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England look all at sea on the fifth day. I dont rate this as Steve Smiths best performance but the second best , making a century in that first test of the away Indian series on what was supposedly a wicket done over with steel brushes was the best.
Australia on the first day they could have lost it if Anderson didnt get injured, if England could have chased a smaller total on the fourth day they would have done that.Australia have got to forget about the fifth bowler its almost like they are always trying to find an excuse to put one in. They have a spinner who can toil away you only need a fifth bowler if you have four fast men. Englands problem is they have two fifth bowlers instead of a fourth.

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test

I rate Ange the most interesting coach in the world, and what I find interesting is what a coach gets his players to do as opposed to coaches who get into histrionics on the sideline or do jigs. The J-league has quality players but it also high in fitness levels, so its both good for playing out from the back, its also good for pressing which is good for Ange in one way playing a high line, but pressing can counteract playing out from the back so its bad in an other way. So at least he is fighting quality with quality and there is time to change things at a club whereas I can see him being a bit of a disaster in other situations.

Ange Postecoglou is still the most interesting Aussie coach around

15k a year and people wonder why Australia is not producing more top quality footballers.
The EPL is the biggest vulture in the world and Australia is seen a as one of the prime targets for exploitation. The key problem is no one wants to produce footballers anymore and identify talent they just want to find the richest parents.

Sydney FC desperately want to control the Illawarra region

Ridiculous headline, Sydney FC part of the reason they did a lot fo school visits to the Wollongong region is because they used to have quite a few players living there. Dont know if thats the case now. One of those is Jacob Timpano who is at Wollongong Wolves now.
its also ridiculous to compare the case of WSW who are scared of a team 40km away and made them delay by a season becuase they were playing even further away at Homebush the previous season to Sydney who are playing mainly at Kogarah now and thats only 10km away from Moore Park anyway.
So it makes utterly no sense to allow WSW to delay a team for a year despite moving back to their home stadium from Homebush and then argue that Sydney Fc should have allowed a team where they have moved to their location and are away from their home stadium for the next three seasons.
There is obviously no issue with a Wollongong team.

Sydney FC desperately want to control the Illawarra region

Two excellent signings. if Muscat was still at the club then you would be worried for Kruse going the way of Troisi. Playing two wide attacking players to go with Toivonen is a lot better than having Antonis and Honda wasted out wide. Barbarouses though defensively, tracking back and work rate wise he is better than Nabbout, and Kruse that his weakness. The midfield will need to have the mobility and workrate to cover . Whereas in years previous what MV would do was cover one wing knowing Barbarouses would always track back.
Nabbout was led up the garden path by poor advice and a cash desperate Newcastle, ironically gifted MV a trophy on a silver platter at the same time. Japan is a tough league for players who rely on pace, they have pacy defenders and fitness is a strong point, its a better league for strikers who can head the ball, where Josh Kennedy succeded. Nabbout would have been better off going to Europe rather then the J-league.
MV are better off if they are not in the ACL because they lost Barbarouses and his ability to play a lot of matches in a short period.

Victory sign Nabbout; much to Kruse's delight

Batting wise Maxwell 22 at 150 is better than
Smith 38 at at 86
Khawaja 35 at 88

Stoinis 14.5 at 77 is what I call terrible.
Shaun marsh only had 2 innings but was awful.

Australia's messy and unsettled composition leaves them dazed

They are clearly slowing down in terms of court speed.
They have no competition and could keep winning for a while.
Batista Agut didn’t make a grand slam quarter final before this year and now he makes a Wimbledon semi final at 31. The younger generation is both mediocre and even worse they are unwilling to train hard enough for 5 set grand slam , because they can make an easy living off 3 set tennis then go clubbing. Is Kyrgios a bad influence to the others, because he is friends with the young male players and I think might lead them astray. the top three chances of winning grand slams into their late thirties and fourties is Kyrgios mentoring the next gen into becoming party boy lay abouts.

Tennis' 'big three' show no signs of slowing down

I would compare Carey to Dhoni, Dhoni was was a goalkeeper in football and his coach got him to go as a wicketkeeper in the cricket team and then Dhoni rose through the ranks and look how he has turned out. Carey was playing cricket and AFL then went with AFL for some years, so it then takes time for a player to develop back to their full potential. There are cases where players have hit the heights later in the careers, after starting late or switching to something else, Pancho Gonzales one of the great tennis players, Pancho Segura the best old player in tennis, Sam Kerr went from scoring a few goals in 50 matches to over a goal a game. Carey looked the goods. Australia have got to get rid of this notion they need a fifth bowler. There is no point having a fifth bowler unless they offer something different and having a fourth seamer Stoinis as the bottom of the barrell would be a joke, Mitch Marsh is nowhere near a wicket taker either.

Alex Carey should not play in the Ashes

South Africa need to be paying national team players more money if they want to have a team, or is Kolpak going to go with Brexit? How they managed to pay all those rebel teams huge amounts in the old days is a mystery. The quota system seems to be the excuse they make, players need to make the national team to get the overseas deal so even if they overlooked initially for the national team, they hang around till they make it, and once they make it they are off like a rocket when a deal comes in. South Africa dont have a T20 league because they dont have the money that adds to the problem, and most of their existing money comes from India anyway. If the national team goes down the gurgler like Windies then the Indian money decreases with it.

How South Africa must prepare for the next Cricket World Cup

This should have definetly been a minimum Level 2 offence and a suspension. Roy did have one point already. How they worked out to give two points is a completely mystery. Compare it to whats happened with Rabada’s first suspension and it seems quite bizzare.

England opener fined for umpire abuse

Australias one day revival was base on two series of one day matches in India and Dubai.
So they prepared in different conditions, and the spinners did a lot better. Cummins also did very well was the form bowler and then was ordinary in England.
Their results were due to Maxwell and Ashton Turner in a one off covering their poor strike rates.
Ashton Turner got 80 off 40. Maxwell had an incredible period.
You cant expect to have Maxwell averaging 60 with a strike rate of 140 to cover up for the rest team for more than short period.
Nathan Coulter Nile got them the win against the West Indies.
Khawaja and Shaun Marsh strike rate 80 in good batting conditions should never have been picked.
Handscomb should not have been picked for Dubai in order to be next in line for England.
Lyon and Zampa did nothing except for Lyon on the one wicket that did spin. They were surplus to the whole world cup.
You dont prepare for something in different conditions and with two spin bowlers who there is a lot of doubt whether they could be of any use.
The governing factor was selling off Australias one day team for money and favours .

Thoroughly outclassed, but Aussies can take heart in ODI revival

Australian bowling in the first 10 overs has been poor and wasteful all tournament, even against England when they took early wickets they bowled only about 2 accurate balls an over and only because it was swinging they took the wickets. This time it didnt swing and the fuller balls just went to the boundary.The game against Bangladesh where they concedeed 90 off the first 10, Bangladesh could have coasted it in off there if Australia had not had 380 with Maxwell making ultra quick runs to boost the total and then some economical bowling by Maxwell to put pressure back on them with Bangladesh too conservative.. Was Langer too focused on having Maxwell as a scapegoat for everything than fixing his issues.
Is it a warm up problem that Starcs first spell is so bad and then he improves in the second spell. Starc then generates more pace in his subsequent spells which makes no sense. Cummins cant seem to generate any decent pace as well early on. He needed to be up in the mid 140’s not low 140’s to be threatening on that wicket with its variable bounce and could hardly bowl an accurate ball. Beherndoff with a lack of swing and his pace was never going to threaten on this wicket not suprising he had no impact. If you dont get early wickets against England early then bringing on spinners against roy and Bairstow is just an invitation for them to hit them out of the ground, desperation tactics.
Who examined Stoinis and passed him fit, Dr Langer. Stoinis has been awful all tournament in every aspect, just got lucky with some wickets usually off bad balls when he sprayed it around all over the place, bowling at about 120-125 because he looked impaired there was no way he should have been declared fit, and his bowling on this wicket at that pace had zero value. If he had been able to bowl at his usual pace the two paced nature of the wicket then he could have bought a wicket. His batting has been a disaster, his one so called good innings was dependent on some edges to lift the strike rate.
Handscomb got bowled off a ball that did nothing not forward and left a huge gap between bat and pad, his technique is terrible for coming in early. Langers reluctance to promote Carey has been a huge problem, Carey should have played at 4 knowing Handscombs technique is so dodgy for him to come in early.

Clinical England boss Australia in World Cup semi-final

Stoinis has been terrible in everything he has done, but because of the conditions he has picked up wickets as well. Spinners at this world cup with the shortened boundaries , and lack of spin and assistance for the fast bowlers have been failures. A two paced wicket in wet conditions is going to be suiting Stoinis . if it was a belter then picking Stoinis as the fifth bowler would be the opportunity for England to score 400+. We saw the last game when the conditions the fast bowlers went for plenty and there was something for the spinners then it was totally different. Stoinis looked like he was on a hiding to nothing and was only bowled for a few overs.
Just as it was looking to dry up again then it rains so India copped it and the equation changes again. You fancy Australia in these conditions through their fast bowlers. Maxwell has bowled well but they can easily hit a good ball for six off the spinners with these short boundaries and lack of spin. Maxwell his batting strike rate is much more value on flat wickets and he is good on spinning ones as well. So if its a low scoring game, fast bowler wicketm I can see why they might want to leave Maxwell out but then they lose their best fielder, and best runner between the wickets. Stoinis is bad in all condiitons with the bat and they then cant pull him out of the attack.

Dropping Glenn Maxwell against England would be a huge mistake

Pogba is a great athlete but not a director of play , if Kilkenny had Pogbas athletic ability and size he would be the perfect player to fix Man U’s issues.
I don;t really understand why you would travel to see a side like Man U are at the moment, I would rather watch Castro and Kilkenny play, two quality players.

Manchester United's Paul Pogba soap opera guarantees all eyes are on Perth

What financial resources?
In America its pay to play and get high level training as a youth and even that is invested in the boys.
They do have the college scholarships but that is way too late to develop quality players for men.
The difference is that all that money and effort in Europe goes on the opposite sex.
USA has a big population and participation but its nearly all weekend child minding style.
Same with Australia its more an industry to take parents money than develop players.

When you play like the USA, you can say whatever you want

This is a bizzare analysis.
Carey has missed some chances, but he hasn’t missed that many.Is it a major weakness I would say no. The rest of the team have been more reliable but have missed the odd chance.
Pakistan on the other hand they seemed to stuff a few per innings. Pakistan their catching and fielding is a major weakness.
They cant do anything about Carey anyway.
Maxwell his new major weakness they can cover for easily by sending Carey ahead of him.
Stoinis he has about 5 major weaknesses, his strike rate, getting out to part timers, his running between the wickets, his expensive bowling. They can ditch him.
I would say the fast bowling the first spell with the new ball has generally been poor.
Because the wickets were helping them that covered up for their bad bowling.
England made their highest total without Roy, Root opened against the West Indies and they won that easy, he would be a better choice than Vince if Roy was still injured. Roy is obviously a lot better than Vince but I dont see Roy helping the other batsman England failed against Pakistan with Roy chasing the only big total England had to chase. They were chasing a modest total against Sri Lanka. Englands major weakness is they are a batting team for flat wickets, which is not an issue if the wicket is indeed flat.

World Cup semis: Australia's two key weaknesses - and England's major strength

Cricket just doesn’t seem able to get anything that looks even remotely good apart from the classic whites in Test cricket. The numbers look hideous and there is no reason for them.

Test match shirts: A game of letters and numbers

Tasmania has given incredible amounts of money to the already super rich AFL, on top of millions upon millions in funding the grounds they play in and providing them free of charge. Why should basketball have to buy the land? They already pay AFL at a million a game, NBL basketball team would be able to survive on that for a whole season.

NBL's Tasmanian dream moving closer to reality

Australian media have gone feral over Barty, its embarassing to this country.
Particularly as center courts in the Australian Open favour local players here.
Barty is great example to all of how to behave and not bitch, yet our Australian media now keep drawing her name into all of this.

Was Rafael Nadal disrespectful to Ash Barty or just making a reasonable point?

Thailand should never have been there, they benefited from some suspicious skullduggery from FIFA regards North Korea. Thailand womens they have only had one draw and no wins against a top team in their whole history and only after they started including their US born and raised player. US did clean then up good though even considering their standard.
Onto North Korea they are bigger than other Asian teams. I wont go in to why they are bigger. If you look at their world cup history they are always placed with the US at the group stage. It seems rather suspicious and improbable that in their 4 world cups they are placed into the US group every time.

USA untroubled against Netherlands to claim fourth World Cup

You didn’t even honourably mention one of rugby leagues best passers and play makers in Alan Thompson. He wasn’t much physically but quality pair of hands.
Bob fulton kept being selected when he was over the hill, while Alan Thompson was instrumental in Malny Winning the title in 78.
You describe Thaiday as hard working , then mention he was never near the top of the meters or tackle count. Well thats he wasn’t hard working.
AT least you didn’t include Brad Thorn most overrated rugby league player of all time.

Rugby league history: The all-time great alphabet teams – Letter T

Maxwell has done a great job 20 at 160 is a good trade off.
Of the players that have batted enough for it to be a one off he is the only one near 160.
Pandaya and Butler have done extremely well 30 at 140.
Its ridiculous to write articles about someone doing a good jon and criticising it.

here is a chart of what I think the trade offs should be.

20 at 160 = 25 at 140 = 30 at 120 = 35 at 110 = 40 at 100 = 50 at 90 = 60 at 80

It's time for Glenn Maxwell to step up

The Australian mens cricket team particularly Hayden would have lasted about three points into a tennis match, and made Kyrgios look like an angel. Have the US team been accused of swearing or sledging their opponents. Another person clearly showing the double standard that women have a much higher standard of behaviour to live up to.

When you play like the USA, you can say whatever you want

Why would you take Perry off and let England get over 50.
England is one of the top teams and Australia scored 270 on that wicket.
So its an amazing performance.

Perry leads Australia in obliteration of England

I took the averages since Marsh one day debut and got
Warner 46.1 95.6
Watson 42.1 93
Finch 40.7 89.53
Clarke 45.12 76.72
Smith 40.9 86.7
Hussey 44.4 87.3
Bailey 40.6 83.51
S.Marsh 40.8 81.4
Ponting 37.19 79.94
Khawaja 42.0 84.0
Voges 44.94 86.43
Carey 39.9 94.3

What date did you use.

Shaun Marsh's excellent ODI career deserves more credit than it gets