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Stirling Coates started out as an AFL crowd contributor, and is now one of The Roar's editors.



The AFL swapping matches between rounds played gremlins with the tipping system. Should be all sorted now.

'Missing the minor premiership might be the least of their worries': Six talking points from AFL Round 19

I have to agree with this Dem. They’ve been my flag favourite all season but having only one proper key forward worries me.

Joe Daniher and Eric Hipwood have been a much greater combination than the sum of their parts and I’ve always been worried about what happens to one when the other goes down.

One of those days, or a real sign of worry for the Lions?

That’s a fair point and thanks for raising it so civilly.

We’ll take it on board 👍

My Collingwood swansong: A black and white manifesto

Because The Roar is, at its heart, a community where sports fans are free to share their opinion by writing articles as much as it is a publication.

Obviously Les’ devotion to a singular topic has become infamous (and I have knocked back some of his columns) but it’s not really our place to dictate which topics people who are contributing off their own bat and in their own spare time can and can’t write about – so long as they obviously write well, back up their claims etc.

My Collingwood swansong: A black and white manifesto

I thought you guys beat the Tigers on Sunday?

My Collingwood swansong: A black and white manifesto

Shocking start. I’ll be 12 adrift by the looks of it come Monday.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 15

Got to make a move at some point!

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 15

Umpires got this 100% correct. Law 16.5.2 clearly states members of the attacking team must not assist the ball towards goal after the siren has gone.

"It's a f---ing point!" Obscure rule comes to the fore amid insane finish in the VFL

Great analysis Dem. I’ll freely admit I was mesmerised by the Saints in 2020 and had them as big top four smokey.

I’ve heard so many champions of the past say it that I can’t think of who to attribute the thought to, but the biggest mistake a playing group can make is thinking they just need to do what they did last year to replicate a result.

You need to come to pre-season ready to improve massively and it sounds like the Saints have adopted the other attitude.

Could they do what Melbourne have done in a few years though and become a force?

How the Saints crashed down to earth

If it’s a Gus monologue with a bunch of Panthers in the side we could be at risk of a graveyard shift game.
The lease on the temporary stands might expire before full time!

Origin 1 kick-off bingo: What time will State of Origin Game 1, 2021 actually start?

Given that year’s grand final was Hawthorn vs West Coast, I shudder to think of how bad the crowd would have been.

Adam Goodes turns down place in Australian Football Hall of Fame

Buddy kicked 2.11 in a game once.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 12

In case you didn’t see the note in the article, please check your tips for Sydney vs St Kilda. The system is only smart enough to work out whether you picked the home or away team so, now that’s been swapped, your tip may have changed without you knowing.

You can simply change your tip and hit ‘submit’ again if necessary.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 12

NT closed the borders to Victoria before NSW.

Gillon McLachlan makes the call on AFL Round 11

He’d had a few quiet ones before going back to the ressies. No goals and only two kicks in back-to-back games.

He’ll come good.

Dockers brace for Lance Franklin's Perth sequel

Fair cop Macca. “Woefully disappointing” is quite harsh in light of their fixture.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

Same thought process as me. With Greene in I would’ve backed the Giants in a heartbeat.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

You’ll be horrified to know the draft pick Hawthorn gave up for Wingard, alongside Ryan Burton, turned into Xavier Duursma.

Hawks in ruins, a victim of hubris

That 2018 finals appearance is a bigger aberration than Melbourne’s at this stage.

Hawks in ruins, a victim of hubris

If you look at their 2016 trade period, they gave up Sam Mitchell, Jordan Lewis, Brad Hill, pick 14, their 2017 first-rounder, pick 10 (which St Kilda gave them for their 2017 first-rounder) and the pick Freo gave them for Hill in exchange for Jaeger O’Meara and Tom Mitchell.

You simply cannot call that the beginning of a rebuild. They absolutely sold the farm to stay near the top for a few more years and it’s netted them two finals appearances (zero wins) in five seasons.

Hubris indeed.

Hawks in ruins, a victim of hubris

I get they wanted to play 4D chess with Mitchell and Lewis to bring in Jaeger O’Meara and Tom Mitchell, but it’s blown up in their face. Both of those guys are 27 so, while they aren’t over the hill, I can’t seem them improving much more over the next few years.

Could be a long road back to the top.

After a third of the season, each AFL team reviewed

Excellent point. Clarko will always go down as one of the greats thanks to four flags, but a lot of questions have to be asked about what’s gone on in the last four-ish years.

After a third of the season, each AFL team reviewed

Same tips as me. Looking forward to toasting our 9/9s next week.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 5

Yes, due to copyright laws our videos can only play in Australia.

Cameron Green comes agonisingly close to pulling off the catch of the century

I thought Martin was on his last legs during last year’s finals series, but he’s found a new gear so far in 2021.

Ultimately, I think it was a move the Lions had to make to get Daniher in.

Belief in Ballarat can fix lazy Lions