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Sam Burgess’ brain-Sezer threatens #NRLtalkthegameup

Sam Burgess had a shocker against the Storm. (Photo by Will Russell/Getty Images)
Roar Guru
21st April, 2018

No one wears their heart on their sleeve better than Sam Burgess. And mixed with adrenaline-fuelled mayhem, there’s none more explosive.

Even so, how do you explain what possessed him at Gosford yesterday afternoon? Souths’ second successive victory was already in the bag, then from out of nowhere the champion Rabbitoh recklessly levelled Aidan Sezer like a runaway truck.

Up 36-12 with 21 minutes left on the clock, Souths had already flexed their muscles against a brittle Ricky Stuart outfit whose feet remained firmly planted from the get-go.

For a fresh and supercharged Burgess, the situation was perfect and he punched holes through the Raiders at will. He’d already accumulated over 170 metres up until the point referee Adam Gee should have dismissed him for the early shower he richly deserved.

Ironically, last season it was Burgess’ rival Sio Soliola, whose sickening shot on Billy Slater dodged appropriate on-field adjudication. Days later referees’ boss Tony Archer conceded his men made a mistake and no one was more remorseful than the Kiwi forward who copped a hefty five week holiday.

I couldn’t contain my laughter yesterday when post-match an un-phased Burgess said, “personally I didn’t think there was anything in it”.

Surely Sammy was still reflecting on his 50:50 Good Friday elbow. You don’t need to be a tribunal member to realise Burgess’ resurrection for the flush connection with Sezer’s jaw will far exceed two weeks.

If the benchmark is Soliola-Slater then next week’s script will be familiar.

On Monday an apologetic NRL will admit the Gee error and later in the week, a contrite Burgess will acknowledge a fair hearing before shifting his sorrow to those charged with filling his boots for at least the next month.


If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then next week, expect the bunker internals to be clad with pink foam.


I’ll leave that to NRL Central and be thankful Aidan Sezer isn’t mumbling the same in between swigs of steak through a plastic straw.