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Hayden clearly fits the criteria and is that far superior on Shield record alone that he’d top the openers listed even if he only tenuously fitted the criteria.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever Queensland team

He’ll be devastated about that.

Melbourne Storm star filmed in alleged Bali brawl

The common theme is people don’t want to be at Fremantle.

AFL Trade News: Tim Kelly, Joe Daniher, Jamie Elliott, Ben King and more

Fixing the spread.

Kane Cornes gives the Giants some advice on how to deal with GF humiliation

The majority of Victorian, non Collingwood fans were supporting GWS. Victorians don’t suffer the biases and insecurities of other State’s citizens towards sports and life in general.

Giant result: GWS into grand final after beating Collingwood in a preliminary final thriller

England played one more match than Australia in the World Cup and had the same lead up and focus. Australia are dominating the Ashes because they’re a far superior team.

Was the English World Cup win the best thing for Australian cricket?

He’s had a Wilson.

Is this the most bizarre bunker overrule of the season?

Wilson’s performance in the First Test was so outrageously incompetent that he should not have been standing in this match. There was always a risk of this happening.
Now whenever any sporting official has a shocker we’ll say he had a real Wilson.

Aussies focus on poor reviews, not umpire

When you walk into the casino dressed like a twelve year old you’re going to get ID’d.

Boomers vs USA fiasco an insult to Aussie basketball

Too easy

'I've never coached better': Ross Lyon

Then we’d miss out on all those 30 second reports most people base their ‘opinions’ on.

Why the US Open could be Nick Kyrgios’ best chance so far

The first 38 minutes were not of the highest standard.

Manly stun Storm with golden-point win

That first half was as embarrassing as it gets. You see worse from from teams like Gold Coast and Fremantle every week but considering Collingwood’s billing.

Defiant Buckley insists Pies aren't far off

The Rabbitohs also did very well to overcome another disgraceful performance from all concerned in officiating the game.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 18

First match as world number 1 really isn’t a thing. The majority of ‘outraged’ fans didn’t even know the match was on until the controversial headlines the next day. Now we’re outraged that her match isn’t being played on centre court today.
Barty is achieving great things by playing consistent tennis against what’s very inconsistent and low standard competition at the moment. Men’s tennis brings in the crowds and the sponsorship dollars to give the woman equal prize money.

Channel Seven was right to show Kyrgios over Barty

It would be a talking point if the officiating of

Five talking points from State of Origin Game 1

Yeah ‘competitive’ against the bottom teams.

AFL mid-season rookie draft 2019: Your club's new players

That’s one horrendous bowling attack they have then.

Uber-flat English pitches would mar World Cup

They can give up the 2020 number 1 pick too.

Eight talking points from AFL Round 7

And what an impact they made.

Eight talking points from AFL Round 7

While I agree with the premise of this article most of those reads are people reading the headlines and skipping straight to the comments and most of the comments are the same people having the same repetitive arguments.

Clickbait alert! Sport is so much more than just games

Bolton is a painful character. Maybe he’s a better leader behind the scenes in which case he should edit or limit his public speaking.

Carlton have started to emerge

The fact that Carlton weren’t ‘gunna win’ any of those games is why Bolton should be sacked.

Should Carlton axe Brendon Bolton?


Introducing The Roar's brand new podcast - Game of Codes: Australia's biggest sporting debate

Are you kidding, the loss of one player who had no impact in the pre season will be the difference between a premiership or bottom four for freo.

Freo's Hogan banned for alcohol slip-up