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@ Corne Van Vuuren

this is an interesting conundrum

Saffas are being excluded – so it is said – by NZ becoz of travel restrictions in 2021.

but doesnt joining Pro 14 also involve travel ??

and those countries are also kind of touch about Corona.

the heikecken cup matches were played in near empty stadia

the reffing was done by just one neutral and touchies from host country.

in the middle of all that suddenly England stopped the plan to let fans come in thousands.

so how does all that transpire in future?

and even if the saffa teams are allowed in europe – how ill they travel or will they stay in bubbles and how will that affect them ?

there used to be something like 20 games per season in pro 14 – now pro 13. how many matches will saffa teams have to play?

im curios to know if pro 14 have accepted saffa teams already?

if not this will be jumping the gun and looking silly

Super Rugby as we know it all but over after South Africa votes to quit, send teams to Europe instead

@ Old Bugger

The impact of the Aratipu report was to provide alternatives to consider. Covid’s impact allowed NZR and its provincial base, to pursue those alternatives to, at the very least, have some rugby format played, within its borders.

We’ve seen the first alternative (SR Aotearoa) and now, we’re witnessing the second (Mitre 10). ”

Sorry i have no idea of this report – BUT how is Miter 10 a result of Corona restrictions ??

Miter 10 has always been played in side NZ among NZ teams and no foreign teams were involved as far as i know ( im not a new zealander).

other than Pete Samu i cannot think of any aussy players who was in miter 10 the lase couple of seasons – but i may be wrong !!

Super Rugby as we know it all but over after South Africa votes to quit, send teams to Europe instead

what use is that? keep hammering them 50 – 0 a test?

after a while the novelty will wear off.

japan is a good team but their golden generation is gone IMHO.

the problem for SH teams is that their good teams are far away from each other – unlike in Europe where the time is minimal compartively.

Super Rugby as we know it all but over after South Africa votes to quit, send teams to Europe instead

@ Geoff Parkes

not just SANZAAAAR – think of Pro 13 ( now) that will become Pro 16.

i very much doubt all of those countries will want to have a one year trial run with a tournmanet that will be complicated and then go back to previos version.

there are deals within deals in Pro 13 where by teams from one country have to play each other number of times and have to play in their countries a number of times and play each other a number of times – etc etc. its far more complex than the super rugger schedule.

also when 4 saffa teams join it will require them to be based in Europe for longer as all other teams are in europe . imaagine doing that just for one year.

onlything that will stop a continuation will be bankruptcy of teams as happened to Kings

Super Rugby as we know it all but over after South Africa votes to quit, send teams to Europe instead

Saffas have been in contact with pro 14 for at least 10 years if not more.

when the Cheetahs and Kings joined pro 14 in 2017 ( i think ) Reuters called it the worst kept secret of the year !!!

it will be interesting to see what bargaining power they hold in an already established setup

the teams already in Pro 14 will not like their deals getting diluted – and 4 more teams makes it pro 16 , which will elongate the season and also create venue issues.

Super Rugby as we know it all but over after South Africa votes to quit, send teams to Europe instead

@ Old Bugger

have the pro 14 accepted this proposal for 16 team tournament ?

that means at least two more weeks of rugger for players.

it used to be like 20 matches per season – but not sure how its going this year.

BTW – KINGS went into liquidation and are no longer a team so asof now its Pro 13

Super Rugby as we know it all but over after South Africa votes to quit, send teams to Europe instead

” I think all three country’s enjoyed the stronger local comps this year.”

errr ?

which three countries??

saffa teams played just one match ( meaning just first week of competition!)

Super Rugby as we know it all but over after South Africa votes to quit, send teams to Europe instead

@ Brett McKay

im curios to know how the current 14 days quarantine has been worked out with the test window ?

or if it is included or not?

in normal times players could make a test appearance one week – go back to club the next week – then come back for a test the following week

its not possible in the new normal.

in cricket – all players have to undergo 14 days quarantine if travelling from outside the squad.

so will rugger clubs release players 2 weeks before the test window opens?

and then release them for the whole 5 or 6 weeks ?

by the looks of it Argies and Saffas will be the most affected – they may perhaps have to do without the Europe based guys

Breaking down three key Wallabies selection conundrums

@ soapit

it will be interesting to see how both sides adapt to new laws

and in particular how aussy players get back to old Laws from their silly experiments.

i wonder who will ref these matches. most likely same old from SH.

NH are so different these days in application of Laws.

and Nigel just got cheers from all and sundry for giving a free kick against the caterpillar ruck clearance taking too long.

Breaking down three key Wallabies selection conundrums

i dont think Lolesio will start – i think its just mind games of Rennie.

he is no fool – he , will know a little boy will totally lose it if things go bad early on against the All Blacks.

and it will be a difficult thing to replace after 15 minutes – it will not only affect the boy
but also his coaching and tactical nous.

people are watching – how the kiwi import will do , or if he will do better than previous guy and what changes to game.

that is not just a match but the future too – so if he plays it will be from bench and coach will want an improved performance from the team.

Breaking down three key Wallabies selection conundrums

Yes he played well in that Heineken cup semi – untill he got injured.

but the French season just started – they played like two matches before the H cup holidays.

Only Englands Gallagher has played a lot of rugger comparatively

But i have only seen Dave Dennis 😀

Breaking down three key Wallabies selection conundrums

just one more match – Exeter v Racing

but the french season seems to have just started , while England is at the final stages.

The Rugby Championship: Players to watch

SA has no issue with finding 2meter bean stalks !!!

they have enuf to supply for other countries as well

there are several uncapped saffa 2nd rowers in England who can qualify for England 😱 .

Wallabies dealt massive injury blow for Rugby Championship

Imoff – racing 92
Petit and cordero – Bordeaux Bègles
Lavanini and Bonilla – Leicester
Alemano – Gloucester
Galarza – Bayonne
Benjamín Urdapilleta – Castres
Bosch and Herrera – La Rochelle
Kremer , Matera, Sanchez – Stade Français
Isa , Moyano – Toulon
Botta and Landajo – Quins
Creevy – London Irish

can do a good team with these guys 🙂

The Rugby Championship: Players to watch

@ Jonty Shonty

have they not considered the guys in Gallagher Premiership and France ??

i heard PSDT is injured ??

saw Lions V Stormers and everyone looked out of touch , understandably 😀

The Rugby Championship: Players to watch

World Cup champions picked in star-studded Green and Gold squads for Springbok Showdown trial match

Springbok Green squad:

Props: Ox Nche*, Thomas du Toit**, Trevor Nyakane**, Luan de Bruin

Hookers: Bongi Mbonambi**, Schalk Erasmus

Locks: JD Schickerling, Hyron Andrews, Oupa Mohoje*

Looseforwards: Siya Kolisi**, Arno Botha8, Duane Vermeulen**, Junior Pokomela, Juarno Augustus

Scrumhalves: Sanele Nohamba, Embrose Papier*

Flyhalves: Elton Jantjies**, Manie Libbok

Centres: Frans Steyn**, Wandisile Simelane, Jeremy Ward

Outside backs: Seabelo Senatla, Yaw Penxe, Gianni Lombard, Malcolm Jaer
Springbok Gold squad:

Props: Steven Kitshoff**, Dylan Smith, Frans Malherbe**, Ruan Dreyer

Hookers: Scarra Ntubeni*, Dylan Richardson

Locks: Salmaan Moerat, Marvin Orie*, Jason Jenkins*

Looseforwards: Marco van Staden*, Nizaam Carr*, Sikhumbuzo Notshe*; Vincent Tshituka, James Venter

Scrumhalves: Herschel Jantjies**, Jaden Hendrikse

Flyhalves: Damian Willemse**, Curwin Bosch*

Centres: Rikus Pretorius, Lukhanyo Am**, Werner Kok, Manuel Rass

Outside backs: Sergeal Petersen, Rosko Specman, Warrick Gelant**

** denotes Springbok RWC squad members

*denotes capped Springbok test players

The Rugby Championship: Players to watch

@ soapit

if boks come with

PSDT 2.0 , 120
Kolisi 1.88 , 105
Thor 1.93 , 117

and NZ with

Frizzell 1.95 , 108
Cane 1.89 , 103
Savea 1.88 , 102

then aussy

Wright 1.92 , 101
Hooper 1.82 , 101
Samu 1.85 , 102

itsa light 3rd row

if we then consider

Eben 2.03 , 123
Lood 2.05 ,125

Sam 2.03 , 121
Patrick 1.98 , 120

Phiillip 1.99 , 117
LSL 1.98, 123

still light

perhaps lighter guys may play faster – but that is nullified now with the ability to sub players .

The Wallabies team Dave Rennie should pick for Bledisloe 1

Samu is a 7 too – so Hooper is better for that position.

But Samu can cover 6 and 8 too – so his utility value is more.

Samu rarely played 8 in NZ and even when he did at adhoc moments , he had guys like Todd and Taufua to count on with Crusaders
and taufua, Squaire and FRizzell at Tasman Makos

basically he had power forwards around him in 3rd row

The Wallabies team Dave Rennie should pick for Bledisloe 1

in France clubs the THP wear 23 – coz it was a recent thing…

its crazy when u dont know the players to know who is playing where at first – but then with the influx of Georgian props things became clearer after a while 😀

The Wallabies team Dave Rennie should pick for Bledisloe 1

Samu is a 8 light – much like Savea
both are more or less 7s who can cover other positions.

but again got to look at what opposition will put out.
not seen anything of saffas – but lets say they come with Kolisi PSDT Thor

that is tall and big and power – add Eben and maybe Lood to that … crazy

NZ may be not be pressed for power and height with Cane Frizzell and SAvea and Sam and PT

so u got to look at the pack per se – not just one or 2 guys

with Hooper u lose a lot of power and height , so…

The Wallabies team Dave Rennie should pick for Bledisloe 1

to me both MT and JOC are more or less 12s havin a go at 10

they are good enuf players to give it a try but not world class as opponents.

much like Farell in England…

The Wallabies team Dave Rennie should pick for Bledisloe 1

@Train Without A Station

will be intersting to see how he copes with Moody

and im curios to know who will be reffng – coz i will love to see how these guys will be looked at by European refs.

The Wallabies team Dave Rennie should pick for Bledisloe 1

most international backs will fancy to go against a front rower and score in such places.

there are not many nimble props around – perhaps the lighter french props may do better – but then given the angles the score will still result.

i gues this is what Eddie was talking about the number of subs and ability to sub without injury as in the past.

now everyone is bigger knowing at times theres no need to play for 80+

perhaps super rugger can change the subing laws – only allowed for serios injury / concussion and temporary blood/concussion subs.

then maybe the landscape will change again.

these goal line driop outs and 50-20 things are just silly cosmetic stuff

just like the slapping ball back into field law change.
in fact im sure i saw a try being scored in gallagher when a player side slapped the ball back in – only for an opponent to pick it up and score.

now what is the law and which takes priority?
the player outside the ground has to catch it as per my understanding – so if he taps it back in it is out.
but if the ball is tapped in and then a try is scored – is it valid???

The Wallabies team Dave Rennie should pick for Bledisloe 1

Its super planning from Rennie.

If NZ come with a second string Aussy can surely win and take something out of the whole thing.

and NZ are always susceptible to mind games. Eddie screwed them at world cup and now Rennie is at it.

New Zealand Rugby unhappy as SANZAAR releases 2020 Rugby Championship draw

but then Billy is a real specimen ….

How the Brumbies had the nous to get home by a nose