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The reason there is a team in Melbourne is because of News Limited and they used to lose about 13 million a year paying for it at Olympic park which was a real dump. The big increase in migration from New Zealand and a much better stadium which caters to corporates that has turned around so a single team there makes more sense now.
NRL has less money and its spent on lawyers anyway so they dont have the money to pump into Melbourne. Fox doesn’t have a TV station like the AFL has had 7 which was showing AFL into Sydney even in the 70’s. Even in the 70’s the AFL visited my school when they supposedly didnt have any money. It looks to me since GWS came in the financial drain on the AFL has meant they dont have a million ads on AFL across all channels,its just Channel 7 now. I dont know if rugby league has any ads on Tv in Melbourne or whether they ever visit schools or pay them money.
People in Sydney hardly play rugby league so no use putting in an effort in Melbourne.
NRL should be looking at the Pacific islands where they can take over with a few million.

Melbourne will never be in thrall to rugby league, and that's marvellous

How can you be on the losing side with a draw. Exhibit B.

Sydney FC star shrugs off tough treatment

Your the one who included the AFL pokie palace revenue in pretending they are a big sport, rugby league has almost a billion in pokie palace revenues and Panthers has the most revenue so by your own criteria they are the biggest brand

Do the Western Sydney Wanderers still have fans?

By failing to call a yellow on Kamau’s dangerous and unecessary sliding challenge and Baccus second blatant foul in the first minutes the ref failed in his duty. That the same players committed even more in the first 10 minutes and got yellows is their fault. That also meant he had no choice but to let Oneill get away with one as well as it was his first. Mr anti Sydney is back I see..

Sydney FC star shrugs off tough treatment

Bondi used to be a working class area, then was an area for unemployed Kiwis coming over to Australia when they could go directly on the dole.
Housing prices went up though rents were a lot cheaper but then the rents went up heaps as well.
Easts dont have that many fans and most would no longer be living in the eastern suburbs. Strangely I see Easts jumpers a lot on the Central Coast.
Eastern suburbs is no longer affordable for renters from interstate so most of the Swans fans would be elsewhere now . They got big crowds at Olympic park,
I can remember after a Swans final being at Parramatta station and they had a train full of swans fans with plenty getting off Paramatta but even more going further out west.
Sydney FC on other hand unlike the Swans few get the train, and fewer come west of Strathfield.
Melbourne AFl teams are bigger brands in Sydney than GWS , most Swans supporters have two sets of gear, one for their original AFL team, which they wear when they play the Swans and then they wear the Swans gear the rest of the time.

Do the Western Sydney Wanderers still have fans?

The dumbest decision was the 4 million contract, because Folau these days I think he is a liability. They could get a player would be better in attack and more than a doorstop in defence for that money. How rugby Australia are so totally deluded to offer that contract to a 30 year old who is auch a liability is completely beyond me.
The player they should have gone for is Latrell Mitchell, they should have broken the bank for, and he can kick as well. That would have made them a world cup chance.
Now I can see Folau and his lawyers taking the four million dollars after getting the sack.
It could have all been avoided by not signing him up again.
I dont have an issue with Folau posting who is going to hell either just think he is worthless as a player because the opposition will score heaps more points if he is on the field.

Israel Folau digs in for the fight of his professional life

Totally disagree. The Eels history at Parramatta is they destroyed the old stadium, then they abandoned the new one to play most of their games at ANZ for the money. Other rugby league clubs are stuck with older dumps than Parramatta and have got nothing.
Then they got the ultimate favour of having the leagues club which encroches on public land being further extended onto that public land and the local community pool being demolished instead.
The only thing the Eels deserved was having the portion of their leagues club on public land be demolished.

Do the Western Sydney Wanderers still have fans?

This guys is completely delusional. Folau is no longer that good a runner, he has always been a defensive liability, and now is really tackle shy like he is trying to avoid injury so that he can get a big contract overseas. When they signed the contract Australia’s chances nosedived. Getting rid of him now is not as good as gettring rid of him before and using the money on others but its better than nothing.

Folau exit a 'nail in the coffin' for Wallabies' WC hopes: Paul

Foxtel are the biggest losers. So they sent a letter, they are stuck paying for the A-league or another four seasons inclusing the expansion. Giving the A-league free to every Telstra user has cost them big time as well.
The game has basically been dumping a pile of manure on itself for the last two seasons.
Nikou said it all Lowy is a billionaire and he is a nobody.
Every journalist has dumped on the A-league for the last two seasons.
If you only get a single article a day on the A-league if your lucky or a single news reports.
They collectively all decided to use it to dump on Lowy to get rid of him.
The NPL clubs have done nothing for the game instead of ripping off juniors for thousands of dollars.
Now they spent two seasons dumping on Lowy now its spend the time from now on trying to get promotion and relegation for the greedy interests of the NPL clubs and self serving Euro wannabees trying to fawn to their big European leagues.
So no articles on the actual A-league itself and you wonder why no one is watching.
The attacks on Bolt were incredible everyone come out of the woodwork to dump on the potential saviour of the A-league.
In four years time things could be very disastrous in the meantime Foxtel will bleed to pay the bills/

A-League: A game in crisis

Wanderers are effectively the Eels slaves now. I wonder why they were avoiding playing at the new stadium other than to help out the Eels. If you look at their whole history its been playing every game at Parramatta with the Eels leagues club getting the business including the ACL final which made no sense. That cost the club millions then they agreed to a development timetable which handed the Eels everything on a platter. When it comes to the new stadium deal you see Parramtta still going off to ANZ stadium to get the cash. The other thing that made no sense is why they are playing so many game at Spotless over ANZ, if you play at ANZ and you get a big wad of cash regardless of the crowd which is why rugby leagues clubs play there. Again they seem to serving the interest of the Giants ahead of themselves, because I think the Giants get the cash in part of the season.

Do the Western Sydney Wanderers still have fans?

It would be a lot more sensible to have a competition in the east combining with the north east of the US which seems more the plan with the teams they have.

The future of rugby league In Canada

It would be foolish to get rid of Folau over these comments. While it would certainly be good for the Wallabies chances as Folau is a big liability in defence and tackle shy they were incredibly dumb to sign him up again to a long lucrative contract.
I suspect Folau’s agent has been getting him to do it, Folau only signed up again probably because he failed to get a more lucrative contract in the over paid leagues in Europe and Japan, so I suspect now an offer has come up. Then Folau can double his money he can get a pay out of his long contract and sign elsewhere. What Wayne Bennet was trying to pull of in the move to Souths as well, though he did it by conning the other coach to switching and then pretending he didnt want to. Even then Wayne Bennet stands to gain only one year of his contract.

Folau slammed over anti-gay comments

Australia is obsessed with the US and the US is obsessed with itself.
So if an Australian makes the NFL its big news here but if the reverse happened a college American football player went to play rugby league here no one would care in the slightest in the US. The NFL while it doesn’t have the following the NBA has around the world , considering the sport is hardly played around the world versus basketball they do get foreign income. A lot of that is actually down to Us movies and TV shows which means the rest of the world is quiet familiar with American sports. Everyone knows about American football despite never playing it, and baseball while its a big sport in some countries its known in countries where its not played because of that. Now thanks to Teen Wolf more people around the world know about Lacrosse around the world.
The AFL has been trying to get foreign players as some sort of way of expanding their profile, but no one knows the sport exists.
I think the rewards in this exercise are there for the NFL . I think there are incentives with sponsors for big name players to have a go at the NFL , whereas rugby league will get nothing in return.

Where's the American Valentine Holmes?

The aim of this is to promote the NFL in other countries.
Holmes is a long shot, the token spot is good for publicity and their programme.

Valentine Holmes officially has an NFL team

Both wrong. MV average attendance was over 14k in the first season, FOxtel paid a paltry amount 2 million for 3 seasons, because they were going to show every match.
There was some issue with one match not being broadcast live cant remember why.
Foxtel have just committed harikari, I think to compensate Telstra for taking the cricket away from mobile, they gave them the A-league. They got no boost from the cricket, meanwhile I saw a report saying Telstra’s sport has shot through the roof.
I think they dont understand the market, few are going to subscribe to Foxtel for the Big Bash, and one dayers and T20’s it would take test cricket to do it. The A-league on the other hand a large proportion obviously will make do with the Telstra app and Kayo.
They basically shot themselves in both feet with the deals they have done.
No wonder they are trying to argue themselves out of paying the expansion increase over a technacility because they were the ones who restricted the new teams to Melbourne and Sydney saying they will only pay an increase for those.

Some smarter decisions can help get the A-League back on track

The opposition had no problem scoring runs they got the total in under 14 overs.
At least Ben Stokes is in
from looking at the highlights of his innings he started off running well, you cant really tell from the highlights whether he maintained it.

Smith building World Cup form in IPL

His name came up in the comments to that article, the Australian media I think they called him Armenian a lot of the time ,maybe its because he was in the lighter classes. I don’t see Tszyu as an Australian as he arrived as an adult, and Darchinian arrived even later.Tszyu didn;t have as many title fights but he lost less .

Vic Darchinyan is Australia's greatest ever boxer

AFL has spent over a billion on expansion and still 90-95% of their supporters in the north east are people who migrated from AFL states. The biggest myth they have is they expanded for Tv rights, you get Tv rights for rating above the average not below it. So all of AFLs Tv money is derived from those states where the ratings are high, not a cent comes from expansion. Having one team in Sydney and Brisbane was sensible for the AFL, by expanding to four they basically are wasting 50 million a year. They would be losing another 20 million a year, if they did not have generous government funding and juicy stadium deals in the north east on top of that. The amount of money they have also pumped into schools to get them to play AFL is also huge. The AFl do have a lot of spare money because they take a large portion of the revenue from Melbourne and put it into expansion.
Rugby league in Sydney is propped up by the leagues clubs and ANZ stadium. Neither can be moved to Perth or anywhere else, because the NRL dont pocket the leagues club revenue, and the get payed to play deals at ANZ are not available elsewhere.
Rugby league needs to expand touch not rugby league. Australian parents are now amongst the most mollycoddling of all, in contrast to NZ parents.
The other thing it needs to do is do everything it can to alter the worse stadium deals in the country in Queensland, so the Titans dont go broke the umpteenth time.
Giving Queensland another team when they shamelessly take advantage of teams like the Titans while subsidising the AFL is beyond foolish.

The NRL must forget its suburban Sydney past

Look as far as I am concerned anyone who believes AFL participation figures is at the same level as flat earthers. Participation figures are not like money, you can produce a dodgy set of money figures but you wont have the money whereas participation there is nothing stopping anyone making any figures up. What penalties are there for making false sporting participation, none and no one has ever been prosecuted for it.
The important thing for those who make a living off the AFL expansion money is to keep telling everyone its growing its taking over, when there was better standard AFL comp in Sydney in the 70’s. Thats because if many of the people that moved from AFL states are now going to the Swans matches here there are fewer left to play.
Its good for the Sydney economy that the AFL is pumping the money in, but really Sydney should be making the AFL pay more on top of that.

What can we learn from the AFL and FFA's participation rates?

Fielding is shared amongst the fielders. In test cricket when you have a lot of slips you might get someone being the only fieldsman on the leg side and they have to run a fair bit. Swinging the bat it would be tiring if you were facing a bowling machine in the nets delivering ball after ball in quick succession. Running between the wicket is something you can choose your effort level in from Ranatunga run as slow as possible to Dean Jones sprinting to pressure the fieldssman. The innings are shorter in T20 while they score a lot of singles and twos its about the same as one day cricket, the biggest difference is the percentage of boundaries and sixes. So if your concentrating on scoring boundaries there is less emphasis on the running between the wickets. IPL they run less twos and threes than the BBL.

The marathon IPL will hurt India's World Cup chances

You and Clipper need to wake up that the AFL is a big Rugby League supporter. Do you notice any of the paid guys spending time on the rugby league tab.
Thats because rugby league is doing itself in, so the AFL have the media now promoting that sport particularly the players extra curiccular activities, all the AFl have done is get Prendergast to the rugby league players association to help players misbehave by defending the right to Mad Monday and other stuff.
Rugby league at least has touch which develops the key skills for both rugby codes with no contact . Instead of using their resouces to promote the superior skill forming non contact version of the game to parents they now have few willing to let their kids play rugby league. Most of their participation numbers are touch and tag and rugby union uses the same players as well in its numbers.
If you want factual information you need to get a nationwide team of observers going to every sports ground to see what is happening rather than what is being said to happen. Whenever I see rugby posts and AFL posts in Sydney the ground is usually empty. Even Baseball they are packed with parents and kids in contrast. Touch and tag they pack in 5 games to a single field, while they might not have a lot of locations they can get a lot of people in one space.

What can we learn from the AFL and FFA's participation rates?

T20 cricket is not taxing. What other format do old players keep playing on as much as T20. I think there is a reverse issue, fitness levels can slip because players dont bat as long and run as much between the wickets and the bowlers dont bowl too long spells. The question can the Indian squad do the additional fitness training they will need at the same time as the IPL.

The marathon IPL will hurt India's World Cup chances

Mark Waugh was a terrible middle order player in large part when he first came to the crease he was full of energy and his running between the wickets was erratic. By moving to opener that was fixed because he would hit boundaries when the field was up and then he was too tired to do any stupid running later on. If you look at his batting by position his average lower in the order was terrible.
BY world cup figures Gibbs should be in there over Ponting or Kallis.Vettoris figures are average. Shane Bond was a great bowler he just happened to be fit for the world cup and injured at other times so why he is excluded is beyond me should be in over Donald.

My World Cup XIs with a difference – Part 1

AFL used to have a decent competition in Sydney before the Swans,,
I knew some of the people that used to play in it and they were from interstate and moved to Sydney to do their Phds.
by bringing in the Swans they derailed the competiton and now they must just watch the Swans instead.
Jubilee Oval at Glebe I go past their heaps and seen AFL only being played once and they were well short of players.
Someone told me they were going to go back to playing AFL to get free to tickets to the Swans and they were in their 20’s. Maybe thats where all the AFL players in Sydney are they register for the free tickets and dont turn up.

What can we learn from the AFL and FFA's participation rates?

In Sydney
AFL would be behind cricket, touch,tennis, golf, basketball, baseball in participation of organised sports.
Even hockey, I suspect has more.
The numbers are just imaginary.
Even in the AFL states they exagerrate shamelessly but in the north east its a complete work of fiction.

What can we learn from the AFL and FFA's participation rates?