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Stajic is blaming the young guys, thats the A-league way.
Their best player defensively is Nisbet the 20 year old, high work rate , never stops.
the rest of the team lacks workrate. Why you have Oar and co on the bench is a mystery.
They are structually bad if the ball is on the left hand side of the goal the left central defender should be on the left hand side and Miller goes too far forward. There is no pressure on the ball in all three goals and they should be backpedalling if that happens . The old Korean player his positioning makes no sense. Its all very strange.

Stajcic calls for patience after yet another Mariners loss

WSW they looked like they celebrated too much after last week , the first half was weird a bit zombie and then they came out with intensity in the second half, but it was too late.
Western United looked like they paid attention to Western Sydney Wanderers weird tactics against Adelaide, their backline backpedalled and Adelaide tend to follow them. They then take away the main Adelaide tactic which is the ball over the top for their fast players to chase down, leaving their defensively suspect central defenders exposed. WU have a better mix of age and youth now, what an old playmaker needs is runners not other old players.
Sydney were done an enormous favour by the Victory coach, I was thinking he was going for the young guys finally and Sydney were in trouble, but all the old favourites were there. While the speedy guys Rojas,Kamsoba,Nabbout caused Sydney a lot of problems they missed enough chances and Sydney had the old guys with a ponderous back three to take advantage of.
Mariners have been left behind , the other teams have picked up their game most of them by sacking the coach.
Perth Glory they ran into the better version of City early on, plus Brimmer was like WSW in the first half like a zombie, their coach could make a lot better subs when they got tired and old guys like Castro started out running them.

A-League Round 22 wrap-up

Marigny played for Sydney City well before he got to Marconi , he was part of the Apia team they basically went broke and Marconi got all their players. I dont see him being any good but compared to Babbel he is light years ahead. Babbel he did a number of suspicious things and his facial expression when WSW equalised once was bizzare. Then his excuses after the match sounded like a cover up for something. I was wondering how he was admired that much and it seems thats is because he was German.

Is Jean-Paul de Marigny the man to restore some pride in Western Sydney?

Sydneys fitness is sub standard and Wilkinson mainly stands around and waits for his teammates to defend. While usual service returned in this game versus the whitewash by Yokohoma , the opposition missed a lot of chances and Sydney got 2 goals and a send off, they then blew it big time, still unable to press even with a one man advantage.

Sydney FC captain slams his team after conceding late Champions League equaliser

The usual structure in Australia is each sporting club has multiple teams in different level competitions and is regionally based. The state/city level you have promotion and relegation in football . In NSW you cant come last in all the youth leagues but stay in the top level if your senior, u20, u18 which is a great incentive just sell every spot to the rich and stack the older teams. Other sports in NSW as far as I know you dont have promotion and relegation, often the second highest level is the seconds from the same clubs rather than in football where its a different set of clubs.

A-League parity causes havoc in a frantic run to the finals

This shows the A-league superiority over the European model favoured by the blind sheep.
Majority of clubs in Europe are in limbo doing nothing for the rest of the season.
The ones at the top are fighting for the title or champions league slots, and the bottom ones are parking the bus and mortgaging themselves in huge debt to stave off relegation.
Relegation all it does is bring boring defensive football, no relegation equals no fear, innovation etc.
Here we have a league free from the negative European traditional shackles and its great.
Now we have 10 of the 11 teams engaged looking to win so they can get the shot at silverware not a booby prize of warding off relegation.
Of course you dont want the major title to go to the winner of a finals series when you have a full season. Thats why the A-league is also better than all the knockout sports where the title goes to a final series winner, NBA, MLB,NFL and all the others. A-league has the best format in the world, the more prestigious title is first past the post , but the you have another title which is almost as good for the finals series.

A-League parity causes havoc in a frantic run to the finals

Corica has to start getting it into his head that he needs to substitute players earlier, it was clear about the 70th minute WSW were dominating and getting good chances. Before that Sydney dominated possesion with WSW parking the bus and without creating that many chances. He made a change instead of getting rid of BaumJohan he got rid of barbarouses and lost the match, the same way Arnold used to lose matches by taking off Brosque. BaumJohan and refs that let the game flow by not calling every foul are incompatible and when BaumJohan loses out he doesn’t rush back in defence he just stands there and waves his arms about at the ref. WSW they have gotten rid of their biggest liability Meier and have benefited enourmously from it. Their biggest threat is now their hard running and pressing with Duke leading the way. Now expect them to make a charge for the finals with harder working players.
Newcastle Topor STanley has been excellent in coming out of the back three and going forward in recent weeks, something you need with a back three and we haven’t seen a lot from teams who play a back three. The goal is just the icing on the cake .The Jets bench is a lot better than bringing on Fiztgerald and co suddenly which was one of their main issues.
Victory potentially have a very strong team with so many hard running young players. Traore being replaced by Lauton was a real eye opener. if they could actually dump all the old Basha, Traore, Poulsen, broxham all at once,they could start being a big threat.They do have an even worse mismatch than Perth do, its clear Kamsoba is about the worst player to combine with Toivonen. If they could get rid of Toivonen in addition to the other old guys then they could potentially dominate the whole league, mentally thats light years beyond their coach. Western United instead of 4-5 old players they finally did well with only 3.

What happened? A-League Round 21

Its not like he executed it on a normal cross it was a ball that was just floating in the air and easy to hit, thats the major issue hitting the ball . If you can hit the ball over your head with one foot and the other foot still on the ground than you would have to be super flexible not sure what point your trying to make with that comment.
Topor Stanley goal of the round, other goals in the round were better than this overblown overhead kick.

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

This week the reason CCM conceeded so many and looked so open was starting both Jordan Murray and Harold in the team. Two low work rate players, non ball winning , non pressing players and Murray doesn’t even offer much in attack. I think the Mariners have found a useful player in Nessbit but thats counteracted by the other selections in this match. Stajic as a coach in the C grade category.

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

Ikonomidis? Was terrible early in the season when Perth were near the bottom of the tab and he was the one starting.
What perth need is to get rid of one of Castro or Fornaroli. They are not compatible players. They need a fast hard working wing back to replace Davidson yet they brought in an aging Elrich.

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of the season?

Great stuff from Corica. Geogervski notorious for his bad tackles, is just upset a young upstart gave him some of his own medicine, then goes full psycho.

Steve Corica gives Daniel Georgievski an almighty spray in the tunnel after red card

It could be a good sign when a CEO leaves because that indicates the renumeration is not the high or they are keeping a careful eye on the CEO. it could mean the investors are careful and judicious with their money, if your not then the CEO can drain your wallet in no time.
This is the difference between a Lowy and the others. You know Lowy because they are worth billions wont be tempted by corruption.

Have Macarthur FC simply stalled or are they in serious strife?

Part of the reason Sydney is going so well. its fashionable lets do it while Sydney cleans up.

Three at the back is the new black

Macarthur have dodged two bullets. Jedinak as is the practice in proper leagues cant get any decent contract once he ages in England so he has had to retire.Ninkovic as a marquee at 36 only in the A-league. The reason Sydney are going so well apart from Redmayne becoming rock solid with his handling in particular is the other teams have gone for old players and suspect foreign recruits. However they are going to go downhill because of the old players from next season.
I had a look at the ages of players in the EPL and you cant find players over 34 and older getting significant game time across 20 teams apart form goal keepers,

Have Macarthur FC simply stalled or are they in serious strife?

Its interesting that people are looking at the table, and thinking this team is super dominant.
If people actually watched the matches they would see a team that has weaknesses , technically good, but physically weak with a lot of old players, and they have just lost their second hardest working player in ONeill leaving them even more vulnerable . Good finishing , the defence does just enough for the good goalkeeper, but a key element has been the psychological pressure of the reputation of Sydney Fc on the rest of the A-league causing choking in the last third. Against the Mariners the game was even they got gifted the first goal and the 3-0 result was 1-1 if Redmayne had not interecepted that cross just before they scored the last two goals. The referee theory is another psychological issue, but as we saw against the Mariners they got an incorrect free kick, and then the linesman correctly called Kim for grabbing Wilkinson, and that he was offisde was the cherry on the cake, yet despite that evidence it was a conspiracy. Why is there a psychological issue with Sydney FC, they do represent the biggest and richest city in the land, and the west of the city resents the rich part of Sydney, as well as the rest of NSW resents them and the rest of the country, Then you add the rich Lowy involvement etc.
Corica doesn’t change his tactics which is a mistake when your up against an extreme team like Anges. Sydney should have not played Baumjohan not even on the bench for starters, Sydney really needed speed up front, so La Fondre the cherry picker should have been left out. Then they should have been instructed to go for speculative balls over the top with the speed of Buhagiar to run them down with Barbarouses. I think Sydney can play through teams who dont have a good press, Ange’s team have the top of the line one, hence why you need to chance the tactics. Sydney needed to keep more people in the penalty area playing the offside trap and following strikers out is fraught with danger against Ange especially with BaumJohan just standing and watching most of the match.
Against other teams Sydney have another problem no speed at the back, once Grant goes forward, the rest are slow and counter attacks can tear them apart, Sydney pressed for about five minutes after half time and first counter attack was an easy goal. Luckily in the A-league so many old and slow players up front so they dont get counter attacked. I think thats going to be the biggest danger against othe ACL teams.

Was Sydney FC’s ACL embarrassment the A-League’s fault or just a bloke named Ange’s?

MV went from one extreme to another. Last season to cater for Troisi they kept two better players Honda and Antonis wide, and Troisi hardly performed for MV last season.
The previous season they had Troisi and Valeri and were in a bad position till Antonis saved their season.
Basha is sort of like Valeri with less work rate and without the defensive brain.
As I pointed out he stuffed up twice for two goals and had no idea what he was doing.
Poulsen has more of a clue defensively but is too old and slow.
Dobras while he wasn;t that skillful he was hard working and ball winning but they got rid of him.
Mv either need a ball player to put through balls for their fast attacking players, or they need a set piece specialist for good crosses for Toivonen.
The other question is Adama Traore, from what I remember he was very well physically developed when he first started at the Gold Coast, if you look at the other Adama Traore born in Spain, he is more developed now than he was before 20. Of course you have also the case of Adu who was well developed at 13 and they thought was going to be a giant, but he stayed the same which leads one to draw a conclusion. I would say put Traore central.

Is this the worst Victory side ever?

The most interesting part of the round was WSW who went against normal practices and instead of trying to stay compact they did the reverse. They had their front line pressing while their back line sat deep , and then their back line dropped for them to play the ball out, while the front line sat on the last shoulder, Adelaide went to press them and they hit the ball long straight away instead of the goal keeper signalling for everyone to go forward. That created a lot of space and and they had the better athleticism with their forwards against Adelaide’s defenders particularly Duke chasing down balls, whereas Adelaide’s speed was countered by WSW backline dropping back. Kamahl had a field day because of all that extra space.

What happened? A-League Round 20

Its chalk and cheese when it comes to comparing Arnold vs Corica on youth.
Corica doesn;t hesitate to play youth players, and more importantly when they do play he gives them confidence and freedom. Corica if anything lacks a squad he lost Oneill, his main youth midfielder is out injured, his youth players are now mostly strikers and defenders. Arnold would have brought in a whole set of older players by now. Corica is willing to make do and saving his club millions while still getting incredible results in the A-league though that is not going to work in the ACL.
Coricas main issue at the moment is he doesn’t know when to stop using older players, and retire them from the squad and I think he is going to cause himself a lot of issues next season.
The major issues Corica has is WIlkinson 35, BaumJohan 33, Ninkovic 35, La Fondre 33.
Its not just that the players are old its how they age, Ninkovic while above average for a 35 year old but he is 35, Brosque quite suprisingly could outsprint La Fondre and was in incredible condition last season for his age but he wanted to retire, Wilkinson he is slow even for his age, reluctant to make any tackle, he mainly stands and waits for others. and against Yokohama turning his back and inexplicably missing a ball lef to the first two goals. La Fondre as a striker who would depend a lot on pace he has lost most of it. Its been Barbarouses all season doing the runs while La Fondre has taking all the credit.
You could tell the difference against Yokohoma and Mariners. Youth players came on and did more attacking and created more opportunities .
The free kick with the Mariners, where they were lucky not to have a player sent off for studs up onto Retre who was already on a yellow card. Furthermore knowing your offside and then putting your arms out is basically guaranteed to cancel a goal with VAR.

Sydney FC have a vision, but do their A-League rivals?

Deliberate hand ball to save a corner kick?
Whats next get yourself sent off to save a throw in?
You would be embarassed to see this in a kids match.
Where is Matsu to explain this.

Japanese player gets caught with one of the most blatant handballs you'll see

Ange won the league so you can’t argue they are only above average in overall competivness.
They are the most innovative team tactically that I have seen in the J-league , but then Ange other two A-league club sides were also innovative tactically. For a coach to have three club sides each with its own unique innovative style different to other teams is unprecedented.
Whether he succeeds or not he provides a lot of entertainment and his second club stint was not as succesfull but quite interesting.
Ange can do more with less, and he brings into play players who are cast offs.
If we take the case of Nakagawa you have someone who did not score a goal in J2 in his mid 20’s going nowhere. Yet within Anges system he has a lot of goals in J1.
Thats what makes Ange special at club level.

Why we should all pick a J.League team to support this season

Marinos are not that skillful and talented a side, even in terms of the J-league they are not at the top level in skill levels, they are a lot better than the Roar were though. The reason they are thrilling to watch is they are always going forward or pressing in numbers its all action,
They attack very well because they move so many numbers forward while playing attacking passes, their physical high pressing causes turnovers that also give them great attacking opportunities. Where they excel is in mobility, fitness across the park, they have no passengers in pressing.
Where Ange doesn’t work is with a less mobile team even with high skill levels.
He admires skillful players , in the case of the Socceroos he had either less mobile players or unskillful players and sometimes both.
Ange has more resources there and he certainly was clued up on the nature of the Iranian ref.
I was wondering why his team was ruthlessly commiting professional fouls any time Sydney got past a player even very early in the game and it seems this ref was anything goes except if its in an attacking area preventing a direct attack. Brattan then after about 20 minutes then started hacking away in response and didnt get a yellow card for anything but two Sydney defenders got yellows. Certainly not the sort of ref you want Baumjohan to play in a match with because the he is just a target for them to cause turnovers. Maybe he was a also a ref that didnt give penalties, which explains the pull back on La Fondre just as he was shooting that would have qualified as a red card and penalty as being deliberate.

Why we should all pick a J.League team to support this season

England had a golden surplus in certain positions and droughts in other positions but no idea how to change their formation and tactics to use the surplus players effectively. They could have played Lampard , Gerrard and Scholes centrally with fluid positions, and made changes elsewhere. They needed to be innovative the tempations of having Beckham for his set pieces and crosses with a tall striker added a threat but also made the others a lot less effective.

What happened to England's golden era?

You could say third goal they were bamboozled , but that doesn’t explain Wilkinson for the second its like he avoided it deliberately, and when you factor in his half hearted turn the back for the first it gets very fishy.

Ange Postecoglou's Yokohama puts on a clinic to smash Sydney FC

If you look at Wilkinson for the first goal he turns his back instead of closing down the shot.
Second goal is inexplicable, Wilkinson should be intercepting the ball, instead he somehow avoids it.
The reason McGowan is not heading inwards as the sweeper is that he thinks Wilkinson is going to intercept it as was I watching it live . I thought it was maybe an airswing instead he makes no attempt which makes no sense at all.

Ange Postecoglou's Yokohama puts on a clinic to smash Sydney FC

What about the number of goals Vissel Kobe conceeded with their Galacticos.
Older players no matter the pedigree are not going to cut it in Japan because the speed and fitness levels are high, , higher than in Europe.
Ange did he give any game time to any outfield player over 30?
A-league teams have taken hiring old blokes to new levels so they are Vissel Kobe with older and less famous old players.

Can Steve Corica get the better of Ange Postecoglou in Yokohama?