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Double standards when it comes to the Olympics

There’s been numerous negative stories in the lead up to the London Olympics – from weightlifters allegedly holding their team to ransom, swimmers posing with guns, questionable equestrian team selections, married shooters not being able to share a room due to money disputes and differences between air travel for men and women athletes.

It took until the final hour of the test to win. It took over a whole day’s play. England wasn’t that far off saving the match.

And its clear you dont understand test cricket or how a draw works. You could have a lead of 750 runs but if the opposition is 9/150 at the end of the 5th days play then its a draw.

How many runs you lead by is irrelevant if you dont dismiss all 10 batsmen in the opponents 2nd innings.

Fact is Australia had trouble and almost choked getting those 10 wickets. Struggling to get 8 wickets on a 5th day of a test isn’t a good sign. Fact is this Australian team struggles to finish off games and thats definitely a mental thing.

Australia retain Ashes in a thriller

Do you understand what a draw is in test cricket?

Australia retain Ashes in a thriller

I take it “Thriller” is a euphemism for Australia almost did choking in consecutive tests.

Australia retain Ashes in a thriller

No Australia choked. It was an Australian Swimming/Greg Norman level of choking.

Did England win the third Test, or did Australia just hand it to them?

Says a lot about you as a person that you think its acceptable a violent thug like Ben Stokes should play cricket while Smith, Warner and Bancroft who rubbed a cricket ball with sandpaper should be banned.

Stokes revives Ashes with extraordinary match-winning ton

Bring back Steve Smith ASAP as captain.

Make him captain for the 4th test.

Stokes revives Ashes with extraordinary match-winning ton

Of course it wasn’t rigged.

But if you find it hard to believe Australians aren’t massive chokers in sport … We’ve perfected choking.

Stokes revives Ashes with extraordinary match-winning ton

No sane or intelligent person expected the Wallabies to win.

Bledi hell! Wallabies walloped by brilliant All Blacks

Remember when England shocked Australia in the 2005 ashes and then the Aussie players waited with baseball bats for the 2006-07 ashes?

I think its going to be similar. A lot of pain for the Wallabies. Only question is “will the AB’s spend that much energy pulverizing the Wallabies in a world cup year?” No team who has won the tri-nations/rugby championship has ever won the world cup. Australia have been the 2011 and 2015 tri-nations/rugby champion winners while the ABs have won the world cup. So the AB’s might take it a bit easier on us.

All Blacks vs Wallabies: Bledisloe 2 preview and prediction

Every qualifying campaign for the world cup and euros.

Anyone but the All Blacks

Don’t change a winning side?

Seriously? That’s the amateurish thinking that counts as “analysis” in 2019?

There are massive flaws in the Australian team. Just because England has their own and had a bowler go down after 30 mins of play doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and improve the side.

Australia needs to take the same XI to Lord's

What a great champion. Unfortunately her accomplishments will go unnoticed because people are too focused on the humdrum of the boring and bloated AFL/NRL.

Pearson to retire from athletics: report

5 golds is a better result and 4 of those were in relays. I doubt we will replicate that result in the relays in Tokyo where the Americans will no doubt improve. One good thing was that all 5 golds were are also events that will be in the Olympic swimming schedule.

The mens 4x100m freestyle is still as hopeless as ever. McEvoy is a bigger disappointment than Magnussen. McEvoy’s leadoff time in the 4×100 free final was 6th fastest among the 8 teams. His days as a top swimmer are finished.

Ariarne Titmus was our only individual gold medallist and while she did a great time to win Ledecky was ill and Titmus will have to improve by well over 1 second in the 400m free to have a chance of beating Ledecky in Tokyo.

Its been clear for years now the the Campbell sisters, while nice and fantastic people I’m sure, don’t have what it takes mentally to win individual gold at the Olympics.

I don’t see the women earning any individual gold at Tokyo which will mean that it will be the 3rd Olympics in a row that the women will not win any individual gold medals.

Takeaways from the 2019 Swimming World Championships

I agree with you to a degree but it was Chinese swimming authorities and FINA that have bent the rules for Sun. Not the whole country.

But I notice there is a double standard in Australia when criticising dopers from other countries. The biggest dopers in world sport right not by a massive margin is the British cycling team. Now, I know cycling is a dirty sport, always has been and always will be, but how many outraged Aussies do you see about TUE abuse and jiffy bags and BS excuses about asthma medication etc? None. Quite the opposite. A lot of Australians I talk to will rush to defend the British and suggest no way would the British ever cheat or dope.

Aussie swimmer fails doping test: report

No, you’re completely wrong and making fallacies out of false equivalencies.

Of course Swimming Australia would want to keep it quiet until after the World Championships had finished. Delaying announcing it a couple of weeks is hardly the equivalent of not announcing it all, handing down a joke 3 month suspension that doesn’t cover any major meets and then only telling FINA after it had all been done and dusted.

I don’t really care if Jack claims innocence. The drugs were in her body regardless and she will face suspension and as you point out she will miss 2020 Olympics regardless. She might come back but I don’t think she will be warmly greeted back into the swimming team.

Australia’s record in doping isn’t perfect but its better than most major Olympic countries. The disgrace that is Gatlin is still running and will be at the athletics world championships. The British cycling by far are the biggest dopers in world sport. China’s record in swimming and of couse virtually all Russians doping and tampering with samples at 2014 Sochi. Virtually every top male Jamaican sprinter except Bolt has been busted at some point.

Aussie swimmer fails doping test: report

Theres been no cover-up. These things take time. B samples have to be tested, WADA, FINA, Swimming Australia etc have to communicate etc.

Australia is not hypocritical. We’re not asking for special circumstances. Jack will be fully punished and in all likelihood will never swim for Australia again.

Aussie swimmer fails doping test: report

Obviously you have no idea on how these things work.

Horton came second to Jack McLoughlin in the 400m freestyle at the trials. He didn’t meet Swimming Australia automatic qualifying time of 3:46.14 finishing 3:46.47. Since Horton was already on the 4x200m team Swimming Australia decided to send Horton anyway.

That automatic qualifying time of 3:46.14 was set by Swimming Australia – not FINA. It is an arbitrary time set by Swimming Australia where if you finish in the top 2 and beat the qualifying time you are automatically on the team. If you don’t beat the time and you finish in the top 2 its up to Swimming Australia if you go to the world championships.

Basically you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Mack Horton's stance is about much more than a problem with Sun Yang

I can guarantee you Jack will not get a 3 month “ban” that is swept under the rug and not publicly announced until after the suspension was server.

The issue is the different rules certain big name swimmers from China get from FINA and the rules the rest of the swimmers have to face.

Aussie swimmer fails doping test: report

Ireland wont get 181+ runs in the 4th innings to well but they’re put up a great fight. If their lower order had put on 20 more runs in the first innings I think they would have won. As it is they’re going to basically almost score the same in the 2nd innings as their 1st which is unlikely batting last.

Ireland eye historic win as England collapse again

That was my reaction as soon as I saw Tracey Holmes’ name.

I like her last paragraph:”To be called a drug cheat is sport’s worst slur. If the public is to have faith in athletes, then athletes need to be able to have faith in the system that tests them.
There is still another chapter to play out in the case of Sun — in the pool and out — but what we know right now is that an independent investigation found the swimmer hasn’t failed a drug test, and that the anti-doping system has failed him.”

Nowhere in the article does she mention that Sun has already served a suspension for taking banned substances. A suspension where the Chinese swimming authorities didn’t even notify FINA. That whole thing was suspicious.

Holmes seems to be unaware of Sun’s past. Just another reason the ABC is just as bad and useless as the Murdoch media. In many ways worse.

Mack Horton's stance is about much more than a problem with Sun Yang

Firstly Sun wont be banned. When the story broke months ago I knew straight away he was going to be cleared. Too much $$ is at stake here for FINA and the IOC. China is so important to the IOC as China is one of the few major markets, along with the US, where the Olympics are bigger than the football world cup.

Even if by some miracle Sun is banned then FINA would have already pocketed the $. Pretty simple.

Mack Horton's stance is about much more than a problem with Sun Yang

I don’t see what cricket has to do with swimming. The actions of Australian cricket players has no bearing on Horton’s actions.

As for who are we? Well, Mack Horton is an Olympic gold medallist and quite a good swimmer and I’m guessing he and fellow swimmer Duncan Scott know a lot more about whats going on than you do.

Lets face it, bodies like FINA, IOC, IAAF and in football FIFA haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory over the years. If the main point of your comment is that we should trust FINA because they’re an honest and capable body then I’m afraid your comment isn’t going to convince many people.

I would like to point out no one has any issues with fellow Chinese swimmer Xu Jiayu winning gold.

Mack Horton's stance is about much more than a problem with Sun Yang

Sounds like you’re repeating BS from Yang’s camp. Apparently one of the nurses wasn’t accredited to operate in the province Sun was in. Big effing deal.

They did not lack “authorisation” and there is no evidence their conduct was “suspicious” other than Sun’s claims which are obviously biased.

Even if the vials were taken incorrectly its not up to the athlete to destroy them but for FINA and WADA to handle and dispose of the samples and take new ones.

But ask yourself this simple question: If a swimmer from South Africa or Estonia had done this do you think they would have got away from it?

Mack Horton's stance is about much more than a problem with Sun Yang

It’s not that simple. For the world champs FINA can run things their way but what about the Olympics? The IOC run the Olympics, not the FINA. What if the IOC no longer recognises FINA as the bosses of swimming?

But why should swimmers who aren’t big name swimmers from China face a different set of rules? That is contradictory to FINA’s own rules. If FINA is going to make exceptions for big name Chinese swimmers then they should change their rules to reflect that.

Horton issued warning over podium protest

The Ashes comparison is ridiculous. Cricket Australia is the only national governing body to ever punish their own players for ball tampering. Faf du Plessis is a two time convicted ball tampering cheat who has not been banned from 1 day of cricket.

Warner, Smith and Bancroft’s punishment was unprecedented in the history of cricket. The only people who think it was inadequate are the clueless masses who have no idea. The ICC banned the trio for the 4th test against South Africa and that is all the punishment they should have received besides fines.

There is no requirement in international cricket for national governing bodies to handle punishments – that’s the ICC’s job. I mean what other cricketing body other than the idiots at Cricket Australia would ban their own players for 12 months?

Your argument might be analogous if it was 3 Indian players who got caught, lets pretend Kohli, Pujara and a youngster and they got no ban at all, not even a 1 test suspension from the ICC and then England decided to protest by not appearing with India at a post-match presentation.

Because that’s what this situation is – competitors from large and powerful country in that sport getting different treatment. No other swimmer from any other country would have got away with what Sun has. Just like the BCCI is bigger and more powerful and controls the ICC, Sun and Chinese swimming is bigger and more powerful than FINA. Both the Indian cricket team and Sun face a different set of rules in their respective sports than athletes from other countries in those sports.

Horton issued warning over podium protest