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Late night cricket connoisseur, former chip bag footy card collector, long distance Premier League cheerleader.



Same with Paddy McCartin, absolutely vital last year.

Did a brutal grand final loss wreck the Sydney Swans? A dive into their 2023 woes

The point is more that the teams that did well last year were aggressive in the trade period, whether or not they came off. Sydney opted not to strengthen the team and now it’s come back to bite them.

Did a brutal grand final loss wreck the Sydney Swans? A dive into their 2023 woes

While it’s great the series is still alive, and I think a lot of Aussie fans would agree, you’d back Cummins and Co to deliver in at least one of the next two, right?

UK View: Aussies suffer ‘poetic justice’ for Bairstow incident as England deliver huge ‘psychological blow’

Fantastic article Ben. Summed up my feelings exactly.

The spirit of cricket was murdered in cold blood by sunburnt thugs - and the game might never recover

Excited to see what Murph can do in England! I reckon give Hazlewood a rest and chuck Neser in, he’s pretty handy with the bat.

Aussies make tough call on Lyon's Ashes campaign as opening batter drops out of squad

Bairstow tried the exact same tactic on Labuschagne in the prior innings. Do you really think Stokes would have withdrawn that appeal? What about Ollie Pope running out Colin de Grandhomme when he was limping out of his crease injured? No withdrawal there. This is a professional sport, and if you’re not on your A game like Bairstow, you’ll get punished.

COMMENT: Cummins failed the moral test and tarnished these Ashes. He had the chance to be a legend and blew it

It’s very possible. They’ll start to nab the best players and that’s where a lot of viewership comes from!

Football, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the money

Thanks Lew!

Why Test cricket in England is just different