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Originally from WA, Now in Sydney.

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Fun to be had at Big Bash League matches

Fun to be had at Big Bash League matches

21 Dec 2011

I attended the Sydney Sixers versus Brisbane Heat Big Bash League match on Friday night, so I am going to throw my two cents in on the experience. I went with an open mind, and my first impression was that they were really trying too hard with making it hip, funky, glitzy and cool.

Defending Sydney's sporting crowd figures

13 Dec 2011

Many people criticise Sydney attendance. It is often stated: how can a city of 4.5 million only get 15,000-odd people to games. After living in Sydney for three years now and attending many games, I am going to put my opinion forward on the matter.

Code wars: let's just get along?

18 Nov 2011

I don’t know about the rest of The Roar readers but the continual code warring has me bored out of my skull.

A personal account from a new A-League member

10 Nov 2011

It was the end of AFL and the end of NRL, and we were faced with the stark reality of the off season. What could we do? Cricket. Well, of course, but is this enough to satisfy out lust for live sport. No, not really.