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The shame in this match was Arnie reverting to his old neanderthal tactics, when I think Egypt were vulnerable in the second half.
Saying that Australia set out to defend is incorrect it was classic Arnie completely unable to work out his players are exhausted with short turnarounds and unwilling trust his squad. Just because they were unable to attack and pass doesn’t mean that was the plan. They were pretty much unable to defend as well in the first half. Genrau his first 2 matches were average to poor, he was gone in this match from the start. Bacchus in the second half and Devline looked to have plenty of energy on the other hand. Metcalfe this is by far the worst I have ever seen him in terms of being exhausted . MCGree again the worst I have ever seen him in the previous match. Wales started high energy against Argentina in the first half and then was useless and unable to do anything after that but Arnie kept picking him.
CLassic Arnie pick 5 players to play center back, always means the positions that get tired are short in the squad no proper reserve fullback on either side. I think Arnies original plan was Tongyik center and Deng as fullback, Atkinson wing. I have long said Deng is an ordinary fullback and better as center back.
Classic Arnie the long throw, the problem with this is the striker Dagostino is taking the long throw and he is not that good at the long throw, and wasted a good portion of the second half drying the ball. For 2008 Milligan was a lot better at the long throw, as well as scoring off set pieces with his head.
The Ultimate Arnie move a central defender up front. in this case though it made no sense, Arzani and Tillio were dropping back to pick the ball up, they werent even hitting the ball long very often and no one was chasing the second ball.
Tillio and Arzani were the attacking threats and could have put Australia though had Arnie put on Devlin and Watts on earlier and they played through the mid field at a high tempo and they would have got more set pieces corners and free kicks than spending 5 minutes taking a long throw.
The only conclusion would be to sack Arnie, he should never have been appointed.
Even when Arnie had the big chequebook at Sydney he was woeful with short turnarounds in the ACL losing with the most talented A-league team of all time 2017-18 in both the finals and ACL.
Remember Sydney in that season had around 30-32 Merjieviski, Ninkovic and Bobo.

Are you 'Arnie In' or 'Arnie Out' when it comes to Australia's national teams?

Jamaica is not that poor compared to the majority of Africa.

How we should be judging Australia's Olympic sprinters

Not impressed by the pressing, the main thing you need for pressing is fitness.
Arzani for starters is the most deficient in this aspect noted for being a 30 minute player at City he is actually a bit fitter than his City days.
Talking about City Brattan twice as lazy at City than he was at Roar.
Riley McGree fitness was average in the first match then poor against Spain, that was his top quality in the A-league at every club starting with Adelaide.
Duke is good but not top notch, maintained his level of effort.
Metcalfe has been dissapointing with the Olyroos pressing wise compared to when in the A-league.
Genrau something he is not that good at, he has maintained his level though.
Wales was great for the first half against Argentina and then dropped off.
Atkinson has been the standout fitness wise combined with his speed.
Joel King he fitness is great, just is a yard off with his pace compared to a superior athlete in Atkinson.

The City Football Group is the key to the Olyroos' success

I think swimming its easier to identify the physical characteristics to make a potential swimmer, your looking at big hands, big feet, long wing span long torso. However no one is going around the globe with a tape measure in every school and then putting them into a swimming program or another sport based on body features. It happened in the old days with East Germany along with all sorts of other stuff.
Sprinting on the one hand you can say everyone has a go at sprinting at their school so you could argue its the sport that everyone participates in, but really its the sport that everyone participates in with no preparation or training. Having kids who are overweight and dont get enough exercise from a rich background or not having enough protein and nutritious food from poor countries is going to affect their performance.

How we should be judging Australia's Olympic sprinters

Popovich as a NBA coach is a conflict of interest, at the world championships he looked happy to lose ,worst ever position for the USA, is he serving the interest of the NBA owners .

'Hopefully we can steal a bronze': America reacts as Team USA lose first game since 2004

When they started those 2 they conceded even more goals. I see Mary Fowler looks great on the ball and her pass to Kerr was great, but why is she in the midfield, thats crazy she is incapable of defending. Cooney-Cross defensive side of things seems to be weak. The only thing is she is not Van Egmond who is non existent defensively.

'We are too predictable': Ex-Matilda urges changes for decisive US clash

The problem happened in the previous match, the guys that were clearly tired out and not subbed off by Arnie when they were 1-0 and a man up then were just not able to back up.
The plan A by Arnie was to press higher up than Argentina but they were stuffed after 10 minutes. Spain pressing the Australians was top notch and their left side had the pace and fitness to match Atkinson who was able to run out.
Wales and McGree didnt make the runs for the long through balls, and they didnt go to contest the second ball from the long balls to Duke. They tried to play the ball out with short passes and Duke wasn’t able to hold the ball up.
Arzani was the only threat early and then against thats where McGree and Wales should have been in the area like they were against Argentina.
I think McGree being suspended is not bad, he has been dissapointing fitness which I though was his strength. The others though that is an issue.
The long throw by Milligan was what got Arnie through to 2008 , now we saw that come back into it except the throws were straight to the goalkeeper.

Huge effort, but there was no real Plan B against Spain's A-Team

I was very happy with the first half. They attacked in numbers and defended in numbers.
Arzani was fitter than I expected, his passing on the other hand hasn’t improved.
Wales,King,Atkinson made a lot of runs forward .
Souttar hit good long through balls to them.
Argentina were threatening but Australia got the bodies and also threatened on the counter.
The send was ridiculous and I thought Australia would then start to dominate the match.
The second half was dissapointing, I was suprised to see Argentina were the fitter side, and Australia players were really struggling to play out and became error prone. Some stupid challenges as well when an opposition player is off there is every chance of the ref bringing out red cards.
I dont know why Arnold didnt make subs sooner. Without the send though Argentina would have probably won the game with the lack of fitness and subs. It doesn’t bode well for the future games.

'Tonight we shocked the world': How Arnie's Olyroos rocked Argentina

Can you explain how the wanderers took it seriously when they let of go of players for the finals section and didnt sign up new ones winning the ACl with a semi reserve squad

The A-League's transfer carousel of concern

Well he is listed as being born in Hull England and came to Australia at a young age.
I assumed he must have played in England because I read these regulations about what counts as a local player but maybe just being born in England is enough.

The A-League's transfer carousel of concern

You can always shock if you have players who can defend around the park.
The other alternative is to have a lot of luck.
Arzani how much has he played, even when he was at City he was good for one half only and didnt do much defensively.
Piscopo has hardly played even when he was fit you would say the defensive side of the game was his weakness.
Agostini thanks to Garcia gets a small sub appearance usually how fit is he.
Genrau of the central midfielders when you have McGree Metcalfe and Bachuus super high work rate players for him to get priority for the Socceroos despite not being that great for Macarthur is ridiculous.
The other issue they say a player can make one appearance at the Olympics or thats what they said about De Silva who they used at 17 , use the players in the highest age range. Caleb Watts is 19 so he could be a potential game changer next Olympics.

'Almost insane': Can the Olyroos shock the world or has Graham Arnold finally lost it?

So how many players have A-league clubs bought from all the other clubs in the world.
I know MV payed a fair amount for Hernandez, Adelaide United have paid the odd transfer fee. City got round the system by buying Caceres with Man City , raises the issue that City already had a way past it and they are the big buyer. Brattan was born in Britain and played there before moving to Australia, so thats my theory why he was signed by Man City even though he was off contract to boost their local player numbers.
So you have a group of clubs that rarely pay any transfer fees and suddenly the cheque books will be open.

The A-League's transfer carousel of concern

The Matildas could do anything from gold medal to last in their group.
Last Olympics they were a decent shot at a medal and blew it against Canada this time around much less chance of a medal I would say and more chance of letting in heaps of goals.
The problem they have is being in the strong group by far they come third and then are eliminated as weakest third team. They need to win against NZ and draw against Sweden.
I cant see them having a chance against the US but against everyone else they are in with a shot.
If the US is eliminated in the group stage by someone else and Australia is still in it then Australia has a chance at gold.
The Olyroos with Arnold as coach no chance of a medal. They do have the ability in the squad to field a competitive physical outfit , thats not the team Arnold will pick.

Let's not kid ourselves: What are the realistic expectations for the Matildas and Olyroos in Tokyo?

so City pay extra for youth Adelaide outbid everyone for the oldies Juande and Lopez.

The A-League's transfer carousel of concern

The coach is a joke, New Zealand would have had no chance against the top level Matildas from a few years back. Now they have a chance.
If you look at the top level in England womens league you have three teams at the top scoring about 60 goals a game and conceeding about 1 goal every two games 10-15.
If you look at Van Egmonds team they are in the bottom range apart from the wooden spooners conceeding 40 or about 2 goals per game and scoring only about 1 goal per games or 20.
The bottom team concedes 70 goals about 3 and half .
Look at the nWSL its so much more competive no team scores more than about 1.5 per games or concedes more than 1.5 per game.
The better W-league teams are better than the bottom bracket teams in England because players from the NWSL can play in the W-league season in the off season.
This is not the mens the team its full of bottom of the barrel players from Europe .

Prime-time Matildas set to kick off Olympic extravaganza against ancient rival

The facts are thats it the dumb coaches who make up the real problem.
The examples you list Tongyik was a bench player at every previous club despite performing, Golec is even weirder would make a decent center back yet every team uses him as a sub for left full back.
Reddy coaches didnt like him in two cases and he got drunk while at Sydney FC.
So in all those cases not one club change was because he was out bid.
In great irony in the case of Brilliante all his changes have been due to circumstances usually going overseas except for him going from Sydney Fc to City which was for money.
So the only case in this whole article the one player that changed for money they went from the self imagined king of rorts Sydney FC to City.
Adelaide showed their true colours the players they keep Juande and Lopez the oldest.

The A-League's transfer carousel of concern

Olyroos are stacked with high work rate physical players.
The only thing good about Duke is he matches that profile.
Thats the only good thing in the squad and what they should concentrate on.
Arnold why he played Genrau in the Socceroos was beyond a mystery.
Genrau needs to be left out and Arzani and Piscopo need to be kept on the bench and used as subs.
The high workrate physical players need to be selected .
The Matildas have the wrong players too old too slow I see more dynamic players in the W-league. The coach is in total dreamland where did they find this guy.
Van Egmond so slow and unfit will be ten meters behind anyone she marks.

Seriously, how stacked is Spain? Frightening prospect facing Olyroos in Tokyo

Its funny how Simmons who is younger and has a lot more to gain at the Olympics not coming has drawn so little criticism. Is that because Simmons gets a hall pass being in the NBA or because he makes less controversial comments. Cambage had made the hard yards for the Australia team in the past so her commitment is a mile ahead of Simmons and she turned up at least before going off this time. Simmons could have redeemed himself at the Olympics and increased his NBA value. Just because Cambage shoots off at the mouth isnt a reason to put her down. Cambage is past her peak and gave her best years.
Mental health well the media reaction when its Buddy Franklin for the Swans or anyone else has been rather over the top sympathy in the media .

UPDATE: Cambage quits Olympics after 'multiple incidents'

Unless you have a video of all the shots on goal for Brighton in 2020. I wouldn’t necessary put a trust in statistics. Remember Broich having assists well in the double figures in one season , well someone posted a video of all of Brisbanes goals in the season and I was actually wondering myself how he got to those figures. After watching the video it was even more exagerrated than I thought , there was not that number of assists even if you included Broich having touched the ball anywhere in the lead up let alone trying to work out if it was a genuine assist.
Maybe Ryan had a bad season in 2020 and made some blunders. Redmayne had a bad patch early in the season but previous two seasons he was unbelievable and then he want back to being solid.
I would say that is the key statistic for goal keepers but there are some other factors that could affect that statistics. Some keepers come for a lot more than others, so a keeper who comes for a ball and prevents a ball being headed can also miss it or fumble it then they get blamed for it they dont get any credit for the goals they save by coming out, whereas a keeper who stays back and gets beaten by a header concedes more goals but doesn’t get blamed for it in statistics. Same way keepers dont get credit for coming out and intercepting through balls.
Then there are other measures of a goal keeeper value distribution if a goal keeper misplaces a pass the team loses possesion and then after that a goal is scored it doesn’t count to those stats but a goal keeper with good distribution helps score goals at the other end. Ryan though he is good in this area and much better than guys like Redmayne he certainly isn’t as good as people think he is.
Then there are other factors like defensive organisation, maybe one is a good reader and helps out the defence and another goal keeper doesn’t

Mat Ryan's opportunity to alter his goalkeeping percentages

The men have been maxed out and football training for males has a massive amount of money spent on in Australia and the rest of the world. The problem is in Australia in particular all the money has been spent by parents with rich kids and squandered giving them priority over players with more talent. The men are not just paid a bit more they are paid one hundred times more, sponsorship is a higher percentage of income for women than men, and this has not improved the standard of the top mens players.
Women on the other hand an increase in their pay would lead to massive improvement because you would have a lot more full time players and more investement in youth.

Japan edge Matildas in Olympic warm-up

In this case I watched the highlights, but I have seen the full Matildas games in major championships against the top teams and what your saying about Sam Kerr is only true before 2017 she was wasteful and missed opportunities. Then she achieved her full potential because she was a late starter and has been good since. If you have been watching Matildas you already should know that Foord is a bad finisher, I dont know if watching would improve maybe if she trained more. Kerrs improvement was in large part to do that she played both the NSWL and W-league season after season giving her continous training and full time Matildas training camps.
Its quite clear the opportunities Kerr gets againt big opponents are non existent same as the opportunities she got in the champions league final. She is marked out of games and the rest of the teams get the chances and fail. I dont have a clue how you came to your conclusions if you watched a lot of womens football you would conclude the opposite..

Japan edge Matildas in Olympic warm-up

I dont know what your watching from the extended highlights I watched Australia had one good chance created by a Kerr header and Foord failed to finish. Japan had four better chances and stuffed them . By womens standards Kerr is a top class finisher , there is a big gap between the top level men and the top level women. . She only had one slight look of goal a cross running away from goal not towards it that a miracle to put that on goal.

Japan edge Matildas in Olympic warm-up

Thats a bit weird, I think I remember that was what the media said at the time, win the group and you go through. Of course there were Asian teams in the Oceania group anyway. So the difference was you had 2 teams not 1 go through to the world cup it was still a combined Asia +Oceania with a final group like 1978.
Maybe that was what it was all about 2 spots and South Korea and Iran were missing , the top two teams from 1978.

Can Matildas, or anyone else, anyone dethrone the US at the Olympics?

Take out Perth Glory , Northern Spirit at North Sydney oval and look at the figures.

Winter NSL's attendance was 71 percent of the summer competition

I think US will win because they wont be able to party it up under Covid restrictions which is their main weakness.
Australia they need to be smarter place themselves in the opposite side of the draw to the US and save their energy for the elimination finals. Last time both Boomers and Opals spent their energy in the group stage, and then got wiped out by less talented Serbia playing hard.

You better believe in the Boomers, they're the real deal