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Shayna Jack reportedly faced with four-year ban by ASADA

Shayna Jack. (Photo by Delly Carr/Getty Images)
30th July, 2019

Embattled Australian swimmer Shayna Jack will be suspended from swimming for four years if she fails to prove her innocence in a doping scandal, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Jack made headlines late last week after testing positive to banned substance Ligandrol, a muscle-building drug.

Richard Ings, the former chief of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), told News Corp that people “[shouldn’t] daw any conclusion from the four-year ban,” claiming it was “standard practice” where someone has registered positive A and B samples.

While Jack has claimed a contaminated supplement is the cause for her having Ligandrol in her system, she will only receive a reduction in her sentence if she can prove both exactly which supplement was contaminated and that she had no knowledge of contamination prior to using the supplement.

News Corp claims she can only receive no penalty if she can prove she was “the victim of sabotage” and identify the party responsible for contaminating her supplements.

The news came at the worst possible time for Swimming Australia, after Mack Horton caused significant controversy at the world championships in Gwangju for refusing to share the podium with China’s Sun Yang, who received a doping conviction in 2014 and is currently under investigation by WADA.