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    Reds vs Rebels

    Super Rugby, 6 July, 2018

    Suncorp Stadium
    Fulltime - Reds 37, Rebels 23
    Reds   Rebels
    37 FINAL SCORE 23
    4 TRIES 2
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Paul Williams
    Touch judges: Nic Berry & Graham Cooper
    TMO: Ian Smith

    The Rebels have their season, and finals ambitions, on the line when they travel north to play the unpredictable Reds in Queensland. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match from 7:45pm (AEST).

    The Rebels, courtesy of a losing bonus-point to the Waratahs last start, are sitting eighth on the overall ladder, hanging on to the last spot in the quarter-finals.

    Melbourne will be painfully aware of the ramifications of a loss tonight. In a game that Dave Wessels would have earmarked as a win, he needs his troops to stand up and lock themselves in for finals rugby.

    Much has been made of the expulsion of the Western Force from the competition, and anything less than a finals spot would be deemed a failure in light of that.

    In team news, Wallabies flyer Marika Koroibete is a big in on the left wing, and his partnership with Jack Maddocks and Dane Haylett-Petty at the back continues to grow.

    Tetera Faulkner starts at loosehead prop, while Anaru Rangi will look to continue his growth at hooker in place of the injured Jordan Uelese. Richard Hardwick returns from his knee injury via the bench.

    As for the Reds, they have been frustrating this season, however have shown glimpses of real class and firepower. They have a number of capped Wallabies, and are building a strong, young core that should guide Queensland rugby in the right direction for the next few seasons.

    Izack Rodda, fresh off a bumper June Test window, is the big inclusion. However, it’s not all good news, with Samu Kerevi out for up to 14 weeks courtesy of a ruptured bicep. Young winger Jordan Petaia will start at 13 in Kerevi’s absence, allowing Filipo Daugunu a chance to start on the right edge. His match-up with Koroibete will be a belter.

    The last time these two teams met, Scott Higginbotham’s ninth-minute red card killed the fixture, so expect discipline from both sides to be a priority.

    Ultimately, the only way the Rebels lose this game is if they get caught in a forward battle. Brad Thorn has a willing and ever-improving pack that will be keen to throw their bodyweight around against the potential quarter-finalists.

    Who doesn’t love spoiling a party?

    The Reds will push the Rebels, but the prospect of finals rugby should be enough of a temptation for the men from Melbourne.

    Rebels by 8.

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    • 12:09pm
      Val Saunders said | 12:09pm | ! Report

      As a Red supporter I was pleased for the win and the way they didn’t give up when they were under pressure in the first half but as an Oz rugby supporter the standard of rugby was terrible.

      Set pieces in theory should be easy to perfect but explain to me how professional players cannot throw the ball into a line out correctly. This is both starting hookers, one of whom plays for the Wallabies!

      Then you have the lack of ability to pass correctly or should I say to the man and here the Rebels were even worse than the Reds. I know it is easy to compare our players with NZ one’s but when you look at the two 10’s that played in the Crusaders v Highlanders game (and are not regarded by the All Blacks as the best two in the country) and the two 10’s in this game there is a frightening difference in standard.

      I enjoyed the game because I love rugby and it was excitingly close but coaches can we please please attempt to raise the skill levels of the players and for Thorn this means more than just the scrum.

    • Roar Guru

      Charging Rhino said | 6:07am | ! Report

      This game was a double win for me.
      Reds (my 2nd team) won, and won well.
      And in doing so gave my Sharks a big helping hand to potentially leapfrog the Rebels and feature in the quarter finals.
      The Sharks destiny is in their own hands now.

    • 3:04am
      Bodger said | 3:04am | ! Report

      The Reds have done really well this year considering it’s a rebuilding year and they have such a youthful team. Cooper, Hunt and Slipper need to move on for the benefit of Queensland rugby now.

      • 6:41am
        Rugnut said | 6:41am | ! Report

        Agree Bodger

        I would also add they need to bring back Liam Gill as captain. They will need his skill and leadership. Wright and Scott-Young are too small and ineffective. Higginbotham is in/out of the game.

        Gil would suit thorns style: hard, uncompromising but fair.

        • 7:47am
          KenoathCarnt said | 7:47am | ! Report

          Yeah Gill was good on Xbox so his probly decent in real life.

        • 10:31am
          ethan said | 10:31am | ! Report

          Gill, McMahon and Timu. That would be some backrow!

          • 6:38pm
            Bodger said | 6:38pm | ! Report

            And Wright and Tui to that mix. Thorn is brand new to this also but that is a good thing, this team and the players are doing this together. All the young guys speak highly of Thorn and how he’s helped them develop. Next year we need to see a good improvement of the quality of play from the Reds and that’s the big challenge for this young group now. Fitness and skills will be better next year but game management really needs work and is where the big gain is to be had.

            • 6:55pm
              riddler said | 6:55pm | ! Report

              agree bodger..

              you have explained some things very well in this thread..

              thank you..

          • 6:56pm
            riddler said | 6:56pm | ! Report

            is the rumour true about mcmahon coming back to qld?

            i do hope so.. he can slot straight into smith’s 7 jersey..

            quality player and will add to the developing ethos of the team i am sure..

      • 7:56am
        Drongo said | 7:56am | ! Report

        Done well? How? Second last is ‘done well’? Did you see the crowd last night? The smallest I can remember at a Reds game for years. And the match. Yeah, we won, but it was like a wedding where everyone knows it won’t last. The atmosphere was dreadful. The standard of play was also abysmal, the Rebels couldn’t go two phases without an error or brain fade. In all honesty, the Souths v West’s club match last weekend was a lot better, and not just because Quade was playing.
        The only reason anyone would claim that the Reds have ‘done well’ this season is to prop up the failure of a coach. What a farce. McKenzie took them from second last to 5th to 1st. That is ‘done well’. This is a complete and utter flop.

        • 8:09am
          Cynical Play said | 8:09am | ! Report

          Agree. After watching a sublime game of rugby from NZ with Crusaders and Highlanders going at it with exquisite skills and execution, I then watched a plodding stalling game between the Reds and Rebels. Not much Cheika would take from that game. I took that NZ SR teams are a cut above and the Crusaders at home are unbeatable. Stuart and Hodge are not the new messiahs at 10. They are shufflers and created nothing last night. Higgers gives away more than he gives but he leads well and has his moments. Rebels simply lose shape with Hodge at 10. He is NOT a 10. Tupou the bright light.
          Congrats QLD though. Gutsy win.

        • 8:25am
          aussikiwi said | 8:25am | ! Report

          Ahhhh Drongo you were busy on the ‘Folau can do no wrong’ thread scolding kiwis who say anything less than effusive about Australian rugby or players.

          Now when a (kiwi coached) Aussie team has had a surprise win, and showed some character in so doing, you have truckloads of negativity to share.

          Congrats to the Reds, it wasn’t pretty but it bodes well for the future. I thought the rebels were going to come over the top in the last 20 mins but the Reds hung in there.

          And congrats to Thorn, no wonder QRU want to keep him for the next 10 years, hey Drongo😂😂

          • 9:01am
            Jacko said | 9:01am | ! Report

            Haha Poor Drongo…he loves the Reds…so he says…but hates Thorn…Wants his team to lose just so he can hate Thorn more…Dont worry Drongo maybe 1 of the many names (personalities ) you post under may start enjoying the Reds successes and who couldnt enjoy that forward display. Backs looked pretty good too…Such a young team…

            • 7:08pm
              Drongo said | 7:08pm | ! Report

              Keep saying I post under multiple names when there is no evidence whatsoever I do. It is easy for Roar admin to see if posters have multiple accounts and take steps to stop it which they have in the past. I am far too busy living a great life and actually attending Reds games to spend my life posting on here in more than one name. You just can’t fathom that lots of people don’t like your crew’s hyper-critical anti-Australian rugby posts. Of course now we have a Kiwi coach the hypocrisy is rampant. Claiming last night was anything but a disaster of a match is simply to pump up our complete failure of a coach. Second last. Nevertheless I go to every Reds home game and support my team as I have done for decades. Do you?

              • 7:23pm
                aussikiwi said | 7:23pm | ! Report

                Says Drongo on Folau thread:

                ..the kiwi commentary never changes from hyper-critical, superior and smug”.

                Kiwis (along with many Aussies) post positive comments about Reds.

                Says Drongo:
                Kiwis are hypocrites pumping up a kiwi coach.

                What does that make the Aussies saying the same you drongo?

                You really should stop claiming to speak for others on this site, your rabid anti kiwi bent is yours alone.

              • 7:41pm
                riddler said | 7:41pm | ! Report

                don’t lump us all together.. we are lucky to have some quality kiwi posters here who i value their contribution and input..

                there might be a couple of otts..

                but we have way more than our fair share on here from this side of the fence..

          • 9:03am
            Uncle Eric said | 9:03am | ! Report

            Ahh don’t knock Drongo, he loves NZ so much. Goes there every year for his holidays.

        • 5:06pm
          Bodger said | 5:06pm | ! Report

          Yep they’ve done well, a couple more wins would have been nice but we have the basis for a fantastic team developing from a very young group of players. 5 of the players played and are important Wallaby players, Kerevi is the oldest at 24. 18, 19, 20, 21 kids have had exposure to a year of super rugby and will be better for it. So in the context of my post as a development/rebuilding year it’s been a good year, but this hopefully is the start of better things to come over the next few years.

        • 6:49pm
          Baz said | 6:49pm | ! Report

          Wasn’t a particularly pretty game but I thought the Reds scrum worked well. Yes the line outs were a circus and the back line defense disorganized…but even without Kerevi, they did find a way to win…. or possibly the Rebels found a way to lose… I am not really sure. But the Reds scrum looked ok, Sorovi looks the goods at 9. Lance looked good at full back where he should have been all along. Stewart defended well at 10. Need to start looking for a few recruits for next year but a decent forward pack is always a good start.

          • 6:58pm
            riddler said | 6:58pm | ! Report

            backs coach biggest priority i think.. there is some quality talent there now..

            stiles letting banks go and keeping players like nabulli and cfs is where we have been done over..

            banks playing at 15 for the reds would be lovely..

            • 7:09pm
              Baz said | 7:09pm | ! Report

              yeah, not wrong there. Watched him go round against the Chiefs and he is probably the most impressive back coming thru for the WBs.
              You are also right about a backs coach. BT has got a forwards game mentality which is where he needs to be but the reds need someone to organize the backs.
              Funny Stiles in the Rebels box and McGann in the Reds box.

            • 7:12pm
              Bodger said | 7:12pm | ! Report

              Yep Banks at 15 would be lovely. Banks is really starting to come good. He’s the Mackenzie of Australian rugby, should be on the bench ahead of Hodge now for the WC.

              • 7:22pm
                riddler said | 7:22pm | ! Report

                bodger the more you write.. the more i agree!!

                banks over hodge for me as well.. great call..

      • 8:25am
        Peter said | 8:25am | ! Report

        No doubt they will once the QRU have met their contractual obligations. Cooper, for instance, is doing exactly what his contract and the Queensland coach’s instructions require of him, even though he is being thoroughly shafted by the Reds. Please explain why he should do anything else.

        • 2:27pm
          Jacko said | 2:27pm | ! Report

          Please explain why he should do anything else.

          To play Super rugby and possibly test rugby maybe? Just saying!

        • 5:20pm
          Bodger said | 5:20pm | ! Report

          Yes Cooper has a contract and yes legally he can keep playing club rugby. Morally he’s doing the wrong thing by the other Qld players, he could have moved on as he had offers and is no longer going to be a part of the Qld Reds. He’s taking a lot of money away from the guys who should be now getting it and the guys playing Super Rugby for Qld…

          He’s had his year playing for Souths sticking two fingers up at the Reds, he now has no move on for himself as there is no future at Souths for a player of his quality and for Qld.

          • 7:06pm
            riddler said | 7:06pm | ! Report

            spot on. bodger.

            if i was him, i would have been doing all i can to get back into the wallabies, playing super rugby for whoever would have me..

            and if he did make back into the wallabies 10 via another super rugby club.. he gives two fingers to those who didn’t believe in him..

            i also pay zero credence to this defence of wanting to staying at home .. when a rugby career can be over in a tackle.. george smith has just started a new biz in bris.. young family.. and is now off to bristol..

            cooper will have another 50 years or so in brisbane when he retires if he wants to stay at ‘home’..

            he is not a one club man..

    • 10:21pm
      Adsa said | 10:21pm | ! Report

      Well done Reds, I thought we were shot when DP was binned, but they really held it together to get the win.

      • Roar Rookie

        Dave_S said | 10:30pm | ! Report

        Yep as I said below, they really held their nerve well. Mature performance from a young side.

      • 10:37pm
        double agent said | 10:37pm | ! Report

        Reds looked a different team to last week. Not a good team but not diabolical.

    • 10:04pm
      Stu B. said | 10:04pm | ! Report

      Ha effing Ha, all the R.A millions wasted on this team for an x bankers agenda, maybe just maybe the little manipulator can bamboozle us all and buy the Waratahs for one dollar and draft them to Melbourne and complete the charade.Congratulations Big Brad you are achieving more for Australian rugby union than than the RA board has for many many years and doing it with honesty and integrity.

    • 9:51pm
      riddler said | 9:51pm | ! Report

      a lot of people will complain about the game..

      but as a qld fan i enjoyed it a lot and am chuffed for the lads.

      some great performances from our boys.. thor, jp, rodda.. best game i have seen from higgers in a very long time..

      stewart had some lovely touches and some nice kicks.. petaia and duncan p grew into the game..

      lance nailed all his kicks and did a sweeping role very well..

      as for the rebels.. i really don’t see the love for hodge that so many do.. he is not a 10 by any stretch of the imagination.. bad kick for dead.. dhp.. some shocking choices with ball in hand and kicks from in his own 22.. while he had one good run.. more negatives than positives that is for sure..

      maddocks had one good run between two forwards.. some bad choices made also and an ordinary charge down..

      i said after we lost to them in the 2nd round that we won’t as bad as the scoreline suggested.. 14 men for the majority of the game and then 13 men for another 10 .

      tonight might not have been pretty but we showed some guts and some nice touches..

      a good win for us.. congrats qld..

      • Roar Guru

        eagleJack said | 9:53pm | ! Report

        True riddler, it wasn’t pretty, but that was an outstanding win for the Reds. Plenty of guts and determination, that should hold the young squad in good stead for next year.

        • 9:57pm
          riddler said | 9:57pm | ! Report

          yes mate.. there is something in there that is for sure..

          they seem to be playing for each other and standing up..

          long way to go, of course, but it is promising..

          and geez it has been so long since i have loved a scrum like that..

          • Roar Rookie

            Dave_S said | 10:02pm | ! Report

            Yep Reds held their nerves well. Rebels were the opposite in that regard.

          • Roar Guru

            eagleJack said | 10:05pm | ! Report

            Pretty rare for people to be cheering handling errors just to see a scrum in action!

            Thor could literally be anything. Pure joy to watch in all facets of the game.

            • 10:08pm
              riddler said | 10:08pm | ! Report

              so true.. i was almost wishing for us to make a knock-on for a scrum at some point!!


              near 80min game from the thor.. that is some ticker in there.. am loving the kid..

              • 10:10pm
                riddler said | 10:10pm | ! Report

                yep.. thor could really be something special.. and i think he is in a great spot to have thorn there.. will keep the ego in check if it ever becomes an issue..

                but as you said.. it is joy to watch a piggie playing the game like he is..

              • 9:07am
                Jacko said | 9:07am | ! Report

                Surely Thor has to start for the Wallabies after his past few weeks. And surely the Rebels have to give Maddocks a go at 10

      • 9:56pm
        ethan said | 9:56pm | ! Report

        I agree that Hodge is not a 10. He runs and kicks well and puts in on D, but his pass is too poor. Not only does he not throw them nicely, but they take an age to leave his hands, and there is no sense of timing.
        Glad to get the win. Relying on your scrum works well when there are lots of them.

      • 9:57pm
        Rhys Bosley said | 9:57pm | ! Report

        Hear hear to all of that!

      • 10:13pm
        Harry said | 10:13pm | ! Report

        Most pleased by the performance of Stewart actually. I thought he came into the game more and more the longer it went on. I really hope his confidence hasn’t been dented by the Reds tough environment this year – he is not surrounded by quality and experienced players.
        Sorovi and Petaia also good.

      • 10:23pm
        Boomeranga said | 10:23pm | ! Report

        Great to hear Higgers was good. We still need an 8.

        • 10:39pm
          double agent said | 10:39pm | ! Report

          Higgers was good. Surely he must be considered for Wallabies?

      • 11:19pm
        Worlds Biggest said | 11:19pm | ! Report

        Great win for your boys Rids, well done. Scrum was fantastic and overall a very good performance. The Rebels had there opportunities especially when a man up, the Hodge missed penalty was big and the forward pass by Meakes with an overlap was brutal.

        As for Higgers, i’ve never been a fan at International Level. However given the dearth of options at 8 in this country, give him one more crack to see if he can step up. I think that ship has sailed with Cheika however.

        • 12:00am
          riddler said | 12:00am | ! Report

          cheers world! love a win!!

          agree with everything you said matey..

          i am not a fan of higgers.. but he was very good today and also he controlled the pill quite well at the back of the scrum.. something that poey isn’t too flash with.. which is fair enough because he is not an 8..

          higgers also captained well and kept the composure with lance and stewart helping out..

          not sure he will get another go at the gold.. but i am very happy if he keeps on putting efforts like today for qld..

          we also need to remember that george smith pulled out on game day.. so bit of a disruption.. liam wright is doing very well for a young lad as is asy..

          i also liked the fact that nobody mentioned kervei all game.. the young kids didn’t embarrass themselves at all..

          stewart’s tackling was superb to see… not only has he guts but he has a very good technique.. standing there watching mafi build up a head of steam and then helping to bring him down was something that the rest of the team see and really get behind..

          in comparison hodge was pushed off a couple of times defending in the 10 channel, one time by a back very easily.. can’t remember who.. but it was not good..

          not sure what is wrong with the rebels as they have some talent..

          seeing stiles in the rebels box was interesting..

          think that carozza is out of his depth a bit.. loved the guy as a player.. but not sure if he is what we need for the backs.. let’s see what happens in the off season..

    • 9:45pm
      Marlin said | 9:45pm | ! Report

      Wow 😮 – I watched the Kiwi game and then this rubbish – at least the Aussie players (as bad as they definitely were) weren’t as bad as the referee – he just keeps the trajectory of the ref standard (including the assistants – what a joke) on the down trend.

      • 10:00pm
        ethan said | 10:00pm | ! Report

        Can we please, please just for once get a decent referee. Can’t remember the last game I saw with consistent good decisions. Folau will not want to view replays of the Higgers ariel challenge. Maddocks made a fair challenge for the ball, but put his hands on Higgers after exactly the same. Yellow card and one week suspension? Nope, play on.

        • 5:35am
          Daveski said | 5:35am | ! Report

          You’ve fallen into the fox commentators trap. The two situations were not similar at all. Folau pulled at the player after the fair challenge.

    • Roar Rookie

      Dave_S said | 9:42pm | ! Report

      Well well well!

      Thor my MotM.

      Rebs will be dirty for those wasted opportunities, but Reds entitled to feel good about that win.

    • Roar Guru

      eagleJack said | 9:42pm | ! Report

      Geez, not even a losing BP for the Rebels. Poor effort, their leaders were terrible tonight.

    • Roar Guru

      Nick Kelland said | 9:41pm | ! Report

      80‘ – MATCH RESULT: The Rebels were their own worst enemies, and the Reds made them pay, running out 37-23 upset winners in an entertaining fixture at Suncorp Stadium.

      Reds: 37
      Rebels: 23

      • Roar Rookie

        Dave_S said | 9:48pm | ! Report

        “Haha, If the Rebels keep the ball away from the Reds forwards, and set piece, they should get it done.”

        And because they didn’t, they didn’t!

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