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I can’t wait. Hopefully he wins and he can defend it here in AUS.
That bigfoot fight was one of the best things I’ve seen live

Mark Hunt to fight for UFC heavyweight title

I’d say both Slade and Carter seem to break often.

Romano in All Blacks, Slade, Luatua out

Good to see. Though the competition for that spot is heated he has shown he can play in the second five position at the top level. He’ll be given a few games to make his case and I trust the selectors to make the right decision.

Williams gets green light for All Blacks

Maybe if people could watch the games live, the ratings would be better… Thanks Nine

NRL draw hands footy back to the fans

Wow. the tit for tat here is so childish.

I’m a fan of NZ and I never boo’d Quade. Just as not all Aussies would boo Broad.
Not that I think there is anything wrong with it at all.
If they find it fun to do so, let them. Let everyone enjoy the game in their own way. As long as it’s by the rules that is.

You could point to all sorts of behavior from all nations fans if you need to make yourself feel better about your own.
But those arguments make people look petty and silly.
Just be responsible for your own actions.

Looking back on the All Blacks' undefeated 2013 season

You’re blaming the wrong people. There is an exclusive rights deal with Setanta for AB games in the UK. The ABs get quite a payout from it. Foxtel wouldn’t even get the option to show the games.

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]

Ah. I was wondering what happened there

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]

That’ll happen when Thorn (107 years old) left

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]

What a game!
I thought the Irish muscled up well at the rucks. It seemed the ABs, once again, forgot to earn the space out wide.
When they did commit to phase play, the ABs looked a lot more dangerous.
Also noted that instead of winning the collisions, NZ tried to get a turnover on every ruck. As the game wore on they started to win those collisions first and then once the Irish were on the back foot they would go for the pilfer.
Retallick looked tired. Romano maybe should’ve started. I thought Luatua was immense. Strong on D and Offense.
I was suprised with the amount of time the Irish D were giving Cruden and Nonu (not that they did anything with it but kick).
NZ were very lucky to get the win, but when they knuckled down and played their game they looked unstoppable.
It just didn’t happen often.
Good game from O’Brian and Bowe.
And honourable mention to Barrett taking out Healy with the Shoulder fend to the face 😀

All Blacks survive in cruel win over Irish to complete perfect season [HIGHLIGHTS]

Will be good to see Ben Smith up against the 2nd best Centre in the game. He has been solid, but not exceptional.
I think he’s tracking well playing in one of the most difficult positions in rugby.
His defensive decisions need a little work in that channel and that will come with time. The Coaches have been smart in giving him that time. If he can play there for the ‘Landers it’ll go a long way in helping him be where he needs to be.
Oh and drop Wyatt and start with Big Charlie on the loosehead

Can the Irish pull off a shock win against the All Blacks?

I like how the English camp are talking. Confident and respectful. Even most of their media is on the humble confident bandwagon. It’s a little scary 🙂

Belief key against All Blacks: England

Do remember that the more SH players playing up north, means less NH players getting a chance. Players have been moving north for years, watering down the northern talent pool and increasing the south’s depth. In answer to your first question, I firstly want to watch a team representing where I’m from and secondly I like to watch the best rugby possible. Both of those things are represented by tests.

In respect to the NRL, the best talent seems to move South and the offcuts move north.

Why Southern Hemisphere 'giants' are leading the way

Cory the Hori is back 🙂

All Blacks gearing up for Wallabies clash

Just a quick word for Npnu.

Beautiful work pulling in defenders.
Perfectly displayed in the try before halftime.
He stepped inside two tacklers causing three extra defenders to put him down.
Because of this, Messam had surprisingly little resistance when he stepped inside.
Also the ABs fitness during the last part of each half helps 😛

New Zealand beat South Africa to clinch Rugby Championship

This “peaking” argument has been used for a long time…
Also Luatua, Barrett, A Smith and Coles can improve immensely.
Most of the other All blacks are the best in their respective positions.
Lastly Kaino is on his way back.
So this current team will only get better.
South Africa can also Improve, but that’s obvious as they are still second best.

Springboks vs All Blacks: 2013 Rugby Championship live scores

I loved the way the French walked forward in the RWC final. It’s was a perfect response.
The South Africans and French seem to be the best at staring it down. It also seems to lift their game doing so.

All Blacks lay down the gauntlet ahead of Springboks clash

I like these types of articles. Honesty is rare.

All Blacks vs Springboks, the disappointment, frustration and anger

All Blacks vs Springboks, the disappointment, frustration and anger


All Blacks vs Springboks, the disappointment, frustration and anger

In NZ they air this show. Unfortunately for Rugby HQ, we also have “The Crowd goes Wild” and “Reunion”.
Which lets true rugby fans see what real sports show should look like.

Australian rugby fans deserve better

Well he can’t name the Bledisloe as a realistic goal… 🙂

Folau chasing Super Rugby glory

Foxtel should use the alternative commentary option they use in NZ.

SPIRO: Wallabies need to stop whining and start winning

Ian Mcall
He’s a UFC fighter in the flyweight division….
No wonder he hasn’t played all year.

Awful Wallabies to wait one more year

HAHA! +1
All this talk about Superior athletes….. NFL anybody?
Ask Chris Rock what those letters really stand for.

Awful Wallabies to wait one more year

Uh you must mean Walter Little, as Nonu is a 12

Awful Wallabies to wait one more year