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Well written. I think it’s fair to say it’s universally accepted that Maxwell has had a tough run with selectors. However, lets not speculate that is linked to his mental health issues now.

Let’s let him sort himself out and then hopefully work his way back into the Australian set up.

Just let Glenn Maxwell be Glenn Maxwell

Ironically it’s probably one of the few times that Burns has been lucky in selection (he’s deserved it more in the past and got brushed) and one of the few times I would’ve been more than happy with SMarsh to be selected.

Burns, Head and Neser deserved their Test call ups

It’s pretty sad for the sport of boxing that bouts like this get significantly more attention than actual boxers. I hope Hall cleans him up, but don’t think he will.

Paul Gallen and Barry Hall face off at the Code War weigh-in

The scheduling of the tournament in that boring period between the end of the cricket season and the start of the footy seasons is excellent. I think it’s an excellent chance to bring women’s sport along in leaps and bounds.

The standard has improved dramatically in just a few years and will only continue to do so as it morphs into a professional sport.

Let’s hope they get some bumper crowds.

100 days until the ICC T20 Women's World Cup

If he went outside to seek revenge for his mate, that’s different to an off the cuff defence of your mate. That’s no longer self-defence, it’s assault. Even if the bloke deserves a flogging.

Asofa-Solomona available for Round 1 2020 after NRL punishment

Not how it works champ.

Asofa-Solomona available for Round 1 2020 after NRL punishment

So Starc gets bagged for bowling pies, but gets out Labuschagne who gets Praise but loses no credibility for getting out to a bloke bowling pies? Irony.

I think Starc will come good with a few games under his belt, Pattinson hasn’t convinced me and Siddle needs to not be considered again. It’ll be interesting to see how the next couple of games go and who lines up in Brisbane.

Starc flops and Carey shines in Sheffield Shield

100% agree with the article.

I have no problem with the Cronk sin binning but if he hadn’t been binned, I wouldn’t have been upset either. Certainly justification either way albeit probably the right call.

The trainer thing – awful rule correctly adjudicated. Raiders dudded somewhat but at nobody’s fault.

The 6 again. The raiders were robbed of 1 tackle, half a tackle. They were not “robbed” of a full set 10 metres out – that would have been an incorrect call.

If you are robbed of “an opportunity to put a kick in and maybe something will happen” and that is literally your biggest gripe in a game of footy, then you’ve come out of it alright. Compared to farcical sin binnings (see some of the soft sin binnings in the finals), blatant wrong calls (Vunivalu hand on the line) and a hundred other ordinary/wrong calls, the raiders had a decent night with the refs.

For once there wasn’t a massive blunder by the video ref on the ruling of a try or a controversial penalty try. These are seriously game changing decisions.

A rational review of Sunday’s refereeing dramas

How does Hunt get selected with his form?

Six debutants named in Kangaroos squad for 2019 internationals

The raiders never had possession of it. You’re clutching at straws.

But it’s obvious the rule needs to be reviewed.

Six talking points from the NRL grand final 2019

No, the attacking team is who has possession. Not “who possibly maybe will have” possession.

Still a crap rule. Get the trainers off the park and change the rule to simply reset the play with no advantage to either team.

Six talking points from the NRL grand final 2019

JWH, Radley and Papali all ahead of him for me. Maybe even Brett Morris.

Jack Wighton booed after being named the 2019 Clive Churchill medallist

Papali and Tapine were both better than Wighton.

2019 NRL Grand Final player ratings: Canberra Raiders

It was a comical set of events, and embarrassing, but in the end the ruling was correct. If they gave 6 again and the raiders scored it was the result
of a poor decision. So yes, embarrassing, but the best of the outcomes available after the initial stuff up.

The sin bin wasn’t a sin bin in 90% of games and Wighton pretending he played for Melbourne victory and acting as if a sniper hit him late in the first half was nothing short of embarrassing.

Shame for the raiders but I’m afraid their “refs fault” culture, bred by Ricky Stuart is the cause of this.

I love how against the storm the “foot on the line” controversy was dismissed because the storm “had all half to score but didn’t and weren’t good enough” but all of a sudden, a slight controversy in which ultimately the correct call was made had cost them the gf? Stop embarrassing yourselves and the game.

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

It was a debacle but in the end the call was actually right. If it has gone the other way, the error was bigger.

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

Papali and JWH easily.

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

Shouldn’t have booed him but he wasn’t best on ground. Probably the worst player to ever win a Clive Churchill.

Jack Wighton booed after being named the 2019 Clive Churchill medallist

Is Wighton the worst recipient of a Clive Churchill ever?

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

He was. So if that’s your complaint, you have none. It was a soft sin bin. Not as soft as jack Wightons dive though.

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

I was in a pub full of raiders fans but with no sound. Are the raiders really crying about the refs? Cronk sent to the bin for nothing and Wighton falling over after a ghost hit him: what the f are they crying about? I hate the roosters and hoped they’d get smashed but ffs raiders fans, stop embarrassing yourselves.

Roosters go back-to-back at 2019 NRL Grand Final

Erin crying every two mins because people call her out on being terrible at her job is getting tiring. She’s an awful presenter and should absolutely not be involved in rugby league in any way. Sure, go host a variety tv show or Australians funniest home videos or something and she’d probably be ok, but stay away from footy. She’s awful.

Couldn’t give a crap about any feud. Just get her off.

Shameful coverage of Molan-Johns 'feud' is league media at its very worst

It’s a “sellout” meaning there’s only about 10k seats that will be empty. But regardless, who will the crowd be supporting? Everyone hates the roosters but it’s a Sydney team? You’d think the crowd will well and truly on the raiders yeah?

Sydney Roosters vs Canberra Raiders: NRL grand final preview, prediction

I agree. However, if we get two first round picks and round 3 next year Danniher does his groin or knee or something, then Daniher has certainly given back to the club in spades.

I think we need to stop throwing good money after bad and just get the best deal we can. He hasn’t played for 2 years so any decent player we can secure in his absence makes us a stronger team than we were this year.

If we could manage to get a decent forward and a quality midfielder and lose Daniher and Fantasia, we are an improved team. With Devon Smith back as well, you’d think we would improve from 8th.

AFL Trade News: Essendon confirms Joe Daniher trade request

Loved Ricky as a player, hate him as a full-time whinger and part-time coach.

Disagree with the entire premise. Ricky has proved over 20 years he’s a fairly average coach.

I think he’s done a great job but I’m not entirely convinced about the level of credit he deserves. I’ll give him some credit for sending Papali back to the Reggie’s 18 months ago as he has been a revelation (or rejuvenation) this year.

I’m not convinced Stuart is very good at developing players and ironically, his history of developing halves is abysmal.

All that said, I think he’s done a great job in bringing this team together this year. On paper I still don’t really rate them, Papali and Hodgson aside it’s not a massively strong squad – certainly over achieved this year, which is a rarity for Stuart coaches team.

Go the raiders! I hate the chooks and also couldn’t bare the whinging from Sticky if they lose.

Haters take note: Ricky Stuart is an indisputably awesome coach

Disgraceful refereeing – a direct result of some of the disastrous decisions from recent weeks.

Utter insanity as TWO players sin-binned within seconds of the kick-off