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I like the best of 3 finals. Being a West Aussie, I am more concerned about how Victorian clubs are advantaged in finals through the absolute bias by the AFL & the number of teams in Victoria. I don’t believe in reducing sides in Melbourne unless the AFL can convince a Melbourne team to go to Tasmania. Just make it fairer in the finals….fairer for teams & supporters who often get forgotten. So if there is a non-Victorian side in the GF, a best of 3 finals would allow 1 game to be played in a non-Victorian sides own state which is better for the team & the supporters. This would be a good start.

The AFL has a chance to reboot the competition

Not sure if I’ve missed an article on this, but how about an article on the impact on clubs list with potentially no games this year. How does this affect their list strategy. As an example, WCE got Kelly & are really in the window now. They also have a few stars who are getting close to the end. How does it impact on a club with a young list and what about a club with an old list.

Gillon McLachlan adamant all clubs will survive coronavirus shutdown

Sounds good, even as a West Australian I don’t want to see any teams no longer exist, even Vic ones. Must note though that Gill said there will 18 clubs. He didn’t say they would be in the same place as now. It maybe that the AFL sees Tasmania as a necessity but we can’t afford any more clubs. We will have to wait & see.

Gillon McLachlan adamant all clubs will survive coronavirus shutdown

Me neither…..may also provide another opportunity to trial a few changes to the current arrangements. Can see a grand final in Perth (if the oval is free) would trial having a GF out of Victoria & how an evening or night GF would be accepted by the eastern seaboard.

AFL open to Christmas grand final

I think I understand what you have said.
The players accept a huge payout is what is needed. They want infer & it ain’t as simple as a normal employee. Some examples.
1. Martins contract at Carlton is extremely front needed. Say he gets $1.5m in 2020, followed by &300k pa for the next 4 years. He’s hit is rediculous given his overall contract.
2. Contracts legally end I think in October. There is talk the comp could go past this date, best case. What happens then. Some players will be out of contract.
3. The AFL has stopped games until the end of May I think. But the players are taking an 80% pay cut for the year?

Some could say these things can be sorted over time. Having been involved in contracts, know the issues up front is the only way.

Caroline Wilson bakes Jack Riewoldt for bringing bushfire relief match into pay cut dispute

The players aren’t saying no….they just want more info. In fact I think they accept they will have a bl@@#y big wage reduction. There are so many variables between the various contracts and the likely way 2020 will play out, so there is nothing wrong with that. As usual, played up to make a story. Let’s wait to see the final outcome.

Caroline Wilson bakes Jack Riewoldt for bringing bushfire relief match into pay cut dispute

And I add to this…..Gill & his executive are only taking a 20% pay cut.

Jack Riewoldt responds to Leigh Matthews' savage claim he's 'lost respect' for players in pay dispute

I think you are right saying 2020 is Gill McLachlan’s greatest challenge. And I agree the AFL can make a big contribution. They need to look inwards to make sure the sport across all comps in Australia is safe to move forward later, but they also need to look outwards to see how they can contribute now. What they do looking outwards could very well save them & all the comps future.

AFL should be a saviour, not a victim in difficult times

First comment didn’t make it so will try again.
I wonder if the highly paid, many in numbers, commentators are losing their income, or having it it drastically reduced.
I am not a fan of many of these past players who commentate on big salaries & normally talk more about their days rather than have an invite full comment on what’s actually happening in front of them.

Jack Riewoldt responds to Leigh Matthews' savage claim he's 'lost respect' for players in pay dispute

Have the self important past players that make a bucket of money, that think they are greater than the sport…..have they lost their jobs? Maybe this would be a positive from a terrible situation.

The American bloke who discovered AFL on the weekend is shattered it's shutting down

Nah……& I’m a Dockers supporter. Maybe a small fine at best.

'It warrants a week': The incident that has AFL greats calling for a Michael Hurley suspension

The Essendon CEO said that Essendon conducted a number of coronavirus tests last week as a precaution. How come Essendon have test kits? Shouldn’t they be in the community? Why is the AFL getting priority? I assume all clubs have access to kits.

Let's be grateful that we have Gill

Shorter quarters might become the norm.

Nathan Buckley believes shorter quarters suit Magpies

My issue with McLachlan is that he makes decisions (or is the mouthpiece for decisions) that have an adverse impact on lower leagues that only benefit the AFL.

Let's be grateful that we have Gill

Well said. The decision proves the game is not called the AFL. The AFL make decisions only for their league, not the rest of the Aussie Rules Footy sport.

Let's be grateful that we have Gill

I’ll bite. Zero years. The MCC & the AFL are not above everyone else….& everyone else are making changes as this is an unprecedented situation.

AFL grand final on a coronavirus collision course with T20 World Cup

That’s interesting. It maybe different for each state. I have been told that August is the peak for WA. Not sure if that is still the case though.

The AFL show must go on

Not sure why….no one will be there to experience it.

The AFL show must go on

I think you will find declaring a state of emergency triggers other legislation which gives the state more powers & able to spend money they otherwise couldn’t.

Into the unknown: A 2020 season preview

Not sure what all that means Sbb. But I think that Martin is a really good player but not number 1. 2 reasons.
1: both his Medals in the GFs were in pretty soft GF,S. So his attacking game was suited to these.
2: just because he has won a premiership doesn’t mean he is better than Fyfe, Danger or any others. He just played in a winning team. G Ablett Snr is a really good example of this.

The Roar’s AFL top 50 wrap: The full list, who voted for who, team of the top 50, plus best clubs

I actually believe 44 is about right……he is very good but not better than a number of midfield players. I wouldn’t put him in the top 5 Eagles players which means he can’t be in the top 20.

The Roar's AFL top 50 players: 20-11

You say Freo won’t see much progress. I agree Freo may not progress very much in 2020 compared to 2019 & it is hard to pick what they will do….but 2 wins for the year isn’t not much progress. It is going backwards in a big way.

AFL predictions for 2020

Not a player thing, but if the virus spreads then the AFL could do what other sports are doing….playing to an empty stadium.

UPDATE: Fremantle player cleared of coronavirus

I know many have different views, but I would have Prestia much, much higher.

The Roar's AFL top 50 players: 40-31

Agree, the end was a bit of a shambles. Although I can see journalistic licence, I mainly wanted to pint out you calling a group a motley crew. That is our real growth area, really good inexperienced group. I just hope J-Lo can develop them with the attacking brand.

AFL preview series: West Coast Eagles vs Fremantle Dockers