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"I don't play cricket. It requires one to adopt such indecent postures."
- Oscar Wilde

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Perth and the Scorchers: A perfect BBL match

2 Jan 2013

One consequence of sport’s commercialisation is that teams are becoming increasingly detached from the communities that originally spawned them.

Reacting to The Daily Telegraph's Sportswoman of the Year

24 Dec 2012

I’m not going to defend The Daily Telegraph’s decision to name Black Caviar as the newspaper’s Sportswoman of the Year.

The seven deadly sins of the AFL media

4 Apr 2012

This year I managed to make it all the way to round one of the AFL season before becoming heartily sick of the accompanying media circus. This is actually a new personal best; usually I can’t make it through the NAB Cup without reaching for my Eddie McGuire voodoo doll.

How committed is the AFL to progressive values?

24 Mar 2012

The AFL’s swift response to comments made by sacked Adelaide recruiter Matt Rendell shows how fiercely the league protects its reputation for reconciliation and engagement with Aboriginal Australia.

What are the hopes of Australian football fans?

1 Mar 2012

As a lifelong AFL fan, I am interested to know the long term expectations of Australia’s football community.

Australian sports fans are living in the past

23 Feb 2012

Take a quick glance at the sporting headlines this past year and you could have been forgiven for thinking it was 2002. On January 7, Shane Warne was bowling in front of adoring crowds at the MCG, and two days later Thierry Henry scored for Arsenal against Leeds.