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2019 AFL Free Agents

Jack Newnes of St Kilda. (AAP Image/Tony McDonough)

The full list of 2019 AFL free agents has now been released, and can be seen below on this page.

Free Agency has been a part of the player movement landscape for a few years now and has seen players like Lance Franklin, Tom Rockliff and Tom Lynch move clubs.

AFL free agents come in two varieties – restricted and unrestricted.

Restricted free agents are out of contract, in the top 25 per cent highest paid at their club, and have either been at their club for eight or more but less than ten years, or have been in the AFL for ten or more years but have not previously had restricted free agent status.

They can accept an offer from a rival club, their current club has the choice to match the offer made to them and they must then seek a trade if they still wish to move clubs. So far, no club has ever chosen to match an offer for a restricted free agent.

Unrestricted free agents are out of contract, and either have been at their current club for ten years or more and previously been a restricted free agent, or been at their current club for eight years or more and are not inside the top 25 per cent highest paid at their club.

They can accept an offer from a rival club and if they do then this is processed immediately. Their current club has no right to match the offer or block the move.

As of 2019, all players who have been free agents previously – including those who were delisted free agents – are now considered ‘free agents for life’, and will qualify for unrestricted free agency in any year in which they come out of contract.

2019 AFL Free Agents


2019 Restricted Free Agents
Sam Jacobs (Adelaide)
Jack Newnes (St Kilda)

2019 Unrestricted Free Agents
Paul Hunter

Ryan Lester
Ryan Bastinac

Dale Thomas
Josh Deluca

Ben Reid
Lynden Dunn
Tim Broomhead
Sam Murray

Zac Clarke
Michael Hartley
Mitch Brown
Will Snelling

Hayden Ballantyne
Ryan Nyhuis

Harry Taylor
Scott Selwood


Gold Coast
Tom Nicholls
Jack Leslie
Brad Scheer
Harrison Wigg

Tom Sheridan
Dylan Buckley

Grant Birchall
Paul Puopolo
Ryan Schoenmakers
Darren Minchington
Tim Mohr

Port Adelaide
Matthew Broadbent
Jack Trengove
Cameron Sutcliffe
Cam Hewett

Maverick Weller
Jacob Townsend

St Kilda
David Armitage
Nathan Brown
Lewis Pierce
Sam Rowe

Daniel Menzel

West Coast
Chris Masten
Will Schofield
Fraser McInnes
Keegan Brooksby
Josh Smith


Western Bulldogs
Tory Dickson
Fletcher Roberts
Ryan Gardner
Roarke Smith

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