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Eddie McGuire is seething that Port Adelaide wants to wear the prison bars

Collingwood President Eddie McGuire said the club is willing to go to court if the AFL allows the Port Adelaide club to wear the famous prison bar jersey in the showdown against Adelaide next year.

The Port Adelaide’s playing strip has been a long-running saga with McGuire who has always maintained his desire to protect his club’s trademark including the magpie logo and prison bars which the Port Adelaide club used when it was in the SANFL before it joined the AFL.

“I think should allow us to wear it in Showdowns, because Showdowns have such significant heritage value for South Australian football, and that’s what I will be discussing with the AFL when we talk about wearing it in the Showdown next year,” Port Adelaide President David Koch told FIVEaa.

McGuire appeared to be more upset by the fact that Koch was willing to go directly to the AFL instead of asking Collingwood which McGuire said was always willing to make allowances for special occasions.


The Port Adelaide Football Club will be wearing its traditional Prison Bar guernsey in next week’s Showdown to re-launch its 150th anniversary. The Club will also seek approval to wear the iconic guernsey in all Showdowns moving forward.

Port Adelaide chairman David Koch believes its simply the right thing to do and will ask the AFL to make the decision.

“What we are asking for is not unreasonable and any fair-minded person would understand that.

“We are simply asking the AFL to approve Port Adelaide to wear our iconic guernsey in South Australia against our local rivals, the Adelaide Crows.

“We aren’t asking to wear it every week, or every home game, or against Collingwood. All we are asking is to wear it in Adelaide against our South Australian rivals.

“Let me be clear on this. We are not asking to be the Magpies in the AFL or to use that emblem or logo in any way. All we are asking is to wear a guernsey that has been adored by our people since 1902.

“This is a guernsey of great significance to Port Adelaide, South Australian football and ultimately Australian football.

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