some time. Wise Waratahs exits combined with schoolboy Reds lineouts led to the Waratahs’ third try. Before and after this, the Reds dominated territory possession and the advantage line. Despite many penalty advantages, the Reds took quick taps. But in the end, the lack of attacking width led to the final of many turnovers.

      The Tahs took this opportunity to use a lineout on their 40 metres to score a converted try within three minutes. That’s efficient.

    • Roar Guru

      RobC said | 10:06pm | ! Report

      The Templeton Cup is starting to look like the “reverse State of Origin”, with the Queenslanders not able to lay hands on it for half a decade. Brad Thorn’s boys played better than last week, though the result was not.

      It was obvious before the game the Waratahs will challenge the Reds set piece. It was obvious Taqele Naiyaravoro was going to run through Filipo Daugunu, which in the end yielded almost 200 metres for him. It was obvious KB and Curtis Ronna is going to tear through the midfield. It was also obvious before the game the Reds attack is too narrow.

      And it all happened. Many other things about the Reds are narrow, ranging from the age group, player and coach experience. Just like 2017, people are starting to realise that winning the NRC is nothing like playing Super Rugby. Despite this, the Reds are showing some promise. We will see in the ensuing weeks if they can deliver it.

      The Waratahs to a certain extent also have a narrow and predictable game by leveraging on their set-piece, and sizeable advantages on the left side of the game. Their first test will be the Lions next week whos defence and attack are close to the peak.

      Nevertheless, they are fast becoming a cohesive team with momentum and confidence. When Israel Folau returns they should be even more dangerous. This game, whilst the influence of Kurtley Beale is pronounced, there is a feeling that they could have won without him, as they have proven the case with Izzy.

      Whilst the Waratahs won this game on the back of poor Reds attack and set-piece, they won also because of their ability to move and cycle the pill quickly. Their match against the Lions will be a big game for both teams. The Reds on the other hand are facing the long barrel of the Chiefs, Brodie Retallick and Co

    • 10:00pm
      Gepetto said | 10:00pm | ! Report

      Thorn is honouring Richard Graham’s legacy. I hope he has a one year contract; Tana will be free soon.

    • 9:44pm
      Worlds Biggest said | 9:44pm | ! Report

      Well done Tahs, job done.

    • 9:43pm
      Mike said | 9:43pm | ! Report

      A good win, but a scrappy one. Bernie’s on fire with the boot and the Tahs’ need beale on the paddock full time, every game. The litmus test still awaits the Tahs across the ditch.

      • 11:36pm
        double agent said | 11:36pm | ! Report

        I just hope Foley can continue this amazing kicking into the tests.

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