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Who's really to blame in this AFL security fiasco?

Has the AFL's crackdown on crowds gone too far? (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)
17th June, 2019

In what threatens to become a horror scandal for the AFL, the issue of fan behaviour and heavy-handed security reared its ugly head once more on the weekend.

‘Behaviour Awareness Officers’ were seen patrolling the aisles at Marvel Stadium over the weekend, creating an incredibly awkward and intimidating atmosphere for most fans.

Marvel Stadium CEO Michael Green admitted after the game that the security crackdown had gone “too far”, while also insisting the recent security changes were entirely the stadium’s initiative – not an AFL directive.

But, after all was said and done about a supposed crackdown on barracking, there was a fight in the crowd after the match that required police intervention.

So who’s really at fault here? Do the fans need to get themselves in line? Did Marvel Stadium overcook its response? Or have the AFL totally bungled up the messaging?

We were joined on the Game of Codes podcast by Roar AFL expert Marnie Cohen to get to the bottom of this recent debacle and work out just where it’s gone wrong, as well as where the situation can be salvaged.

Listen to the discussion:

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