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Is the bunker being overused?

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Roar Guru
26th October, 2019

Now I cannot deny that this will cause some controversy and hell, I for one actually enjoy stirring the pot when it comes to it.

I understand why it’s there but sometimes I believe that it’s been used way too much and sometimes way too long.

Sometimes they make it quick and easy but often they take ages to the point you can listen to the full version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and they still don’t have an answer. That song goes on for 25 and a half minutes.

I won’t blame the refs for having to use it when it’s necessary but if it’s something as clear as the light of day, don’t waste our bloody time going to it unnecessarily to take forever and a day to make a decision. It’s coming to the point where you’d rather be wanting to watch Street Fighter, which is one of the worst movies ever.

All that aside, with any use of the bunker have three looks at it and if you can’t make a decision, stick with the on-field ref’s call. First, look in slow motion only but the other two go in real-time. Give them 45 seconds and if within said time, the one in the bunker can make a call, that saves what could be 30 seconds of our lives we may potentially never get back.

I think sometimes even when the call is right in front of them with things like a dropped ball, foot on the line or an obstruction, they choose to use the bunker to be 100 per cent on point, which is absolutely understandable. However, if it’s clear as light of day, just make the damn call right away and get on with it.

I understand that social media blowups happen all the time with sports but the refs need to just do they were hired to do and not worry what others say. If they make a mistake, own it and learn from it. It’s like when you train, you may not do the bench press in the best of forms or you may do it too heavy and collapse but you learn.

Being a ref is a very tough job and I won’t deny I have been a bit harsh on them at times, but I will give due credit and simply say that they should just do their jobs. I understand some controversy involved with bad calls and if it does happen to determine the match, all hell will break loose.

What do you Roarers think of the bunker?