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Double standards when it comes to the Olympics

There’s been numerous negative stories in the lead up to the London Olympics – from weightlifters allegedly holding their team to ransom, swimmers posing with guns, questionable equestrian team selections, married shooters not being able to share a room due to money disputes and differences between air travel for men and women athletes.

You can point out tactical blunders by New Zealand but I wonder how much of New Zealand’s failure was mental.
Just like in rugby where the Wallabies have not just a skill and ability deficit against the All Blacks but a massive mental problem. I think the same with New Zealand in cricket.
New Zealand has won, what, 1 test match against Australia in how many years? And that test match was a nothing test match where Australia had already retained the Trans-Tasman trophy the test before and New Zealand couldnt win the series

Black Caps' tactics exposed on Aussie soil

yeah! Lets get rid of line-outs and reduce the amount of players to 13 and had a 6 tackle counter to the game.

Too right Richie! World Rugby need to get a grip on time-sucking scrums

Queensland isn’t broke. Its nonsense to say any state government is “broke”.

It doesnt have to be a 80,000 seat stadium, Rio had a 60,000 seat stadium. Or they could what they did in stadium and have temporary stadiums and then reduce the capacity after the games to 60,000

And the Brisbane Cricket Ground will need to be upgraded in the years to come regardless if Brisbane get the Olympics or not. A 35,000 capacity stadium (for Cricket, 37,000 for AFL) isn’t going to cut it for a city that will hit 3 million in the near future.

Only football, golf and tennis have bigger events outside of the Olympics. In the case of tennis the Olympics are still highly prized by players, up there with the 4 slams and the ATP Tour Finals. Plus tennis is always a well attended event at the Olympics. As for golf I don’t know, its too recently added but 2016 had some big names. I’m sure at Tokyo golf will be stronger.

Even though Olympic football is an under 23 event it still gets good crowds and attendance.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

The 3 most populated countries in the world care more about the Olympics than FIFA world cup. China, India and most importantly America. Look at what NBC paid to show Olympics compared to whoever shows world cup in USA.

So what if African and South American countries care more about the world cup?

Even if the Olympics are behind soccer in Europe the Olympics are still huge there.

Plus only 32 countries play in the world cup where as virtually every country on earth competes in the summer Olympics

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

ABS stats show Brisbane population of 2.5 million. Brisbane roughly adds 50, 000 people a year meaning a population of 3 million in 2032 is extremely likely.

11 million of the 11.3 million tickets were sold for London generating almost $1.3 billion AUD.

Gold Coast population in 2019 is around 670,000. By 2032 it will be close to 1 million giving Brisbane + Gold Coast a total population of 4 million.

My facts are very much correct.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

Complete nonsense. Greece’s problems are not the result of the Olympics.

London didn’t have “empty stadiums”. Quite the opposite.

As for the world cup we’re not getting that until 2046 at the absolute earliest.

As for the costs, read the article, a lot of the facilities are already built. Redevelopment of Brisbane Cricket Ground (‘Gabba) is due in the not too distant future regardless.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

Wrong. Number 6 should be number 1

Ten classic Australia versus New Zealand Test moments

I think this is great news. Under the current IOC rules Brisbane is the only Australia city capable of hosting the summer Olympics.
The IOC has made the bidding process easier and cheaper and are more flexible with hosting requirements. Considering Australia will not get a FIFA world cup before 2046 at the earliest (next world cup in Asia is 100% guaranteed to go to China) the Olympics is realistic target.
Will be interesting to see where the IOC go. Selecting Paris and LA for 2024 and 2028 was the safe decision after the financial problems of Rio. I don’t know if the IOC will be willing to risk an Olympics in India despite the financial gains for the taking.
Madrid doesn’t quite have much of the infrastructure built but the last time Spain hosted an Olympics was before Australia.
Singapore is an interesting bid. Singapore is a developed city/country in a developing region. That means the IOC gets the opportunity to have a summer Olympics in a developing region that hasn’t had it before but without the risks of having it hosted in a developing country. If Singapore can show they can have the infrastructure and ability to easily and economically host the Olympics they might be hard to beat.
Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr region could also be tough considering so much of the infrastructure and facilities are already built. Plus Germany hasn’t hosted an Olympic games since Munich 1972. I think the biggest obstacle for the Rhine-Ruhr region would be that Paris would have hosted in 2024 and London 2012 and the IOC might want to avoid having too many Olympics in one region. Between 1976-2002 North America had 6 Olympics (3 winter, 3 summer) and especially against America there was a backlash in the Olympic community.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

Giving tens of billions of dollars in tax cuts to the rich and corporations is a waste of money. The Olympics are not.

Many cities have benefited from hosting the Olympics. Sydney, LA, London, Barcelona, Seoul. The IOC tried to take the Olympics to developing countries and Rio was a mistake. As for Russia and the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics a lot of that was bankrolled by Putin’s oligarchs and Putin’s vanity.

Athens 2004 turned out to be a much better Olympics than people say but again it was the wrong city to host and was picked for nostalgic “feel good” reasons.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

We can easily afford to host the Olympics. If we can afford to give massive tax cuts to the 1% and big corporations we can easily afford to host the Olympics.
Brisbane 2.5 million people and the Gold Coast close to a million. Thats in 2019. By 2032 Brisbane will have over 3 millions and the Gold Coast well over 1 million bringing the total to almost 4.5 million.
Getting your facts right helps.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

The IOC is more flexible on this issue nowadays to reduce costs of the host.

Queensland confirm Olympic bid for 2032

Surely someone will break thought. Federer hasn’t won a slam in 2 years and I dont think its in him for another.

Nadal turns 34 in June 2020 and I dont think his body can last much longer.

Novak is only 33 in May so he’s going to be around for awhile longer.

But if the younger players can start winning Masters 1000 tournaments and push Novak and Rafa off the top of the rankings then they will have the top seeds going into the slams allowing them for easier runs to the semis. From there the impossible might and the big 3 lose.

Why Roger Federer's "Lost Generation" is about to find Slam success in 2020

Ever occur to you that the hacks at News Corp papers are liars and frauds?

99% of what the scum at Murdoch papers say are lies.

Why everyone got it wrong about Rugby Australia and Israel Folau

Its because like in everything else Australia is stubborn, slow and to be honest, stupid. Coaching staff and admin should have the data that the SCG is no “spinners” paradise.

Even the AFL and NRL have adopted data analytics. Cricket in Australia seems to be stuck in the Warne/Waugh era.

Cricket has always been a sport that has put myth before reality but I’ve been commenting about how the SCG is not a spinner’s pitch for years now.

Australia sucked in by myth of spin friendly SCG

Stop listening to Alex Jones. Next you’ll be raving that Bill Shorten ran a sex ring out of a pizzeria in Canberra.

Israel Folau attempts to clarify bushfire comments

At least you haven’t gone full Andrew Bolt. Never go full Andrew Bolt.

But I get the impression you’re the sort of person that goes his info from Alan Jones and the Daily Telegraph.

Israel Folau attempts to clarify bushfire comments

We all heard those rumours. Unfortunately with Pim’s death I doubt any players from that team will put it on the record.

Pim Verbeek deserves a place in the pantheon of Socceroos greats

Verbeek was terribly maligned as Australian manager. Not to say some of the criticism of Pim wasn’t warranted – his complete disregard of the A-League smacked of European, old world football elitism. As for that match against Germany, I remember looking at the line-up before the game and thinking “WTF is Verbeek doing???”

I think Verbeek biggest flaw was that he seemed to regard the big European countries unbeatable and footballing countries like Australia just too inferior to compete. His A-League views tie into this mindset.

Unfortunately Verbeek was never the guy that was going to lift Australia. He was great at getting Australia through the 2010 qualifying, our first in Asia. Theres no superpower European or South American nations in Asian qualifying so Verbeek was great getting us the wins.

But Verbeek received just not fair criticisms but nasty personal attacks from jingoistic and obnoxious Aussie football fans.

Pim Verbeek deserves a place in the pantheon of Socceroos greats

If Cooper actually cared about rugby he would have learned to tackle.

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

Yawn. Blame the top when the fact is the players aren’t good enough.

Sport is rapidly declining in Australia especially with boys and rugby has been hit the hardest.

But hey, change one administrator and magically the players will become more talented.

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

Junior rugby is more about North Shore mums socialising than rugby. The little attention paid to rugby is all about the exciting stuff of “running rugby” and none of those boring kicking, scrummaging stuff.

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

This is what I’ve heard from The Roar readers over quite a few years.

Cheika was the problem not the players.
McKenzie was the problem not the players.
Deans was the problem not the players.

Do you see a pattern here?

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika resigns after quarter-final loss

It took until the final hour of the test to win. It took over a whole day’s play. England wasn’t that far off saving the match.

And its clear you dont understand test cricket or how a draw works. You could have a lead of 750 runs but if the opposition is 9/150 at the end of the 5th days play then its a draw.

How many runs you lead by is irrelevant if you dont dismiss all 10 batsmen in the opponents 2nd innings.

Fact is Australia had trouble and almost choked getting those 10 wickets. Struggling to get 8 wickets on a 5th day of a test isn’t a good sign. Fact is this Australian team struggles to finish off games and thats definitely a mental thing.

Australia retain Ashes in a thriller

Do you understand what a draw is in test cricket?

Australia retain Ashes in a thriller

I take it “Thriller” is a euphemism for Australia almost did choking in consecutive tests.

Australia retain Ashes in a thriller