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The Maynard case, concussion, and the headache it's left at AFL HQ

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John Ioannidis new author
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15th September, 2023

Michael Christian, who played over 200 AFL games and has been the Match Review Officer for six years was prepared to resign when overruled by AFL boss Laura Kane, or was that actually Gil McLachlan and Andrew Dillon?

Laura Kane does not appear to have a relevant AFL background (football management) and had been in the job for 11 days.

She made “a statement” that Brayden Maynard should be found guilty and be suspended by the Tribunal for three weeks, which confirmed she is clearly out of her depth and knows nothing about the game and perhaps it is she who should be prepared to resign.

Another outstanding “job for the boys/girls” appointment by the AFL hierarchy who have gone back to appointing insiders for the plum executive general manager football job despite not having any real AFL background and are clearly incompetent yet are prepared to be the fall guys/girls for the gutless AFL CEOs and commission (Adrian Anderson Mark 2). Nepotism is back, alive and well at AFL House.

Not since Jack Hamilton and Ross Oakley have there been competent people with some integrity at AFL headquarters.

Fortunately, unlike the AFL hierarchy, the MRO and the Tribunal are competent, have integrity, have an intimate knowledge of the game and won’t be compromised.

Yet since the Andrew Demetriou era, and the current McLachlan era, the AFL hierarchy has had the audacity to tell the umpires how to do their job and have tried to tell the MRO and the Tribunal how to do theirs.


The AFL must be the only organisation that has two CEOs and whose combined salaries are probably half of the salary cap of an AFL club. I guess that is what you get when the AFL Commission, ably led by the impeccable Richard Goyder, determine salaries.

Finally, if the AFL is serious about concussion, a good start would be to penalise any initial contact that is above the shoulders with a free kick regardless.

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OMG, Jack Ginnivan could get his second free kick for high contact. Nah it won’t happen.