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Wear ear muffs when you sit next to me at Waratahs' games.

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Open letter to the Waratahs: end of a membership era

Open letter to the Waratahs: end of a membership era

5 Sep 2012

I first gained an appreciation for rugby in 1991, staying up late in my HSC year for some unknown reason to watch the 1991 World Cup final against England (and managing to fall asleep for the second half).

ARU must follow FFA’s free-to-air lead

ARU must follow FFA's free-to-air lead

5 May 2012

News that Football Federation Australia are considering splitting their TV rights deal, to ensure one game a week on free-to-air TV, shows they value the importance of exposure.

Where are Australian rugby's Nathan Tinklers?

16 Feb 2012

Nathan Tinkler, flush with funds from a successful mining entrepreneurship and Novocastrian pride, is the great white hope of Newcastle sport. He has styled himself as Daddy Warbucks, dispensing largesse to those in need.

Will South African rugby force a Super 21 by 2018?

2 Feb 2012

Bret Harris’s article in The Australian about the SARU supposedly pushing for the Southern Kings to be included in the Super Rugby comp made me pause and think.

The burden of being NSW among the rest of you lot

17 Jan 2012

I cannot claim credit for the idea of this topic of discussion, which was discussed at length one Friday afternoon by a number of wise men over a few beers in a pub.

Will the Waratahs Fan Forum deliver another roasting?

5 Nov 2011

The Waratahs have to be applauded for sticking with their fan forums, the next of which is to be held on the evening of 24 November 2011.