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Enduring fan of Arsenal FC and North Melbourne FC. Deakin University Graduate, B.A. History.



I honestly believe he’s just hit his peak in a league as demanding as the Premier League. Move aside, take pride in your achievements and mentor the younger lads.

Is Cesar Azpilicueta’s Chelsea career over?

“Hazard leaving isn’t much of a factor.”

Eden Hazard is one of the best player’s in the world and was arguably Chelsea’s best player since 2012 and you honestly believe the man leaving whilst the club is on a transfer ban “isn’t much of a factor”.

Chelsea has the equal third worst goal difference in the League, so I hope the less than spectacular Rudiger can fix that up for you as well.

Also what do you mean Manchester United hasn’t improved much? They beat Chelsea 4-0 on the opening day, I’d say thats an improvement on last season.

Tough start for Lampard

Chelsea’s biggest issue is Roman Abramovich. The man just has zero patience.

The Chelsea conundrum

You legitimately can’t see Arsenal making any position higher than 8th?


Is Arsenal's defence the worst of the big four?

To explain “top 4” or ‘the big four’.

‘the big four’ has always been, to my knowledge, the most recognisable and dominant clubs in the league.

Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Having said this, I tend to prefer ‘the big six’, adding Tottenham and Manchester City who have really established themselves over recent years.

Is Arsenal's defence the worst of the big four?

Absolutely. I’m an Arsenal fan and I reckon a top four finish will be a push.

What can we expect from Arsenal's record signing Nicolas Pépé?

Arsenal will always be regarded as a top four side. I say this based on the club’s merit.

Asides from the last two seasons, a season each under Wenger and Emery, Arsenal have always been in the mix.

Power Rankings in my opinion are as follows.
1. Manchester City
2. Liverpool
3. Tottenham
4. Arsenal
5. United
6. Chelsea/Leicester

Is Arsenal's defence the worst of the big four?

Fans complain about not having VAR. The Premier League finally implements VAR, no one is happy with the system.

Literally cannot win.

Although the disallowed Jesus goal was most certainly a goal. No dispute there.

How to fix VAR

I reckon Arsenal making third is a big ask, regardless of them picking up David Luiz and Kieran Tierney to strengthen the defence, the club simply isn’t great at defending.

If they can mop up the mess at the back to a certain extent I thing the gunners can squeeze into the fourth, maybe.

My EPL top four - including one huge surprise

I believe Arsenal “needed a winger” to a certain extent. Whilst I don’t explicitly deny it in this article, Arsenal does have Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Nelson and Maitland-Niles can play should the need arise. I feel the club needed an already established winger such as Pépé and not another young talent with “great potential”. So in that regards I am happy the purchase was made.

Love the use of the “when we play well”, it reflects the Arsenal teams inconsictency very well.

What can we expect from Arsenal's record signing Nicolas Pépé?

I’ve never boo’d the bloke, mainly because I’ve only ever watched him play once and it was long before the ‘racism’ saga. However I believe he’s akin to the trend ‘Im a offended’.

That phrase gets thrown around with such regularity that its become almost commonplace for any average joe to scream it from the rooftops.

I can understand why he was upset during the ‘racism’ saga but the amount of attention and drama he orchestrated out of something of relative controversy was downright frustrating.

I reiterate that I never boo’d the man, but I won’t deny I was damn sick and tired of seeing him or hearing his self-righteous speeches on a weekly basis.

No excuse to boo Goodes