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Everyone’s been effected. Can’t all wollow in self pity. ‘Just’ playing footy is a job and creates many other jobs. And they are subject to far stricter regulations than any other industry.

Victorian clubs headed interstate to keep AFL season going

Has your job been postponed for the year?

Victorian clubs headed interstate to keep AFL season going

Some inappropriate comments from sad little men hiding behind nicknames and their keyboards. What insecurities drive people to hate another state to the extent of insults and thinly veiled pleasure at struggling with a health crisis.

AFL reveals Round 5 changes after Richmond denied entry to Queensland


Tigers and Pies to kneel for Black Lives Matter movement

At least all the whining can be confined to one , relevant thread today.

The Vic-centric AFL discriminates against WA clubs

Imagine spending day in day out, excessively whining and putting down Victoria and everyone in it. To the extent of taking thinly veiled pleasure at a virus outbreak. Makes you appreciate the Fremantle guy’s delusional positivity.

Hardwick: 'This will be one of the greatest premierships ever won'

Every AFL article may as well be titled Western Australian’s whinging thread.

Footy is back, but do we care?

It must be raining tears over there anyway.

Rockliff takes aim at AFL’s Vic bias

Great for the Western Australian’s to have a separate thread to cry on. Should have one every day.

Five reasons to watch West Coast in 2020

Maybe one of the umpires wanted to be awarded for the crucial role they played that day.

Easton Wood's premiership medal stolen


Nathan Cleary embroiled in second NRL social distancing scandal

No doubt the mental health card will be played.

Bulldog facing charges after car crash


Pat Cummins cautiously hopeful IPL will go ahead

👎 👎

In defence of Daisy Pearce


AFL fans have just one reason to be jealous of our NRL cousins

Ned Flanders

Ball-tampering ban has made Warner even better

They could all sit at home on the internet abusing young people.

Curtis Scott charged with assaulting a police officer


The Big Bash has big problems


Tomic is working hard playing in lower level tournaments and qualifiers. When your opinions on sports are based off 30 second clips you wouldn’t know that.

Bye bye Bernie: Tomic eliminated from Australian Open qualifying


There was no foul language directed at Wawrinka. Best sledge of all time. Wawrinka pretended to be injured and sooked off.

King Nick and his tennis dilemma

I’ve enjoyed sticking the boot into the kiwis. Never heard anything like the constant bleating from some of their supporters or sympathizers in making excuses for such a poor effort.

Another spanking on the way, with New Zealand set to slide further down Test rankings


Nathan Lyon’s greatness should be more appreciated

Australia being the number one team inside New Zealand?

Black Caps' tactics exposed on Aussie soil


David Warner deserves more respect

Look at this crew.

The trouble with Warner