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Israel Folau, what the hell?

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17th April, 2019

As the news came through that Folau was requesting a code of conduct hearing, I could hear the collective groans of RA, the greater rugby public and those that have stood against his views.

I have to ask again, Israel, what the hell? Or if you prefer heck, then I am happy to accommodate you. Speaking of accommodating, do you remember what you penned in an article after your first foray into making yourself God’s mouth piece? That you would accommodate RA, and happily tear up your contract.

Here it is in case you forgot.

“After we’d all talked, I told Raelene if she felt the situation had become untenable – that I was hurting Rugby Australia, its sponsors and the Australian rugby community to such a degree that things couldn’t be worked through – I would walk away from my contract, immediately.”

Well, there it is in ink Israel, your words not mine. Am I in a righteous position to now point the finger and call you a liar, someone hell bound?

I will again refer to your post from a week ago.


Look, it’s obvious I am being quite facetious here, and I don’t get pleasure writing another column about this episode but this whole incident is becoming laughable.

Israel Folau

Israel Folau (Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

In spite of what occurred last year, you felt the need to post something hurtful again. Not only taking aim at homosexuals but also drunks, thieves and others. Why does someone who drinks to quieten the horrors of war or dilute the memories of sexual abuse need to repent, or a thief who steals because they are hungry for that matter?

I would love to get into a theological back and forth with you but your faith is so dangerously black and white I doubt your blinkered view would ever open.

Still, I ask why now? Why this time are you pursuing recourse, when you have made a statement previously that for the good of the game you would walk away?

The $3 million for the next three years, or do you actually think that your position is still tenable with a Wallabies or Waratahs setup?

I suspect it is the former, and I actually don’t blame you. Most people will never earn $3 million in their lifetime.

Having this opportunity given to you, as a result of what is wildly been reported as RA’s failure to insert a relevant clause, puts the exit door in Raelene Castle’s view.


Speaking of Castle, a large portion, if not all, of the blame belongs to her. This incident should have finished with the tweet, “Folau sacked for breaching contract”.

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As this drags on, I write this with love. Not for you but for a diverse, 2019 Australia. An Australia that does not want those who have no choice, or a limited choice in what life delivers for them, that they are going to hell.