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The Power Slap League is Dana White’s latest dumpster fire

UFC President Dana White. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
Roar Guru
29th January, 2023

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have seen all the news articles, videos and promos related to Dana White’s newest fight promotion entitled ‘Power Slap – the world’s premier slap fighting organisation’.

When you hear the term slap fighting you might be imagining two sisters fighting over the last ice cream from the freezer.

Replace those sisters with two tattooed truck drivers from Wichita, Kansas and the ice-cream with a surprisingly low cash prize and boom, you have Power Slap.

It’s almost hard to write an article about a sport that involves such few skills. It is two people slapping each other in the face until a knockout occurs.

People used to make fun of curling and the guys that swept the ice so the stones would slide faster.

Well, slap fighting makes these ice sweepers look like brain surgeons. The whole sport seems like a Will Ferrell skit from Saturday Night Live but the background laughter is replaced with the groaning and moaning of the semi-conscious slap fighters rolling on the ground.

Now I have been looking for positives and while looking at the roster for this league, one positive I can find is the fighter nicknames — and some of them are amazing.

My two favourites are Jon ‘Slap Daddy’ Kennedy and Mike ‘Slap Jesus’ Smith. I mean how can you bet against ‘Slap Jesus’, the single greatest nickname in the history of combat sports?


I may not be a big fan of Power Slap but I would watch an eight-part Netflix series on ‘Slap Jesus’, as he travels across the Holy Lands slapping the sins out of Roman soldiers.

Although Power Slap definitely has the ability to go viral from time to time due its violent slaps and grotesque knockouts, I cannot see it being a successful investment for Dana White.

The UFC has been so successful because behind their knockouts, there is some supremely talented athletes with unbelievable technique. Given the current controversy with fighter pay this new investment does seem like a slap in the face of current UFC employees (pun intended).

I think it is time we all do the right thing and turn a blind eye to this sport, its time we turn our other cheek and ignore this dumpster fire waiting to happen and if you’re struggling to ignore slap fighting it always remember

‘WWSJD’ – What would Slap Jesus do?