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weight training affects agility and the ability to change direction, a lot of players who were elusive then put on muscle were certainly no longer able to beat players as wll one on one like they used to. Ciggies well the player who you could rate as the best of all time Brian Bevan was a chain smoker, as well as being quite thin. While he didn’t live to 70 probably due to the chain smoking he was still fast at 40 and playing.
I dont see current rugby league players unable to pass and kick as training that well and long, they might spend hours in the gym and watching themselves in the mirror . and then being indoctrinated by the coaches in holding down and wrestling. The skills are lacking.

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever

Definetly the most effective player of all time in his era, and thats due to rugby league’s inability to deal with gang tackling and holding down in the play the ball. If you look at him as a complete package there is no other player to compare. He has top line skills which stand out more in todays game if he were more mobile he would be able to use them better. Stand out players with skills in the past have sometimes been liabilities like Wally Lewis he is at the opposite end, in total tune with his ruthless coach and able to implement his tactics.
Usually the worst player in old rugby league teams was the one who tried to break the rules because penalties kill a team, and they develop a reputation the referees look for them. Where Cameron Smith stands out he treads the border line and does it week in week out and has the refs hypnotised and mesmerised and for years upon years.
In the old days he would not have been as effective because the team and coach would not have been able to use his abilities, in the old days a player who was super fit and did one on one tackling like Raper, Coote and compensate for the rest of the team were more valuable.
A lot of players who would be more effective in that era than him.

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever

necessary player and staff purchases? There are too many staff at A-league clubs.
The only way to break even in the A-league is to have low costs and a small staff.
You can spend 15 million a year and fail , even if you come first the amount of extra revenue would be lucky to be a million. So these ideas you can spend money to make money in the A-league are ridiculous.

The Jets cannot become the A-League’s first COVID victim

Newcastle have spent really big on non performing foreigners and now will pay the price, sold off one of their three actual performers for a pittance who would have been paid peanuts and lost the title because of that. They sabotaged themselves they had the money as I pointed out their record with both their two foreigners in their one good year was a big loss in almost every game.
The A-league reality is they didn’t fight to keep the TV deal in order to make the new ownership structure, the owners got what they wanted, and now they can dig into their pockets to pay for the mess they created.
The Lowy structure meant that as soon as a club could not pay its bills the license was taken back and sold to someone else. Now you can have a former owner just hold onto it in the hope of selling it for a large amount in the future.
There is no way the FFA is now in a position to prop up any club, if Newcastle cant pay their bills then good bye.

The Jets cannot become the A-League’s first COVID victim

In terms of the IPL his batting record average strike rate combo would rank as the best
40.69 at 153 strike rate I would rate slightly better than Chris Gayle 41.09 at 150.
In one day internationals only Kohli 59 at 93.25 rates better than his 53 at 101.
So having the best IPL T20 batting record and second best one day cricket batting record.
De Villiers test record at 50 is not bad either.
De Villiers sporting love was more rugby, he would have chosen that over cricket, there is some misinformation about him regards being picked for South Africa in heaps of sports including rugby but that was never the case otherwise he would have gone with rugby. He grew up a top tennis junior in South Africa though his height means he would have struggled to be a top tennis player. I think his round the ground ability would have something to do with tennis as well.

AB de Villiers: A unique genius

8 clubs were needed at the start so the favour would have extended to anyone who had enough money they had no choice. They had three bids at the start for Melbourne, Geoff Lord had the most money, and then the other bid that had some money was by Miribella and his money was brought in to join Victory. The third bid was led by Horvat not Melbourne Knights whose fundraiser was the pink haired paparazzi bloke and I assume they raised nothing. South Melbourne did not bid. The ethnic club that joined the A-league was Hollandia who played as Brisbane Lions in the NSL. The only ethnic club that bid for the A-league got in over Brisbane Strikers.

From golden generation to lost generation: What went wrong with football in Australia?

I would say the reverse anyone with the full money would have gotten the Melbourne team, Victory had millions raised as opposed to anyone else. Hellas had no money at the start of the A=league , they then got given millions for letting their ground have an athletics track, on top of having it rebuilt by the government . Your confusing Hellas making a bid for Heart once they got the government money and new ground, with them having any money before that.

From golden generation to lost generation: What went wrong with football in Australia?

Rugby league doesn’t have the same talent any more to make a huge difference to the Wallabies that they used to have. Cooper Cronk would have been a game changer for the Wallabies, Thurston the same, Billy Slater the same. Cameron Smith not suited but would still be better than 9’s the Wallabies have had. Its one thing to have the most money but when you have no brain to use it to recruit the best and instead recruit some unsuited players like Folau, SBW and Burgess and pay them massive amounts . Rugby league taking SBW back is even worse you could have bought any rugby union player for the 10 million a year offered by Toronto.

Will there ever be another Aussie dual code international?

Sonny Bill Williams has been useless for years yet the media think he is incredible,
he wasted his last good years in rugby union where he wasn’t suited to the game, and never capable of doing anything in a ruck and maul, and now way past it and with rugby no longer interested , rugby league payed him even more.
The amount they would have spent on him having someone else worth that money on the field instead of him would have made the difference.
This applies 50 fold to Toronto the amount they paid SBW if invested in 5 top quality players they would have been challenging instead being near the bottom.

Roosters flew in to Bermuda Triangle against Souths and never re-emerged

Players used to develop themselves usually by playing the backyard or the park and then clubs would claim credit for it. In the case of Craig Johnston he had to train by himself in the car park because he was rejected.
There are two big problems in Australian, the current youth play less outside, have less backyard and park space and have more gadgets and toys to occupy them, then Australias youth development at the NPL level is now geared towards rejecting talent over kids with very rich parents.

From golden generation to lost generation: What went wrong with football in Australia?

Dean Jones was revolutionary in running the first run as hard as possible regardless of whether there was any chance of two in it or not, and that way you forced the fielder to rush and got more misfields , and if they did misfield then Dean Jones was in position to take advantage of the smallest misfield. I dont think anyone has stats on who ran the most all run fours in one day cricket but it wouldn’t suprise me if it was Dean Jones. Jones would run the fourth as fast as the first.

Dean Jones' greatest one-day knock was not for Australia, but against

They had hoped they could grab some of the Foxtel cash from the TV deal for this, now thats gone there is not enough for the A-league and this lot still want a second division.

AAFC releases plans for second division by 2022

I would like to see Sydney change formation, Ninkovic if he is still to be around they would be better served with a front three with Barbarouses and Ivanovic on the wings and Buhagiar or someone else central , and then Ninkovic as an attacking mid. The loss of Brandon Oneill really reduced the effectivness the current formation had. That would have worked with La Fondre there as well. La Fondre was good at being in the box, but he didn’t have the pace to get onto any through balls, and Barbarouses would be the one going wide to set up play. so others would score more goals if La Fondre wasn’t there. Sydney need more bodies in the box quicker than waiting for Grant to make it up from right back.

Sydney FC needs to follow the trend and give youth a go

The A-league started with no TV money not a cent for the clibs, Foxtel was given it for about 500k a season and the FFA took that money. so no Foxtel cant claim any credit for anything they got it dirt cheap . The next 7 years the money was fairly small so its not going to be that different.
The number of clubs will probably reduce.
What really the A-league needs is to go back to Lowy and his structure, you can only have one leader, and the A-league was totally immune from individual club financial problems whereas the MLS isnt.
Money does not go on trees and those with money are the ones who were paying for A-league clubs certainly the one who are costing money are active supporters, a small group who cost some clubs massively in security costs and fines, so the deal should be simple if you dont have the money then goodbye, all these pipe dreams about 2nd division and promotion and relegation clubs in all sorts of areas, its all a fantasy and you need to wake up.

A-League enters death spiral

Rudan has more players from Wellington Phoenix starting line up last year than Talay did, plus a huge budget. He has improved towards the end of the season because he had more balance between youth and older players.

Sydney FC may have claimed the A-League trophy but Western United made the season

Time is the only reason he shouldn’t retire, he is way past it otherwise but in between being the last man into the tackle and the last man to let go all while distracting the ref with his mouth his delaying tactics are his main value.

Cameron Smith isn't on anyone's clock – he makes his own time

All you need to do is draw a line from the ball to the goal keeper and then see how close the offside player when the shot is hit is to that line to determine whether they were within the line of vision. Easy to do with VAR , hard for a ref to do it in real time unless they are on the same line with the shooter and the goal keeper.
Allowing the goal keeper to determine his vision was obstructed they would claim that every time even if the offside player was at the corner flag , not that it is in the rules or anything like that in any rule. Also not in the rules is that if a Sydney Fc player is blocking off the vision of the ball before Wales it makes any difference so Bosnich also needs to read the rules.

Gripping grand final proves there's still life in the A-League yet

City dominated early with their pressing, when they got tired then Sydney Fc got back into it.
Sydney look very fallible under any press, their midfield can be easily dominated physically and they are full of aging slower players. Corica deserves a lot of credit in winning a double with an even weaker squad than what he had last year, however you cant let your best players in the prime of their career to leave while they overpay aging players, Corica needs to be given the support and multi million dollar budget Arnold was given. Brandon Oneill leaving mid season was absurd and would never have happened under Arnold. Rhyan Grant should be made the marquee player, the reason he went with his chest was to cushion into the path of the players coming through, that it went it to the goal was more luck as it had some spin on it but if it was heading wide it would have been a tap in.
Wilkinson should have retired after last season, Ninkovic this should have been his last season, La Fondre they could get one more season out of him but no great loss.

Gripping grand final proves there's still life in the A-League yet

The only club this article would be written about is Sydney FC. Maybe if people were more interested in supporting their own clubs rather than the opposite with Sydney FC. Any ratings for the A-league is a miracle with no one knowing when the games are being played and the state of media coverage. Its bizarre the A-league got no coverage in the covid break in the SMH, no match reports even for the Sydney based clubs or match previews but articles on Foxtel dropping the rights and now Fowler’s legal action make the back page.

Would the A-League be better off if Sydney FC weren't crowned champions?

There were two wrong looking decisions the first penalty to Wellington and the dissallowed goal for offside. That cancels itself out. The penalty given to Sydney Fc was correct .
Other two penalty shouts were non goers.
The VAR would not have overturned any penalty decision it would only overturn the offside.

Phoenix coach wants VAR back in the A-League

Stajic is blaming the young guys, thats the A-league way.
Their best player defensively is Nisbet the 20 year old, high work rate , never stops.
the rest of the team lacks workrate. Why you have Oar and co on the bench is a mystery.
They are structually bad if the ball is on the left hand side of the goal the left central defender should be on the left hand side and Miller goes too far forward. There is no pressure on the ball in all three goals and they should be backpedalling if that happens . The old Korean player his positioning makes no sense. Its all very strange.

Stajcic calls for patience after yet another Mariners loss

WSW they looked like they celebrated too much after last week , the first half was weird a bit zombie and then they came out with intensity in the second half, but it was too late.
Western United looked like they paid attention to Western Sydney Wanderers weird tactics against Adelaide, their backline backpedalled and Adelaide tend to follow them. They then take away the main Adelaide tactic which is the ball over the top for their fast players to chase down, leaving their defensively suspect central defenders exposed. WU have a better mix of age and youth now, what an old playmaker needs is runners not other old players.
Sydney were done an enormous favour by the Victory coach, I was thinking he was going for the young guys finally and Sydney were in trouble, but all the old favourites were there. While the speedy guys Rojas,Kamsoba,Nabbout caused Sydney a lot of problems they missed enough chances and Sydney had the old guys with a ponderous back three to take advantage of.
Mariners have been left behind , the other teams have picked up their game most of them by sacking the coach.
Perth Glory they ran into the better version of City early on, plus Brimmer was like WSW in the first half like a zombie, their coach could make a lot better subs when they got tired and old guys like Castro started out running them.

A-League Round 22 wrap-up

Marigny played for Sydney City well before he got to Marconi , he was part of the Apia team they basically went broke and Marconi got all their players. I dont see him being any good but compared to Babbel he is light years ahead. Babbel he did a number of suspicious things and his facial expression when WSW equalised once was bizzare. Then his excuses after the match sounded like a cover up for something. I was wondering how he was admired that much and it seems thats is because he was German.

Is Jean-Paul de Marigny the man to restore some pride in Western Sydney?

Sydneys fitness is sub standard and Wilkinson mainly stands around and waits for his teammates to defend. While usual service returned in this game versus the whitewash by Yokohoma , the opposition missed a lot of chances and Sydney got 2 goals and a send off, they then blew it big time, still unable to press even with a one man advantage.

Sydney FC captain slams his team after conceding late Champions League equaliser

The usual structure in Australia is each sporting club has multiple teams in different level competitions and is regionally based. The state/city level you have promotion and relegation in football . In NSW you cant come last in all the youth leagues but stay in the top level if your senior, u20, u18 which is a great incentive just sell every spot to the rich and stack the older teams. Other sports in NSW as far as I know you dont have promotion and relegation, often the second highest level is the seconds from the same clubs rather than in football where its a different set of clubs.

A-League parity causes havoc in a frantic run to the finals