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Your guide to Street Fighter at Gfinity Elite Series season two

Can Melbourne Order repeat as Street Fighter champions? (Photo: Gfinity Australia)
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18th October, 2018

Melbourne Order took home the season one trophy for the Gfinity Elite Series, but with a heap of new talent coming from the challenger series and a few shake-ups in the draft, the other teams are looking to level the playing field.

Looking at the teams on paper it’s hard to go past the Sydney Chiefs as favourites for this new season. With top-tier Australian players in bksama and Somniac staying with the team, along with new acquisitions, DaBigChoppa and ZG, they will look to snatch the first place spot from Avant.

That’s not to say Order are any worse off than last season either. Travis, MiM and ROF finished in the top 64 at SEAM and had close losses with top players. ROF would have beat former EVO champ Tokido if he didn’t drop the set-winning combo.

Adding DalenvrFails and Camzace through the draft adds to their unpredictability.

Trying to escape the bottom rungs of the ladder, Sydney Roar looked to the challenger series players to help them. Although on the other side of 30, ancient by some gaming standards, Fangrear is only getting better.

A couple of solid showings in Sydney tournaments and the fact he plays a relatively unknown character in Zeku means there will be surprises in store for the other teams.

Returning to lead the Brisbane Deceptors again this season is the passionate Robbiesla. With the face paint and headband, Robbie looks to inspire his teammates while simultaneously distracting the other team.

Adding to the passion of Robbie, the Deceptors have also acquired Sythe and Pahnda who they hope will carry them up the ranks this season.

Runners-up last season, Perth Ground Zero, will be looking to challenge the top sides and make their presence in the league known.


Ground Zero are hoping a consistently strong base of talent can bring the trophy home this time around. Adding FREESER and GhostChips to their roster can only help this.

Melbourne Avant is the big wildcard for the season. Internationally-known BurnoutFighter joins their squad to add to the talent on display.

The spooky duo of SpaceGhost and RumoursOfGhosts will be hoping to use the knowledge they gained from the South East Asian Major (SEAM) to dominate season two for Avant.

The tournament was a success for both players. SpaceGhost beat Eita, a very good Japanese player, before losing to former EVO champion Xian while Rumours went down to the best Ibuki in the world, Fujimura, after beating Hong Kong player Saunic.

Predicted Table

1. Sydney Chiefs
2. Melbourne Avant
3. Melbourne Order
4. Sydney Roar
5. Brisbane Deceptors
6. Perth Ground Zero

Players to watch

Travis Styles, MiM, ROF, bksama, Somniac, ZG, Fangrear, Spaceghost, RumoursOfGhosts, BurnoutFighter, Bug, Syo, Sythe, Robbiesla