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Because it was so easy last time?
Third in the group , late winner in first play off.
Asia cup 2019, Australia were 2nd in their group with 6 groups.
round of 16 penalties .lost in the quarter finals.

Don’t panic, Australia will qualify for the World Cup

Saudi Arabia has 2 wins so its very much up in the air, when you have one of the rich oil countries there is a history of suspicious things happening to aid them , last time around it was Thailand despite being a dead rubber for them played with desperation against Australia in Melbourne.
Saudi Arabia then comes second on goal difference.
The win against Vietnam was absolutely crucial.

Don’t panic, Australia will qualify for the World Cup

six figures per week?
I think its insane to pay a player 20 times more than their marketing value.
A lack of emerging world wide talent has meant old players are being hung on to and being overpaid.
When the A-league first started old players overseas were discarded quite rightly.
The list of names the A-league got was incredible, but then you had China, the MLS all get in on the act and now all these famous older players are expecting top dollar.
Dwight Yorke was paid a third of Honda, and Honda had little marquee value.
The FFA putting money into Honda was a disaster, while the marketing was non existent at the same time.
The marquee boat has sailed its no longer viable. Bolt would have been cheaper and attracted huge crowds and ratings. Single dumbest decision in A-league history not to have Bolt as a marquee, the AFL would have been soiling its pants at the prospect of Bolt being in the A-league.

Is Jack Wilshere on his way to the Newcastle Jets?

Based on his first season performances I thought he was going to be a star and he should have got a lot more game time. Second season he didnt look as good but still promising. Last season he looked ordinary, he has the same dodgy look that Tomic has. The shame is that Sydney didnt give Tilio a look in ahead of him, I think a big factor In Tilio going to City was Ivanovic being ahead of him.

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

Its Fozza now?
When has Craig Foster ever been funny.
Bozza was cranky in recent A-league seasons.
If they had Zella instead of Bozza and it was on at a decent hour then I might be bothered.

'You can't bluff football fans': Rushden makes Stan debut alongside Bozza and Foz as UCL kicks off

I didnt say Veart was under pressure I said he was likely to fail. teenagers and middle age men gives you a good average but its a disaster on the field..
Kisnorbo is the reverse likely to win the league, he wouldnt feel the slightest pressure at the moment, but if he starts losing the pressure will mount and mount.
In the unlikely scenario he ends up out of the finals I dont agree Kisnorbo will be safe.
Newcastle the advantage of losing your old overpaid players is having more to spend, looks to be very sensible spending so far on younger players, I think they will be top four on a budget.
Mariners they dont seem to have much of a squad, lost heaps of players, and their other foreign recruits are young guys on their last chance not expensive. Mueller if he went to Adelaide you would be saying he was a bargain because no one else wanted him. Cant tell whats going to happen with the Mariners at this stage.

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

UEFA makes the most money in world football, and they have have expanded and taken a bigger share of money . UEFA really is a big hypocrite in this with all their expanded competitions.
Europe doesn”t have any of the poorest countries so UEFAs money certainly doesn’t go to the neediest. Also Euro super league is a threat to UEFA money but not FIFA so it indicates UEFA has all the journos on side. Euro countries such as France and Spain being big beneficaries of Qatar is also ridiculous, its not considered corruption that France sold its vote to Qatar for the most money.
FIFA thats the only substantial source of money for the poorer nations, the rewards in the other confederations are small to non existent.
Dont expect South America to join Europe either, South America gets more money from Mexico and the USA than its ever gotten from Europe.

Has brand Tim Cahill now become brand FIFA?

Coricas hair had plenty of grey in 2005 when he arrived from overseas not the most astute observation, Sydney haven;t spent big , so Corica is in a comfy position he could get the wooden spoon no problem I predicted they would stuggle to make the finals and Corica came 2nd, the biggest issue is Corica being recruited overseas, whereas even Kisnorbo while the chances of him not making the finals with that squad are close to zero there is no doubt if he does fail to make the finals he gets the chop, the coaches under pressure are those who are spending big Robinson and Milicic.

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

I think Robinson could come unstuck because of his obsession with a back three even though he has recruited heaps of talent.
Montgomery recruiting Mueller sign he is going to fail.
Veart would not have made the finals without the recruitment of Craig Goodwin which was after the season started. So trying to guess at such an early stage is a waste of time. I think Veart is the one who is likely to fail.
The other thing is young players coming through. City were the team that brought through the best youngsters 4 having a break through season .

Is your A-League side's manager safe, or under the pump in 2021-22?

freudian slip. Hooper would make a better boxer than SBW. Cooper was born in New Zealand.
If your born in Australia to New Zealand parents you automatically become a citizen on your 10th birthday. Lomax was born in Australia might be an Australian citizen.

Citizen Quade: 'To not know if I could come home was a daunting feeling,' says 'grateful' star

Falling over antics and abuse of refs?
NRL and AFL sums it up these days as well.
Rugby synchronised falling over in the scrums with the feed to milk penalties.
Even the cricket Steve Smiths whining over the shoulder brush was pathetic.
Olympics Dellavadova whining like a baby because of a slight grab on his arm.
If you want to avoid that watch womens sport seems to be a men only phenomenon.
Cricket is bigger in more countries than rugby .
West Indies is about half the countries in the Carribean thats about a dozen and they play as a combined team.
Whereas rugby has Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Cook Islands in the Pacific.

Rugby's greatest strength can make it Australia's number one international sport

Well I actually have some issues with Hooper mainly because of his boxing one opponent he had was clearly ridiculous, fighting an overweight weakling who looked like he had the muscle of a lightweight didnt impress me along with the hyperbole attached to it all. Gallen gets my respect he doesn’t shy away from the same level opponents and he even took on a high level boxer who was a lot younger than him and higher level.
His off field issues less concern some people can get drunk and do highly inappropriate things, Ricky Ponting for example and be great otherwise.
Hooper and Genia they could have applied when they were in Australia is it because of the travel restrictions that they started to apply for citizenship while overseas.

Citizen Quade: 'To not know if I could come home was a daunting feeling,' says 'grateful' star

The problem with Ronaldo is he considers himself above defensive work and doesn’t cover for others, he presses a bit but only at the front, having a good set of abs accentuated by a good tan doesn’t mean a player has a good workrate , dont see Ronaldo puffing dont know how fit he is but he doesn;t work on the field , once you go to 10 men then you need to take Ronaldo off first priority.
Not that I watched this match I am just speculating based on watching Ronaldo in the past, as its my policy now no a-league no sub.
As I pointed out the two most sub par players in terms of distance covered per minute excluding center backs in the world cup in Brazil was Messi followed by Ronaldo.
SBW rugby career based on looks and abs with Adidas wanting him in the All Blacks for marketing hoodies and sportswear at least Ronaldo is a world class finisher scoring heaps of goals what SBW was useful for in rugby was beyond me, and SBW also lacked fitness you could tell really easily in rugby sevens and boxing. That middle aged South African boxer not only didnt have abs he has a massive gut and yet was fitter than SBW.

Ronaldo scores but sting in the tail as insipid 10-man United shocked by Young Boys

The problem with the Socceroos is the travel even though they are the highest paid national team though low compared to any top level wage in Europe the disruption with the travel is why every coach advises them against the Socceroos and to join other national teams, the players Australia has picked up is because they couldn’t make other teams and Australia swooped in .
Addressing the travel issue is extremely important, instead of doing that Australia have head in the sands because Arnie needs an excuse to cover failures. What we should be doing is fixing the travel issue. The way to fix is instead of playing two games home and away, we should be playing two games at home one time and two games away the next. Single games away would be best.Also we should be trying to play consecutive away games in the same region so two in the Middle East or two in East Asia.
The air conditioned stadium in Qatar is a total game changer we have the perfect excuse to use it now

Cristian Volpato is set to tear it up for AS Roma – and possibly turn his back on Australia

Everyone can watch free to air thats the biggest audience.
Being on a platform with heaps of other choices with a big entry cost which never advertisers your league is completely worthless. If it was attracting viewers the ratings would have gone up not down.
The big question is Channel 10 going to bother to promote it.
They did spend about a quarter of their promotion on the Big bash for six months of the year.
The A-league at the start had more media coverage on free to air, in combination with more advertising on free to air, thats why it succeeded not because of Foxtel. Remember it was Lowy and the FFA who paid for the initial successfull promotion. Foxtel got the rights for next to nothing at the start and did nothing to promote it.

How should Australian football use the new media deal to grow the game?

Muller was a shining light for the Wanderers?
Last season the coach played him mostly from the bench not that other players were better, he was ok but the Wanderers would have had him on big bucks so it was a big failure relative to the likely outlay , if the Mariners are paying substantial money to him I would put it in the opposite category.
I think taking chances on players who haven;t been give a go in their early 20’s is what every A-league club should be doing. Its worth a gamble.
Wenzel Halls he looked like once he got a deal he slacked off last season. If he plays at 100% he can be a nuisance.
Topor Stanley ages well unlike some other players namely Wilkinson. How many old play makers do they need.
Adelaide United, Ansell would be good if he was not injured so often, you make the point about Strain well Lopez was a right sided player for his whole career.
Phoenix I think they should just have put Ball as their striker, while he might not be as good a finisher his workrate was much better than Hooper . You mean Tim Payne as the right back but he can also play midfield, Fenton can play as a winger as well dont see what the big point is about bringing another young player as a right back. The best thing they could do is let Talay recruit more young players he has a great eye for talent.
Sydney Fc I disagree about Kamsoba, he has a good workrate and still young enough that he can improve . Barbarouses is the most important player at Sydney FC currently and from Victory. Ben Warland is good ball playing defender but hasn;t got the pace to compensate the back pedalling Wilkinson but neither did McGowan, even fast defenders would struggle.
Perth having two old goalkeepers isn’t relevant , they dont play together, having too many old players elsewhere is a huge issue.

How has your club tackled this A-League off-season? Part 1

No doubt from the SA point of view Cooper is currently the top no 10 in the world ,
goal kicking wasn’t his strong point in the past,
maybe his kicking has improved in Japan more likely this was a one off and certainly the right day to do it with that referee .

SA View: 'Rest of rugby world scratches our heads at dismissive treatment of Cooper'

They cant spear a few minutes to make an 10 sec ad with the start time of matches that sounds like baloney to me. Six months before the BBL they 24/7 ads. This does not sound credible.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

The All Blacks biggest weakness outside of choking, was the line outs in that era.
The psychologist for choking when are they hiring him, still an issue.

Why the Wallabies must re-institute free-flowing rugby

Wallabies brought in Mick Byrne in 2016. The AFL coaches couldnt teach Folau to kick and neither could Mick Byrne.

Why the Wallabies must re-institute free-flowing rugby

The only problem with Hooper is he is too tolerant on his teammates and does their work for them on the field and tries to be everywhere.
If he was bigger then he wouldnt be able to cover as much ground, and a tradtional no 7 is not going to compensate for all the team weaknesses as much as Hooper.

WILL GENIA: 'I don't get the Hoops hate - he goes balls out for 80 minutes every time'

The Wallabies can provide the showcase to rope someone in if Cooper has been let go by his Japanese club, Foley might be in this situation next year or 2 years time expect him to return when he needs to as well. There is a simple solution to this if a player moves overseas then really they should be able to make themselves available for the Wallabies in their off season, with minimal payment, saving the money for Australian based players. If they dont want to play for the Wallabies in their off season then none of this coming back for a showcase when they feel like it or are off contract, and no returning to super rugby either.

CONFIRMED: Quade Cooper returns for Wallabies at No.10, Rodda starts, two debutants

Just on a side note, it mentions Swarbrook not only has scored the slowest 50 in first class cricket,
it says he took all 10 wickets twice , all 10 wickets to me means 10 wickets in an innings that sounded a bit out there to me, it turns out that he took 10 wickets in a match twice in his career not 10 wickets in an innings twice.
Slowest 50 in test cricket is 6 hours, not sure why you would be hanging longer in first class cricket, maybe they got 1 point for a draw 2 for a win in those days in South Africa. South African cricket seemed to have more money to attract foreign players even though cricket was only popular with English speaking white South Africans and Asians in that era, and even then the Asians could not play with whites.

The remarkable school days that helped shape quiet and profound Siya Kolisi into an icon

Teams parking the bus is not unusual but not with all the following criteria.
Rarely do they have double the chances parking the bus over the team attacking.
Rarely do you see a much shorter team park the bus and hardly any crosses go in.
Rarely do you see a much taller team against a parked bus go for tiki taka into the goal.
The ultimate cherry on top is all that happened on a cow paddock of a pitch.

'We can outplay any team': Socceroos off to a flyer after back-to-back wins

We have more creative players now than at any time in the past though mostly physically challenged. Mooy was good when he was younger, but now he is clearly past it gone to China. Also his game does not work with Rogic. Now we are playing Hrustic out of position to accomodate Rogic and Mooy Hrustic should be top priority as out best creative player and also capable physically.
Okon would not rate him as creative enough , Rhys Williams best creative passer from the back since Zelic. He seems to be ignored. He was the best to fulfill the Ange ball fantasy but not picked by him.
Petratos, Antonis both creative and both good physically ignored.
Petratos is actually our top scoring midfielder playing in the Saudi league where Duke struggled to score recently.
Amini, Clut are the sorts either injured or lazed off and cant be bothered. Amini sub par career then injury . Clut cant even stay in the A-league
Kewell more in the tricky players that can beat players one on one. Not something again Australia used to produce but now we have a lot of them. Kewell who was super fast and worked hard to improve when he played for Australia in 1997 he wasn’t anywhere as good.
Arzani has the full range of tricks beats players, his passing though is erratic, he is lazy.
He was great at a young age, but hasn;t improved.
if he trained hard and worked on his fitness I think he could play any level.
Thats the main issue, is it more drug use these days, is it the life style is it the easy money, going to Asian clubs and taking it easy partying. The Golden Generation had to work so much harder to succeed, most of the players who went to Europe were on next to nothing, where someone like Amini was on a big contract and thats maybe why he did nothing in the end.
We also have heaps of other players around the world I dont have a clue about.
Petrillos why haven’t we seen him either, Bulgaria is a good level. There are lot of Australians around the world, and both Ange and Arnie dont seem to want to pick them. They should make it like the hunger games you get a go and if you dont play well then off you go. Is it the agents they have not being friends of the coaching staff, when you have agents and their circles it can lead to incredible amounts of bias against players and irrational support of other as we see from that Adelaide crazy.
Degenek the number of stuff ups this guy has done and he is part of the furniture under both Ange and Arnie not even top ten of current center backs. Taggart hasn’t performed for the Socceroos yet kept around.

'We can outplay any team': Socceroos off to a flyer after back-to-back wins