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it was mourie who told the team about the time one of his taranaki mates had problems with meads in the lineouts.sureit was haden who dived and geoff wheelwas penilised for coming off frank oliver. it was in 1981 that macketchnie was facing the underarm delivery

Andy Haden All Black: A legacy as big as the man

pleased to see Will Jordon get it he has been in try scoring form this year forthe allblacks. didnt know about Simon Middleton though. and pleased foster missed out mind you his name should have never been put forward in the first place

Rennie and Kellaway miss awards as English coach makes history and All Black shines

ajaz patel has done really well and what makes the record more amazing it is away from home for him the other 2 were at home and jimlakers were for england against australia. we will end up losing though its only a matter of how many we lose by

'WHAT'S JUST HAPPENED?' Cricket world in disbelief as NZ spinner stuns India with TEN-wicket haul

i rermember him playing with sid ken brian going for northland i think he was centre and brian 2nd5 andken full back sid halfback

Joe Morgan: My favourite second five

the pot has been simmmering on the stove for along time remember kerin readcouldnt stand up to the referee and officals inthe third lions test and it was a draw we had an oppertunity to, make big cjhanges after losing to australia inperth before the world cup we also have had oppertunites to give players games against fiji and tonga.

End of an aura: Critics target Foster and 'an empire that's gone soft' after All Blacks 'lose fear factor'

we were beaten even before the kickoff isnt there a rule that if the jerseys clash the home team must change as i remember when scotland toured herein the 80s we had to wear white jerseys. we were out played and out thought by the french and their tatics today and our selections didnt help. surethe allblacks played lots of tests but you didnt hear the nz rugbyfootball sayingno to fiji tonga itialy australia south africa argentina wales france ireland and usa. if fostervdoesnt go then jhis assistants and fox have to go. they need to pick joe smits brains now heis at the bblues and get fitzpatricks and brooke sviews from overseas

'They've got to look in the mirror': Recriminations underway as France cap All Blacks' worst season since 2009

well marinos hasnt helped either maybe itsn rennies players who he should be talking to if they didnt play so badly and make as many mistakes there wouldnt be any problems. sure the match officals have to be accountable for there decisions and actions

'Is there any accountability?': Everything Rennie said as he savaged refs group over 'massive decisions'

we have had plenty of time to make changes after losing to australia in perth hansen just brought in new wings and a prop i think. its almost if selectors have their favourates and keep them no matter what

The All Blacks' issues are neither tactics nor selection, it's a whole lot worse

there are a few tourmentsthat we have helped to knock australia out of like the tri series between nz australia south africa 1992 world cup proberly others as well.Yes australia were better allround than us and won the world t 20 congradulations

MATCH REPORT: Magnificent Marsh outdoes Williamson epic as Australia claim World Cup glory

dont know about stunned the allblacks played around with their team and got cought out their used to be a saying dont change a winning team and notice plumtree has ben more in the media lately as well andit was a kiwi born irishman joe who kicked them home and 3 other kiewis as well in the irish

MATCH REPORT: All Blacks stunned as Ireland roar to deserved win

i think mains also went to SouthAfrica in 1976 as well the drop kick zinzan did against southafrica in1996 when we won the series was better and i think gary sear kicked a drop goal in 1977 in france

Zinzan 'Zinny' Brooke: Definitely not a Murray!

you can imagine quinn and anton as the cheifs pairing and havelli and goodhue at the crusaders pairing

'His stock is rising': Christie, Tupaea outstanding as All Blacks crack century against USA

well there is a big difference rermember the allblacks were playing USA and Australia were playing Japan

The Wrap: Wallabies shake off the rust while All Blacks raise the ton

have thoise guys who have come up with the idea got altimers or dementa. remember they are retired or not involved in head jobs no longer. remember super 12 it was in between super 10 and super 15 rugby. the sad thing about sam cane at the weekend was the media in NZ were talking it up asllblack captain Sam Cane and I had to google the score and saw no mention of whanganui winnning just he played. also on the allblacks app the game wasnt mentioned

The Wrap: Why Sam Cane and Kieran Read are poles apart and why it matters

i think the boks were alwaysgoing to come right they showed glimps of it against australia and the alllblacks in the test the allblacks won. well foster wanted a grand slam andgot it from the boks. it seemed to me that the pumas have gone backwards last year they beat the allblacks and drew with australia.

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

well i notice none ofthe media asked fosterhow his grand slam ended up in his face by the boks yesterday. the boks wanted it more and put us under preasure andwe couldnt cope and respond and theworld champions took the world ranking 1st place back sending us to number 2 again

'Immense, never-say-die spirit', 'Quite brilliant': SA and NZ media react to Boks' triumph

well foster talked aboutwanting a grand slam and the boks gave him a grand slam in the face.

MATCH REPORT: Springboks edge All Blacks in one of the GREATEST Tests

we have other locks as well josh goodhue twin brother of jack thelock from the crusaders who the blues signed but foster gets who he wants

Where did all the Kiwi locks go?

i guess we learnt that the boks put the allblacks under preasure and that jordie is a goal kicker

A narrow escape: what worked and what didn't for the All Blacks

i guess we will find out what they have learnt next time both teams play each other

Will there be two sets of slippers under the table at number 10?

dont think the all blacks will be to worried until the next time they play them

Will there be two sets of slippers under the table at number 10?

think foster will make some changes as well and we all know what happened to the boks when they played australia a second time.

Springboks make two enforced changes for final TRC Test but Kolbe falls short

time wasting is easy to fix you just tell them the longer they waste time they have stay on the field and have to pay for the extra broadcasting fees

Time wasting hurts more than just rugby's spectacle

the IRB and their rugby boards and their countries goverment should fund the stadiums

Time for rugby diplomacy and new stadiums in the Pacific

so what you are saying that australia and south africa have to play another test after the secend allblack southafrica test because the first australia south africa testwas the same sort of game. let it go sure it was played diffrently to what some people would have liked

The Boks and All Blacks should try again