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The Carlos Cup: The trophy you’ve never heard of

The Carlos Cup: The trophy you've never heard of

22 Apr 2015

The Carlos Cup is a hypothetical challenge-defence rugby trophy developed in a similar manner to New Zealand Rugby’s 114-year-old Ranfurly Shield.

Robbie Deans gets his selections right, again

Robbie Deans gets his selections right, again

21 Jun 2012

Shortly after selecting the Wallabies team on Tuesday, it is alleged that the immediate backlash on online sports forums has forced coach Robbie Deans to reconsider his selections.

Reds are strong, but Australian rugby weak

8 Jul 2011

There has been a lot of banging on in the media (especially here) about the imbalance in strength within the Australian conference and how that weakness and the new setup has permitted an unfair representation of Australian teams in the finals.