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What I mean in the article is the away teams are able to challenge the home teams much better than before. Take India’s loss in England and South Africa last year. The Series was equally balanced between the teams despite the series results tells us differently. The teams are now finding it easier than before is what my point is.

Why away Test victories are becoming the new norm

It’s so heartening to see Bumrah shining in whites. Bumrah crediting the Indian domestic cricket for his Melbourne spell was just icing on the cake. One thing Bumrah needs to be very cautious on must be his body. He is now playing all 3 formats for India and the management should make sure he stays fit for the important tours.

Jasprit Bumrah's rise to Test cricket dominance

Yes, Rahane has been poor in converting and above all, it hurts his confidence too. Getting to 40s consistently won’t help him in the longer run. He has to play those big Innings to retain his self confidence in the first place. Haven’t seen him winning a Player of the Match award for a long time.

Why Kohli is miles ahead of his own batsmen

Think is the left handed spinners have done better her recently than the rightys. Kukdeep’s wrongurns might come handy too.

Is the SCG still a spin-friendly track, or is it all just a myth?