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The crowd size at the MCG is because you have such a large members area and they all get in for free. So its not a big economic difference over Perth.

Why can’t Perth hold the Boxing Day Test?

Pakistan will not be able to get away with as much in Pakistan as the hijinks they get up to in the UAE.
There will be a lot of pressure on them to perform with local crowds so I expect them to win the series.

Sri Lanka start favourites as Pakistan celebrate Test cricket homecoming

They should play a couple of matches on bouncier wickers here before their tests.
Commercial considerations are first pririoty .
Its like the article about the fat Mexican boxer on here predicting he would win, no mention he was 7kg heavier it was just to drive pay for view.
NZ have got the elements to succeed here, and they can be relied on to try 100%.
The nature of the pitches is uncertain if it was the old WACA then you know they would be on a hiding to nothing with this preparation.

Kiwi reputations will be made or destroyed this Aussie summer

I said London were the exception to empty stadiums, Japanese will attend the Olympics as well. The myth there is significant pay off from tourism is a problem whereas the world cup the stadiums were full of foreigners, instead of relying on fellow athletes.
As far as the world cup there is no way any South American country outside of Brazil should be let near the world cup they are all bankrupt and have not got one world cup quality stadium at the moment whereas Australia could host it tomorrow. Brazil was a massive error but now they wasted all that money on the stadiums they can host it again . China are known as the miserable hosts of Beijing , a world cup there is as welcome to people only behind Qatar. Qatar will prove to be a miserable affair and that could affect the next bids.
The Costs are going to beyond massive, the 80k Olympic stadium that will have no tenants after the Olympics, they are looking at massive infrastructure programs as well. The 80% figure is as pie in the sky as it gets.
As far as I know the Gabba is not going to be the main Olympic stadium and is a lot newer it certainly doesn’t need another upgrade.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

Roar were a back and around team that made up for their lack of technical ability except when they were playing out from the goal keeper, when they got targeted in the ACl by a Japanese team they went to pieces.
Yokohoma are already playing in Japan so they have overcome that challenge. The problem Japanese teams have in the ACL is the J-league is already exhausting enough with every match being tough and the bottom teams are not that far from the top. The second aspect is traditionally they have prioritised the J-league over the ACL, I assume Ange will want to win both.
The Socceroos they played like Verbeek when the opposition parked the bus, and when they other side pressed they lost the ball. They did have the use of special jets with physio tables for their play off matches. How Ange was supposedly building to something after four years and it was about to all click. Ange had Cahill around too long, and Bresciano as well. The use of Kruse as a wing back was ridiculous.
MV at least they had a style at least, though even that was about catering to Archie being on the last shoulder.

The tactics that helped Postecoglou conquer Japan

The Olympics is just money down the drain, and the most embarassing thing will be when they have to offer yet again not just to pay for the airfares of all the athletes and the officials they last time payed for the all the relatives of the athletes to come over. Atlanta is still paying off the debt, Greeece the country is broke, the myth of tourism exposed empty stadiums except in London where it would have been all locals
The only reason for the bid is desperate people wanting an economic boost conning the taxpayer in order to spend the taxpayer money in the delusion that will produce it.
The Australian media controlled by the AFL dont want the only sensible event to bid for the world cup, and every world cup bid article was negative and mentioned the dollar figure for the bid Expect the complete opposite for an Olympic bid and dont expect a single mention of the cost of the Olympic bid.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

What happened is you have the children of the hard working old generation from the old NSL clubs.
Big mouthed , lazy, entitled and they fancy a well paid job as an executive while living off their parents money and businesses and see their NSL club going to the A-league as their way to get it.
So they dont work and spend all their time making conspiracy theories in social media.
Npl clubs are the problem including the old NSL clubs.
Once Kewell made it big in England they used that to charge thousands in rego fees which makes it impossible for talented players to get a go anymore.
Lets blame Lowy , oh wait a minute he went a while ago and the A-league has gone to the dogs.
So now Gallop is next in line but they have no problem taking the TV money.

Thanks for your service, David Gallop, but let's hope James Johnson is something completely different

Ange is the worlds most interesting coach, I haven’t seen any other coach produce such varying play styles. At the Australia national team level you cant say its been remotely anything like his club sides.
Ange may be able to succeed at national team level with another nation but with Australia he certainly didnt produce the football he has done at club level. MV even though he didn’t win with them, he produced a unique style of football though the team lacked the pressing abilty of Roar and Yokohoma.

Postecoglou's J.League title makes him the greatest Aussie coach of all time

Anyone who says MLS is better than the J-league has no idea.
Completely clueless and laughable to say that.

Postecoglou's J.League title makes him the greatest Aussie coach of all time

You got be kidding me, the Australia media and the FFA gave him the Brazil world cup gig on a platter over a coach who directly qualified for it something Ange was never able to do. So Ange through his own fault had to play an extra 4 matches.
I also find it a bit suspicious that Degenek was let go from Yokohoma Marinos, so that indicates that a player selected by Ange for the Socceroos wasn’t even good enough for his club side.
Ange is the worlds most interesting coach at clubs his methods work after a while, you can’t say that the Socceroos improved under Ange and there was going to be success around the corner.

Ange Postecoglou's Yokohama claim J-League title with crushing win

The only players I have seen avoid tackling like Folau and Genia are the schoolkids that were forced to play rugby league and tried to hide out on the wings.
Folau is much worse than Genia he takes breathers by staying at the ruck pretending he is doing stuff. Look at the average points the team conceeded while Folau played.
I dont care personally who Folau codemns to hell, and I have been on his case for non tackling, well before he started.

Finding Izzy’s next gig is a hell of a job

Folau is lazy , this idea he wants to play rugby is farcical he avoided tackling whenever he could.
The problem he has is if as reports say there were only 20 at his congregation well they wont be making any money. The donations to his case doesn;t seem to be reflected at ground level, which indicates even those who donated to his cause want no bar of him, no expert on religion but Benny Hinn is a great performer and Folau has no religious presence.

Finding Izzy’s next gig is a hell of a job

Each continetal federation championship should be reserved for teams from that region.
The guest teams were introduced to raise revenue, so having USA and Mexico there meant a lot of extra Tv money and same for the Gold cup. Then you had Japan because their Tv money is big.
Unless Qatar paid a lot of money to be included I cant see Australia and Qatar earning them much.
The journos are obviously looking forward to their junkets so lets make big news of it.
The flipside is the level of importance given to our matches in Asia is poor.

The Socceroos at the Copa America is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Archer is the solution for England to add some venom to their attack on wickets with bounce,
but he has to be looked after properly. Kim Hughes and Alan Border two of the worst captains because once they had a good fast bowler they bowled them into the ground. Alan Border was to blame for wrecking the career of Geoff Lawson and the early career of Craig McDermott.
England attack is no longer that good in what is English style conditions in NZ and their batting will collapse under good bowling or helpful conditions.

Jofra Archer is not the quick fix England crave

thats a myth the AFl invented to con their own clubs , the NRL got a bigger percentage increase without expansion.
You dont get paid extra for test pattern style ratings in expansion markets.
You get paid for getting big ratings in your traditional markers.

The National Rugby League chairman thinks five hours on a plane is too much

Who is funding a Perth rugby league team?
Are you suggesting the NRL start doing an AFL and funding expansion teams?
If like the Toronto Wolfpack wants to pay for the whole thing then bring in a team.
The AFl has wasted over a billion on expansion and it still pays for it.
The myth expansion provides greater TV money is ridiculous when you get low ratings in the expansion states/
Storm was paid for by News and they even had to give a 6 million a year amount for a certain while to get it off their hands. The question what happens to Storm when that money runs out,

The National Rugby League chairman thinks five hours on a plane is too much

The weird thing for me is how people on here think they own other people’s money.
Western United are in the A-league because they had the money for the huge license fee and then to pay for the team.
Even if the stadium is only going to be pretend till the railway station is approved . Maybe the team will be canned as well as the stadium who knows.
A bigger question will be will the Macarthur Bulls join them, do they have any money. With all the hatchet jobs on the A-league by journos because Foxtel executives had to blame someone for them going broke despite it being caused cricket and AFL, and Foxtel were the ones to give away the A-league to Telstra and stuff up their monopoly. I cant see them getting investors.

All quiet on the Western (United) front

Its not suprising that Pakistan lost, whats suprising is that how few runs they are getting in good batting conditions, though if you look at some of the shots they are playing in the periods where they are collapsing its evident they are deliberate get out shots not natural shots.
Kolpak is only in South Africa,Zimbabwe and some parts of the Carribean so at least they dont have that draining their players.
The question is how much of their revenue goes to the players, in the case of NZ they spend a large portion of their revenue on their national team players and they have performed well.

What are the reasons behind Pakistan's series loss against Australia?

That wasn’t the clearest penalty , the one awarded as a foul to Newcastle was clearly the other way around as a penalty. If someone was going to get booked it should have been Georgevski the ball was going over the sideline and he runs the other way to crash into Hoffman and got a free kick.

Six talking points from A-League Round 8

The general theme in the A-league is the coaches wanting to lose with the old players, they cant help themselves. Whatever the reason for it , they might prefer the older type like Rooney did.
Popovic leaves out his best player from the previous week and went to a back three with two old wing backs and two old midfielders, MV should have torn them apart for that, but instead they parked the bus knowing that Glory cant head the ball with Fornaroli ,Castro and Ikonomidis.
Roar vs CC, Roar looked so much better with a young and fast player providing widtth. Kosmina was embarassiing, Stenseness blew two golden opportunities, Silvera totally unmarked in the middle of the penalty area, and Kosmina says Silvera should have run instead for the crumbs.
Its amazing when the refs favour Newy, the side that likes to pretend they never get any decisions when the refs have done them heaps of favours this season, you never hear a peep, when they get a decision against them they write an article about the refs always favouring the big teams against them.
Western United the old man show, their so called good start against Sydney was because Sydney didn’t actually mark up properly against them early, Corica used the mcGowan nose bleed to fix it, maybe Berisha being missing caused that confusion. Only when they brought on Burgess did they turn the match . Ninkovic being missing was an advantage in many ways for Sydney, one less old player on the park.
Wellington dominated Sydney and actually Davilla was one of those who fluffed their lines. Adelaide have been able to bully the old guys but once a team matches them physically Adelaides lack of quality is evident. Cacace is just as important as Davilla without him they looked oridnary.
Crowds well they will decrease because of an extra team, especially one diluting the Melbourne market and playing in Geelong and Ballarat, and now you have 9 derbies, so now derby crowds will be much smaller for everyone.

Six talking points from A-League Round 8

This getting bizzare they already have bet365 adds on every page of their website for all competitions. Now they are trying to pretend they rejected it, they would be prevented from signing another betting company contractually even if they expect people to believe their double think arrangement, that one is not really sponsoring anything and its all up for grabs.

Big Bash knocks back betting sponsorship offer

Mitchell’s problem in defence is if he has had a big night before or is tired or whatever he is super slack, in fact he was walking a lot in State of Origin 1, when he is switched on he is a good defender. The State of Origin maybe the anthem business got to him, or he used it as an excuse to have a bender but certainly one of the worst performances I have seen in a State of Origin.
Folau on other hand every match he was terrible in defence. What rugby background did Folau have.
Wallabies can take a risk on Mitchell because they are totally behind the eight ball now with South Africa resurgent and the All Blacks on the rebound. Mitchell if he is switched on he can win a match on his own.

Code swap? Latrell Mitchell reaches out to Rugby Australia

The forecast rain might explain Pakistans rush with some bizzare shots.
This test series is a farce so far, you have extremely highly paid Australians and no money on offer for the opposition if they win.

Paine gave Warner time to better Bradman

They got very light suspensions compared to the match fixers and Emily who did almost nothing in the WBBL.
Tim Zoehrer got rubbed out over allegations he stole a bottle of scotch in the UAE.
Steve Smith then even got a special redemption marketing campaign bonus.
They missed out the money on the old TV deal, now with the new deal they are earning more in one year than any Pakistan team member will make over a long national career.
After a period of introspection the jingoism and moralistic propaganda from the Australian media over the mens cricket team is coming back stronger than ever.

Do runs warrant redemption?

rugby would be perfect for him the backline takes it easy while the forwards are busting their guts. He is naturally lazy which is a problem in league but not union. Remember Folau last in every fitness run, not an issue in rugby, no brain, that was a big issue but no one cared how many tries he let in because he scored them, cant defend well same as no brain no one cared cant kick, the AFL’s quote of the century they are better starting with a blank book, they had a blank book alright with Folau not just in the kicking department. Compared to Folau he can dropkick 60 meters, he is a better defender , has a better brain, they would be crazy not to go for him.

Code swap? Latrell Mitchell reaches out to Rugby Australia