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    Brumbies vs Jaguares

    Super Rugby, 22 April, 2018

    GIO Stadium
    Fulltime - Brumbies 20, Jaguares 25
    Brumbies   Jaguares
    20 FINAL SCORE 25
    3 TRIES 3
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Angus Gardner
    Touch judges: Nic Berry & Will Houston
    TMO: Ian Smith

    Match result:

    Argentina’s Jaguares have completed Australia’s round of Super Rugby misery with a 25-20 win over the Brumbies in Canberra.

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    Final score
    Brumbies 20
    Jaguares 25

    Match preview:

    It has been an ugly round for their Australian counterparts. Can the Brumbies pinch a game back when they host the Jaguares in Canberra this afternoon? Join The Roar for live scores and a blog from 4:05pm AEST.

    The Brumbies have been handed a lifeline in the Australian conference thanks to an insipid performance from the Waratahs on Friday night, and a loss from the Rebels to the Bulls in South Africa overnight.

    They’ll keep within striking distance of the top of the conference if they can win in the nation’s capital this afternoon.

    So… team news:

    Dan McKellar has made four changes to the home sides run on fifteen. Christian Lealifano will have a week off, with Kyle Godwin taking his place at inside centre. Matt Lucas drops to the bench, allowing Joe Powell a start. Chance Peni and Tom Banks round out a back three that sees Henry Speight return on the right wing.

    For Mario Ledesma’s Jaguares, fullback Joaquin Tuculet returns in a boost for the visitors. Emiliano Boffelli shifts to the wing, whilst Martin Landajo has been relegated to the bench – Gonzalo Bertranou taking his place at scrumhalf.

    The two sides form-lines heading into this clash couldn’t be more contrasting.

    The Brumbies were stoic in the first 60 minutes against the Highlanders last start, before running out of gas in the final stages of the game – eventually losing 43-17.

    The Jaguares wrestled themselves out of a form slump, however, with a win against the Melbourne Rebels.

    Where the game will be won
    Who wants it more?

    Both sides have a 3-4, win-loss record heading into this one, and whoever loses puts themselves on the back foot heading into the moving stages of the season. The Brumbies have key finishers out wide, and they’ll need all the firepower in attack that they can get against a very strong Jags set piece.

    The game will be decided in the last 20, and I think the home ground advantage counts for some here.

    Brumbies by 7

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    • 5:26pm
      JesuitGeneralBlackPope said | 5:26pm | ! Report

      Haha.. Jaguars is a very unpredictable team with these guys you never know

    • Roar Pro

      Melburnian said | 9:59pm | ! Report

      I got the sense from watching this weekend’s games that Australian teams were just so slow in recycling the ball at the breakdown on attack. The Speed with which the Jaguares got the ball out from the ruck to maintain the attack was breathtaking. The Brumbies didn’t have time to reset their defence. By comparison, too often there was no one in the halfback role for the Aussie teams or they were very late in following up causing the attack to lose momentum.

      To that end, the Jaguares seemed much more like the top NZ teams in attack. The Aussie teams seemed much more like the English – ponderous and slow so not capable of guile to break the line.

      • 8:01am
        Baz said | 8:01am | ! Report

        spot on. Wondering if it is aerobic fitness?????

        • 9:12am
          DNZ said | 9:12am | ! Report

          It is obvious that the Aussie sides are not fit enough. They have been dying after 60 minutes for a few seasons now. Only need to look at the number of resets, the lack of ball in play etc by Aussie sides and you realise they
          are really off the pace.

          • 10:59am
            Baz said | 10:59am | ! Report

            So we know skills, and match tactics are also an issue but as I see it there are no excuses for lack of match fitness. This is just sheer laziness which I find abhorrent..
            Rod Kafer has been brought in to fix the skills deficit but by the time a player reaches Super Rugby level it is arguably too late. Skills are a long term proposition that need to be learnt early. Fitness can be fixed quickly however. It just requires effort.
            If the RUA is unable to rely on franchises to implement effective fitness programs, they need to manage and coordinate this part of the program them selves. Get some one in who is able to direct and monitor player conditioning nationally.
            I would be happy to watch a losing franchise that loses matches but at least out works the opposition for 80 minutes.
            The garbage that the RUA are asking us to patronize lacks preparation and dedication and are not worthy of our support and the financial benefits that Super Rugby offers.

    • 7:28pm
      ForceFan said | 7:28pm | ! Report


      Many of you will know me as the bloke who collected the Breakdown Stats – not just in Super Rugby but also for the Wallabies.
      In 2016 and 2017 I collected Ruck Stats for every game played by an Australian Super Rugby franchise and Wallabies Test Match prior to August 2017 when the Western Force was axed from Super Rugby.
      I haven’t collected any Ruck Stats since that time.
      I have lost interest in Super Rugby.
      I have lost interest in Wallabies Test matches.

      Today I found myself supporting the Jaguares against the Brumbies as they play an exciting form of rugby. They have a go – which is more than I can say about the Aussie SR teams.

      My main interest in the game was seeing how ex-Western Force players are progressing – wherever they are playing.
      It was fantastic to see Future Force player Mees Erasmus get some time off the bench. Palmyra missed him yesterday against Soaks.
      Good to see locally developed player Kyle Godwin continue his endeavours. I hope he does well at Connaght next year and rediscovers his mojo as he’s a fine young man.
      Really enjoyed seeing Isi Naisarani continue with his strong ball carries and physical game. Glad that he got his SR break with the Western Force. Another fine young man. I hope he gets to play for the Wallabies.
      Always enjoy watching Western Force Foundation Player, David Pocock, currently the best No 7 in Australia, ply his trade. (even if he is forced to play No 8 for the Wallabies)
      Chance Peni continues to get used to his switch back to Rugby Union. Loved his try. Welcome back home to Perth any time ….
      Robbie Abels gets a lot more game time with the Brumbies than he ever earned at the Western Force.

      I didn’t collect the Ruck Stats for this match.
      I probably won’t collect the Ruck Stats for the Wallabies v Ireland Tests in June.

      This weekend I watched the Australian franchises lose every game. I was actually pleased with this outcome. That’s what disappointment and disillusionment can do to you.

      But what else is new? The Aussie franchises, despite RA’s ongoing gross mismanagement, have lost 50% of the games up to the end of Round 10; won 47% and 1 drawn. The games against New Zealand and South Africa are ahead. I don’t expect any surprises.

      I don’t envy Michael Cheika’s chances of building a competitive team by June.

      Have just seen attendance numbers for Super Rugby for the 4 years up to 2016:
      2013 – 724,500
      2014 – 745,800
      2015 – 610,400
      2016 – 443,600 (The year after the Wallabies were runner-up at the RWC)

      Can’t trust the numbers in 2017 as they seem to be just made up or not available – especially for the Waratahs at Allianz Stadium. They continue to be N/A for this year as well. Then again, numbers such as the 5,500 for the last Rebels home game are very embarrassing. Who knows what contrived number will be given for the Waratahs v Lions game?

      I can’t wait to see ASIC move on its current active investigations into the axing of the Western Force and the dirty dealings to keep The Rebels going. ASIC doesn’t spend $$s without good cause.

      Rugby Australia (formerly ARU) has shown itself as totally incapable of running our great game.
      I honestly believe that RA has to be completely broken before it has a chance of moving forward and allowing our game to be rebuilt from the grass-roots up.

      I’m enjoying getting out and about to Perth Club Rugby. There’s been some exciting and unexpected outcomes – and it’s only Round 2.

      Western Force MkII has it’s first game against Fiji at nib Stadium (The Force Field) on 4 May 2018.
      The Western Force will be playing other games as follows:
      13 May – Tonga
      9 June – Rebels
      (15-17 June – Mauritius World Club 10s)
      22 June – Crusaders
      14 July – Samoa
      10 August – Hong Kong
      17 August – Japan Top 14 team (probably Panasonic)

      I’ve got my tickets for every match.
      Can’t wait to attend and to collect the Ruck Stats off the recorded game on free-to-air TV.

      World Series Rugby may well be the hope for our great game in Australia.
      Don’t hold your breath as Rugby Australia stumble along trying to play catch-up.

      Thanks Minderoo, thanks Andrew Forrest, for maintaining my interest in the professional game in WA.

      • 7:58pm
        ajg said | 7:58pm | ! Report

        I share your dissillusionment

        • 11:52pm
          Dontcallmeshirley said | 11:52pm | ! Report

          I don’t think that is actually a word

      • 8:00pm
        jack said | 8:00pm | ! Report

        absolutely, disappointment and disillusionment

      • 8:12pm
        Schuey said | 8:12pm | ! Report

        Same same. Tahs fan.

      • 10:55pm
        Touko said | 10:55pm | ! Report

        I only saw the Brumbies game this w/e, but they were so pathetic I screamed at the TV to replace these ‘professionals’ with hard working journeyman from Tuggeranong. Henry Speight came in and gifted the Jaguares two tries. As for the replacement halfback, Christ! Twice he stood over the ruck whining about something and let the Jaguares pick up the ball. I would have both of them out of the squad (and in the case of Speight, I love him, but you can’t be gifting your opponents tries because you have repeated brain farts).
        Sadly for the Brumbies it looks like it’s time to rebuild.
        PS. And maybe Steve Larkham wasn’t such a bad coach after all.

    • 7:28pm
      Stu B said | 7:28pm | ! Report

      Malo don’t pull em out just yet the Kiwis still require some points!

    • 7:24pm
      Metalisticpain said | 7:24pm | ! Report

      Kafer was very scathing in the commentary box! He sounded very unhappy (as he should)

    • 6:52pm
      Malo said | 6:52pm | ! Report

      The Jaguares could not beat the Scots 1st Xv yet can beat the brumbies. We are crap we should pull out as we aren’t worthy to compete.

      • 7:03pm
        CJ said | 7:03pm | ! Report

        Malo was your last post a joke? I assume so, but I’m not sure of anything these days.

    • 6:50pm
      Malo said | 6:50pm | ! Report

      It’s time to forfeit

      • 7:12pm
        Malo said | 7:12pm | ! Report

        Time to do something Raelene, you can’t expect spectators

    • 6:48pm
      Reverse Wheel said | 6:48pm | ! Report

      Absolute comedy capers from all 4 Australian teams this weekend. I can’t remember that level of incompetence last year, which was a terrible year. How you can get to this level and make basic mistakes week after week I’ll never know. Australian rugby is done, there’s no coming back from this festering pile. I watched the shute shield yesterday between randwick and easts. Everyone wants to tell me how good the shute shield is. Well it was just more of the same, basic mistakes and boneheaded decisions. I could barely watch. Makes me sick.

      • 7:01pm
        Malo said | 7:01pm | ! Report

        The shite shield is a symptom of the neglect of the rugby. It is rubbish that is why we are producing rubbish players. The ra have to do something with our funds. Don’t give it all to Pocock, qc and Folau

    • 6:42pm
      Dontcallmeshirley said | 6:42pm | ! Report

      Pocock was a real whinger today.

    • 6:37pm
      The Crow Flies Backwards said | 6:37pm | ! Report

      The question is; will Rugby Eastern Australia now admit that there is a problem and address it or are we just going to get the same old BS.

      • 7:02pm
        Malo said | 7:02pm | ! Report

        The force were ridiculous.

    • Roar Guru

      Harry Jones said | 6:36pm | ! Report

      Each Conference has a bottom, but the SA Conference’s bottom is best.

      • Roar Guru

        Corne Van Vuuren said | 7:02pm | ! Report

        Yeah we have a crap middle, but an awesome bottom.

        Our depth runs shallow, yet deep in the middleto bottom 😭

      • 7:13pm
        moaman said | 7:13pm | ! Report

        But not as good as Russian bottoms Harry….

        • 7:22pm
          cuw said | 7:22pm | ! Report

          since u brought up ruskies.

          there was a article that discussed the current issue in USA regarding their FBI director and the Golden Showers report.

          the FBI guy went on record that Trump said to him – that Putin had once said to Trump that ” Russia had the best p’titutes in the world !! ”

          and we think politicians are concerned about world peace and nuclear disarmament !!!

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