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Penrith’s Campbell-Gillard on KFC for NRL



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    Injured Penrith prop Reagan Campbell-Gillard has turned to KFC’s popcorn chicken and mashed potato in a desperate bid to quickly regain the 8kg of weight he lost with a broken jaw.

    The NSW front-rower, who injured his jaw four weeks ago, had the bands taken out on Monday and can only now begin to open his stiff mouth and talk properly.

    In that time the 115kg prop was basically left eating out of a straw, seeing him a lose a tonne of weight and physically behind ahead of his hopeful round-21 return.

    “It’s hard. When you’re trying to force food through a syringe there’s only so much pumpkin soup you can eat,” Campbell-Gillard said.

    “The first week was tough and it just got really tough after that. Trying to get as much energy and food in the body without trying to lose too much weight – you don’t do it on purpose but it happens.

    “I ended up losing about 8kg. There was nothing I could do about it, but I have to try and regain that within four weeks and work hard to try and put it back on.”

    So with that in mind, Campbell-Gillard has turned to the usually unhealthy addiction of fast food to turn his body back to what it once was when he made his NSW debut just over a month ago.

    “I reverted to in the last couple of days doing mashed potato and popcorn chicken from KFC. It’s all about the tastebuds,” he said.

    “You don’t realise it absolutely sucks when you can’t eat and chew and you just find little ways to try and get as much food and protein in a syringe.

    “It sucks but that’s rugby league. I’ve just got to try and find those extra kilos to put back on.”

    Campbell-Gillard’s layoff has at least been a fruitful one.

    He last month put pen to paper on a five-year extension that will keep him at the club until the end of 2024 – making him the second most secure player in the game contract-wise behind Jason Taumalolo.

    But he’s vowed not to get complacent in that time.

    “I don’t want to get comfortable and I think some people tend to get comfortable if they have a contract secured for a long period,” he said.

    “I definitely don’t want that. I’m still here to better my football and work hard.

    “The security is a massive bonus but I’ll work very hard every game I play when I pull on that jersey.”

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    The Crowd Says (12)

    • Roar Guru

      July 13th 2018 @ 8:15am
      The Barry said | July 13th 2018 @ 8:15am | ! Report

      Missed a chance with the headline :

      RCG on KFC for NRL 8KG ASAP

      • July 15th 2018 @ 8:00am
        Graham said | July 15th 2018 @ 8:00am | ! Report


    • July 13th 2018 @ 10:04am
      RandyM said | July 13th 2018 @ 10:04am | ! Report

      popcorn chicken is yuck, just stick with the original recipe – 3 piece box all the way

      • Roar Guru

        July 13th 2018 @ 3:43pm
        Adam said | July 13th 2018 @ 3:43pm | ! Report

        I’m partial to a Zinger burger myself

    • Roar Rookie

      July 13th 2018 @ 12:17pm
      Dogs Boddy said | July 13th 2018 @ 12:17pm | ! Report

      He should have a chat to Jack Bird about putting on weight.

    • July 13th 2018 @ 12:40pm
      Forty Twenty said | July 13th 2018 @ 12:40pm | ! Report

      Is eating absolute crap the best way for a professional athlete to put on weight?

      • Roar Guru

        July 13th 2018 @ 12:57pm
        The Barry said | July 13th 2018 @ 12:57pm | ! Report

        Remember he is from Penrith so he would have grown up eating that stuff and washing it down with Mountain Dew…

        • July 13th 2018 @ 4:07pm
          KingCowboy said | July 13th 2018 @ 4:07pm | ! Report

          Come on, everyone love a bit of Colonial, get on board!

        • July 14th 2018 @ 8:26am
          Forty Twenty said | July 14th 2018 @ 8:26am | ! Report

          You’ve just got to remember to fish out the odd chicken pop corn that slips under the Banjo strings and disappears into that black hole.

      • Roar Rookie

        July 13th 2018 @ 9:04pm
        William Dalton Davis said | July 13th 2018 @ 9:04pm | ! Report

        Easiest way to do it quickly. It’s not like he’s eating all this crap then sitting around the rest of the day. Just a basic dirty bulking method. Eat heaps of crap, lift weights. Easier and faster than a clean bulk though it normally makes the cut much harder. Something RCG doesn’t need to worry about.

        • July 14th 2018 @ 8:20am
          Forty Twenty said | July 14th 2018 @ 8:20am | ! Report

          The stuff is poison, you can eat high quality ,high calorie food to put on weight same result but much better for you and your performance. Olive oil has the same calories as the cheap stuff they use in fast food.

    • July 14th 2018 @ 4:53am
      tim said | July 14th 2018 @ 4:53am | ! Report

      Maybe the bunker decisions can be shown as RCG’s vomit coming out red or green.

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