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Delroy Alexander is the Chairman of the Sacred Sports Foundation, a not for profit charity based in the St. Lucia. He is a seasoned sports administrator and is a former Chicago Tribune senior investigative business reporter and a Pulitzer Prize nominee journalist. Founded by my brother and former Lincoln City and Macclesfield Town manager Keith Alexander, the Sacred Sports Foundation uses sport to working with disadvantaged Caribbean youth. As well as having partnered with the St. Lucia Football Association, the Foundation recently has secured important grants from UNESCO and the Australian Government among others. In 2013, the Foundation expects to host a major conference ,Sport in Black and White, focusing on actively looking for and implementing game changing solutions. We will be writing regularly on issues of importance to help spark the debate and to be a catalyst for change.

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February 2012
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Saint Lucia
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To the Gooners who think winning is their right

To the Gooners who think winning is their right

19 Apr 2017

I win almost 60 per cent of my games. I can and have rebuilt the club for you. I have sold my best players to build a fabulous new training ground and stadium.

No one cares about West Indies cricket anymore

No one cares about West Indies cricket anymore

31 Jan 2017

There was a time, long ago, when the West Indies cricket team really mattered to me.

Racism in Poland and Ukraine catalyst for change

13 Jun 2012

It can be so easy to jump on a bandwagon, particularly when it comes to race relations.

Is there racism at an executive level in football?

21 Apr 2012

As I openly pondered what it would take to put together a bid for ailing Glasgow Rangers with some friends the other day, I was stunned by the laughter ringing in my ears.

Football’s unifying power

23 Mar 2012

Football should be proud of the way it responded to a difficult situation So often when we talk about the power of football we typically think in sporting terms. That outrageous ability of the game to evoke passionate emotions, both positive and negative, in fans, players, administrators, even officials.

Capello and Terry's race row shows an ugly English reflection

12 Feb 2012

It would be easy to criticise former England manager Fabio Capello for his team’s poor performances. But why waste time? Had he not resigned, he should have been fired by the Football Association for his embarrassing and damaging response to what should have been a routine decision.